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  1. #1 streamer

    want to watch content while playing the dt ? just pm every staff to unban ''c0ld'' ing and youll have it.
  2. Well of Goodwill Ideas needed

    first of all make it well of goodwill/well of fortune not well of darkness nobody wants to put money there
  3. c0ld's streams

    im live rn lads
  4. c0ld's streams

    u both scrubs but thanks lads <3
  5. c0ld's streams

    if you want to watch real content no bs lame ass boring streams other people are doing then check out my streaming platform twitch.tv/c0ldplays go hit a follow i will be streaming daily staking/pking/competions/tournaments for money/giveaways and alot of trash talking !
  6. Event Manager

    well you are one of a retarded ugly object then arent you
  7. Event Manager

    u legit said that you want to become a event manager on your video of wanting to become server support hahahah
  8. Event Manager

    giving out my feedback random retard fuck l0l plank less newkid
  9. Event Manager

    i feel like event manager would come back but you would not even be close as good as VIPPY was and i do not want you to be a event manager.
  10. Hope you enjoy, also i had 19 killstreak from purely only bandos risk fighting 0 deaths
  11. Brunos' Staff Video

    decided. bruno4mod
  12. holyy how can a clan be that cleared in that low amount of time jeeez i scrolled 5 mins down..
  13. I came to kill people

    you are so slow you shouldnt be in verji
  14. 150m+ pked | 5m giveaway

    sick vid men
  15. A couple suggestions

    i just wasted 1 minute of my life for reading this. better luck next time

    if you wanna tune in my daily streams then link is here ill be waiting for you https://www.twitch.tv/c0ldplays
  17. elys are not taken away in game they still are in game mate
  18. any answers?

    nope maybe try to delete cache or download different client mate.

    Quiting dawntained cuz all the new mods and server supports are idiots. I miss old mods who actually were decent. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE FOREVER FUCK THEM NEWKIDS
  20. Requirements to join: You will need to have discord mic is not required u just need to listen. To join: you will need to pm #c0ld 1500 at discord and i will ask you some Questions.
  21. Wildy IRONMAN EP.2

    thanks guys next episode will come out next week