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  1. Free Sigs

    Just leave how you'd like it in the comments in the format of: Name: Colour: Theme (if applicable): All FREE $$$$$$$
  2. This was almost a week ago lmfao shut up
  3. Please shut the fuck up, you edited your original comment to make it appear as though you were trying to help with links, stop riding authorities dick so hard you absolute pleb lmfao, so fucking embarrassing........ You also tell me i changed the story but thats only because you automatically believe what any cunt with a rank tells you, you're a fucking retard kid, adding 'pce' to the end makes it certain to me that there is indeed a 13" cock rammed up your asshole you cunt.
  4. Stop replying if you're going to just throw accusations, you have 0 evidence and lack any proof, you lied to the support cc about the rules, you abuse your power and rank, and it's completely unfair to people who donate money to this server that you are apart of the staff team thats meant to help manage it. @MGT Madnessplease review his behaviour, i only started a few days ago and every other staff member has seemed fine, i want to donate to a server that will flush out power abusing staff members like him.
  5. so you don't have any evidence? thats exactly why im calling you out for being incompetent, if you inflict a punishment to someone who has broken the rules, why would you not screen cap to back your decision if ever questioned about it??? whoever manages the staff needs to look at how you handle yourself especially in this situation, it's so embarrassing, i could quote that you told me to "suck my mums tits while jacking off my dad" and thats as much evidence on you as you have on me lmfao...
  6. So as the other guy said, i need proof to accuse you, so can you provide some screen caps of me saying that? while you're there, include the part where you announce to the yell chat that running is illegal???
  7. He should have the equivalent proof to ip mute me, and why would i be on here kicking up a storm if i legitimately earned myself an ip mute, he told me it stated in the rules that you can't run or tab from a fight, that it's directly against the rules, in reading the full list of rules you cannot see that said anywhere, why are you so quick to side with authority? you have a mod crown as your dp i suppose thats blatantly obvious you're intending on being the next ill-experienced kid to apply for a staff position
  8. Started fcing me in wild telling me i was wildy banned for running from a fight, insinuating that every fight has to be a DM, i told him to get the fuck off and he ip muted me, i've never seen a more incompetent staff member abusing the shit out of his title and commands, i realise you're short on staff but please look a little further into the recruitment process because guys this slip through the cracks @Askeladden
  9. Wolf gfx showcase/Introduction

    Used to go under 'Vext'
  10. Hi guys, new here, will be making graphics for anyone who would like to request, i've always enjoyed doing graphics for the forums Here is some of my previous works: feel free to pm me for my skype if you'd like to talk about requesting! Thank you