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  1. Just insane RNG

    Looking good man!!
  2. Firemaking

    The only plausable way I see to make firmaking a moneymaking skill would be to gain blood money when a log is burned. However you shall only get blood money based off the type of log and if the log is self harvested. If the log is self harvested then yes the player gets blood money, if the log was bought from the store then only XP. That's the only way I think it could be implemented in a fair way.
  3. dont update skilling

    Alof of things need updated. The owner wants this server to be all pvp, but let's be real people play this server for more then just pvp. We need stuff that draws people to continue to play this server. Everything needs updated. There needs to be more endgame content. So yes update some pvp stuff that you have to grind for, but do that either everything.
  4. Agility and Farming

    Farming def needs a rework. It's ok like 6 clicks for 6-8k XP. It's not worth it
  5. Hydra Update

    Exactly lol
  6. Hydra Update

    To be completely honest, do I want it added...yes. Do I want the items added into the game the MGT way...no. Only add if the items will be obtainable thru drops and not mega mystery box. (God forbid a new mystery box comes out)
  7. Tzhaar re-work

    We need a tzhaar re-work. What people don't realize is that there is a npc that accepts tokkul in exchange for certain items. The two biggest items that that shop sells are onyx bolt tips and an uncut onyx. Most people dont even know that the items are obtainable. Killing jad gives no tokkul and killing the tzhaar NPCs give minisule tokkuls. It would take forever to have enough tokkul to buy an onyx or a fair amount of bolt tips. My suggestion is to increase the tokkuls dropped by NPCs, add tokkuls as a reward to killing jad and allow tzhaar weapon drops to be sold to the shop in exchange for tokkul. Use the same system as the Skilling items obtained by self harvesting. Any obsedian armor or weapon gained from a drop has an increased value when sold to the shop. As a side note I have, onyx bolt tips are the best afk fletching xp ingame. Crafting onyxs are a good alternative for blood money for new players who may not have the armor to fight bosses or complete with other people at the bosses.
  8. Some new stuff

    Boss wise, no. We need more variety.
  9. Xbox?

    Add me we can play rocket league I broyou i
  10. Ghrazi Rapier Prices

    Lol exactly
  11. Gainz

    Good luck sir
  12. Lottery "warning"

    All you have to do is read!!!!!!! Lol But for the people who don't read the whole text, sure a warning system would be nice.
  13. Oh so potent

    Welcome to the server man! Don't be a stranger to the forums.
  14. Prayer

    Currently it's a huge hassle to get 100m/200m prayer xp. The bones are RuneScape rates. The only extra boost that the server provides is the chaos alter in the wild which is still miniscule xp. I'm suggesting a reasonable private server XP boost to bones and altars. I would also like to suggest adding the bonecrusher to the untradable shop for 20k
  15. Weekly time played

    You'll get burnt out fast
  16. (POLL) Morrigans and Zuriels

    Sure why not, add the weapons in tho with the correct special effects

    Looking good man
  18. Trading post.

    Personal shops plox
  19. Happy New Years 2019!

    Happy New years
  20. Colored Slayer helms.

    Currently you can not imbued the colored Slayer helms @MGT MadnessMadness @Owain

    Any update would be nixe at this point, but as stated yes it's been suggested plenty of times.
  22. I Kant pk Introduction

    Welcome to the forums side Benji. I seen you fishing anglers in spot fishing spot lol
  23. [OPEN] Jedzio's GFX Shop

    Good looking gfx man
  24. PvM Update: Expanding Instances.

    It's been on the updates to come list for a while now, who knows if it will ever come.
  25. Requesting Veteran Ranking

    There is no veteran rank on forums
  26. Agreed fully. Regardless if it's connected to the game or not they should always be able to keep there posure. It's always a reflection of the server, sadly not all players/members of the staff team know how to stay professional at all times. Like I said we earlier tho, the screenshots mean nothing to, so nothing will happen sadly.
  27. Zulrah Quick Island Board

    A quicker way to fight zulrah? Sure.