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  1. today was a good day

    Hot damn u killing it
  2. Stop Lottery Sniping

    I won like 5m with me only buying 40k worth of tickets.
  3. Corp pet

    Now that I would like to see.
  4. Corp pet

    Damn lol. Not much loot gained there. Gratz though
  5. When your #1

  6. Update postponed to Wednesday 17th

    Thanks for the update!
  7. Tackling Real World Trading

    This!!! I had so many players who would come to me when I was staff saying they knew someone who was RWTing, and they wanted a reward for them telling .
  8. Dagganoth Prime Pet

    I feel as tho doing DK pets are bleh, the drops are low valued Either way here is my look from grinding for this pet.
  9. My pet grind so far.

    Over 250m fm xp here and still no pet lol OT: Big gratz man, keep it going
  10. Spawn Pet

    I was thinking like man, I'm never gonna get his pet lol.
  11. Spawn Pet

    This one took some time to get
  12. So this just happened

    Oh u made big money
  13. Days since you last masterbated by yourself?

    Wonder if you breaking your addiction is the reason why we are getting more updates now.
  14. Bug fixes + Development blog! 09-04-2019

    Loving the communication!
  15. Prince Black Dragon

    Lizard shamans!!
  16. Zulrah Pet

    I like I like. Gratz on the pet and the loot!
  17. Prince Black Dragon

    I am honestly surprised by how early I got this pet. Considering I am not a donor, I believe I got extremely lucky. In the loot pic's I do not show the dragon bone and black d hide in the price check. That is because I did not bank them due to me not having the ::bank command on this account. However I did factor them in, into the price check. Loot price with Visage : 92,270 Loot price with DFS : 107,270
  18. Who needs $70 anyway? Pfft.

    Rip lol
  19. what is ur job ?

    Unlike the two above I'll post my actual career lol. I am a General manager of a hotel.
  20. Dagganoth Rex Pet

  21. Dagganoth Rex Pet

    Luckily It didnt take as long to get this pet. The drops arent high valued, so not alot of money was made.
  22. Can't beat me doe....jk
  23. Broadcasts, bug fixes & much more 04-04-2019

    Looking forward to it.
  24. Zammy Pet Loot

    Considering I was on vacation and I didn't play much last week, I would say with about 45 kills an hour it took roughly 30 hours of game play
  25. Bone Crusher

    Would be awesome if we could get it.
  26. New PVP weapons

    As long as its not only obtainable in mystery boxes.
  27. Bone Crusher

    Could we please add in the bonecrusher. Yes I know it would be rarely used by most, but there are some PvMer's and Skillers who would love this. Its a good way to get some prayer xp. I use the alter to get prayer xp, but sometimes when Im pvming I dont always want to pick up and bank my bones, so I let them go to waste. Could we please consider adding this?
  28. Hello , looking for a sugar daddy

  29. Zammy Pet Loot

    Eventually, gonna camp Dag Rex next.