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  1. Farewell nibbas

    Cya homie.
  2. Look out for this imposter

    Thank you for sharing. Anytime you see someone attempting to impersonate a staff member, please reach out immediately that way we can handle the situation.
  3. \o

    Welcome to the server man. Congrats on your baby girl!
  4. Agree with wildy Slayer and the weapon fixes/buffs. I don't see why not for the pvp/bounty Hunter things as well
  5. Hows everyone been?

  6. big hits feed

    What a stack!
  7. progress

    Gotta keep the grind up, I know it feels man
  8. Insane RNG @ Tormented Gorillas

    Some nice quick money you made there man.
  9. 10 min gfx

    Looks dope man I love it! Thank you!
  10. 10 min gfx

    Sick work man, I'll be your 1st test dummy. Main text: Broy00 Sub text (if you want obviously): God of Pvm Images (link me pngs if u have specific ones): you pick specific theme u want the image to lean towards (halloween, x-mas...): You pick
  11. Oh boy..

    Whilst there is no actual rule prohibiting you saying that phrase, based of the screenshot you provided it seems like you were using that to spam. It is a statement that could in-fact provoke another player into responding negatively. That would create a bigger issue. What ever mod that handed out the punishment knew the possibility of your actions and thus temporarily muted you, (seems like it wasnt that long) to give you a cool down and to prevent a worse outcome.
  12. Re-Introduction

    Only if sub let's me.
  13. Re-Introduction

    Hello Dawntained. I am returned from a 6 month hiatus. My name is Broy00, or Demante. I was and still am the #1 pvmer (literally over 28k boss kills). I enjoy PvMing alot! like alot alot lol. Currently I am sitting a little under 2.2b xp. Sadly I dropped down to 3rd place on the server, but more than likely I will start skilling again. I am 26 and currently live in North Carolina. I am originally from from Pennsylvania, however I have also lived in Maryland and Florida. I am currently engaged to the love of my life! We've been together for 4 LOOOOONNNNNGGGG years lol. I am currently a General Manager at a hotel, and she is an 8th grade English teacher, and a part time Professor at NC state. I could type for ages on my interest and hobbies but ill spare yall the read. Anyways Im glad to be back, if you ever wanna pvm feel free to hit me ingame.
  14. today was a good day

    Hot damn u killing it
  15. Stop Lottery Sniping

    I won like 5m with me only buying 40k worth of tickets.
  16. Corp pet

    Now that I would like to see.
  17. Corp pet

    Damn lol. Not much loot gained there. Gratz though
  18. When your #1

  19. Update postponed to Wednesday 17th

    Thanks for the update!
  20. Tackling Real World Trading

    This!!! I had so many players who would come to me when I was staff saying they knew someone who was RWTing, and they wanted a reward for them telling .
  21. Dagganoth Prime Pet

    I feel as tho doing DK pets are bleh, the drops are low valued Either way here is my look from grinding for this pet.
  22. My pet grind so far.

    Over 250m fm xp here and still no pet lol OT: Big gratz man, keep it going
  23. Spawn Pet

    I was thinking like man, I'm never gonna get his pet lol.
  24. Spawn Pet

    This one took some time to get
  25. So this just happened

    Oh u made big money
  26. Days since you last masterbated by yourself?

    Wonder if you breaking your addiction is the reason why we are getting more updates now.
  27. Bug fixes + Development blog! 09-04-2019

    Loving the communication!
  28. Prince Black Dragon

    Lizard shamans!!