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  1. As a non pker, (also the number 1 pvm'er on the server ) I fully support this. I would 100% take part in the event. Granted I probably wouldnt pk but double skilling materials and increased drop rate interest me a whole lot.
  2. Bug fixes 22-03-2019

    See this is what we like, constant communication and small updates assuring your playerbase that you are actually working to make the server better.
  3. Hunter Guide

    Nice guide man!!
  4. The pk Tab

    Damn looking good. Share the wealth ? lol
  5. Small DP

    They are rangers tunics, they are located in the high risk shop. Only items in the high risk shop sell back to the shop for their purchase price.
  6. Small DP

    Dropped about 81 of these for the folks that were online...
  7. 6x streak at the gambler

    Lol thing about those winnings was that I never had my actual cash stack in my inv. That's just my play money.
  8. 6x streak at the gambler

    Thanks Man
  9. 6x streak at the gambler

    Once you get demoted the luck piles on
  10. Pictures didnt post in order sadly, I gambled 8 times, only lost once. After that lost I went on to win 6 times in a row.
  11. Community Manager event ideas needed

    These aren't really even ideas tho, try taking your post and putting it in it's own thread. Community manager and head mod need to be two different positions. One, it brings more diversity in ranks to the server, which players love and it gives players another rank to earn if the previous rank holder gets demoted or steps down. I agree with the events already listed I think those would get players to be active. I believe just like skotizo the CM should be able to spawn another npc that players can fight, and who ever gets the most damage receives the drop. However the CM should be able to ::xteleto (xxxx, yyyy) and they should be areas that players can run to in dawntained, that way its not just tele here and fight. As far as the first player to receive "x" as a drop, that would not work unless one its a drop thats announced to player and two we get instances. If you do this, players would flood the area and there are not enough bosses to go around so GWD would need instances, or you would need to come up with a plan where the CM could spawn 100-200 of "X" npc in a designated safe arena for all players to fight, and get their own. CM should be able to announce fight pits. Hopefully we code fight pits, but that way players can fight in old school fight pits style. The winner should receive a special icon above their head. The red skull is already taken, so maybe a green skull? The winner would receive a decent amount of tokkul, tokkul can be spent in the tzhaar cave for gems like the onyx, or onyx bolt tips, both items can be sold to players for blood money.
  12. I'm Yellow Hat

    Welcome to the server man. As far as rules you can do ::rules ingame and as far as tips, I would suggest doing some slayer, revs, or pure pking. Pure pking it's pretty easy to smite people.
  13. 1 hour of revscavesers men

    Looking good man
  14. Dawntained Revival

    Let's hope this actually rolls thru. I don't like false promises and I don't think the community does either.
  15. Buying Dinh's Bulwark

    No lol
  16. Chatbox?

    Yes sir, I like to be engaged with the community.
  17. Chatbox?

    I was on the staff team yes, if u can tell by my post count I was pretty active, unfortunately not all of the staff members I served with were.
  18. I'm back! :)

    Welcome back sir
  19. Chatbox?

    Been taken down for a while now. The reason was that staff were not active enough in forums and often new players needed help and we're not receiving that help.
  20. My luck

    Nice pets
  21. XP Lamp Skills

    Because it was recently released and needs to be trained legitly. No sense in wasting Dev times coding just for people to skip it and lamp it.
  22. XP Lamp Skills

    Don't think the lamp option needs to be added for Hunter for at least 2 months
  23. Very new, got lucky with RNG

    Very nice man, congrats
  24. Dawntained update delayed to 14th Febuary

    Something's never change huh, new year but same ole mgt 🤣🤣🤣
  25. In sorry

  26. A question about Jad

    Not worth killing, even in max with t bow, killing jad every 30 seconds it's only 18k /h
  27. Give us an update plz MGT

    One thing I don't miss about being staff is defending mgt. Having to defend an owner when honestly you have no clue what's going on gets mentally exhausting. At the end of the day even as staff you are still a normal player/human who deep down inside wants the update as well.