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  1. Hitlist quality exposed

  2. Hitlist quality exposed

    salt bag
  3. #Hitlist Current In-game Name: Sam Previous names/Alt accs: Fetty/Sam Timezone: GMT About yourself: Play rsps/rs and chill out Do you plan on joining Hitlist? Yes, member atm List all people you know in Hitlist and how long you've known them: Know a few people (whk/platform/c4sper) Why should we give you a chance, what do you have to offer?: No reason not to, will come help in multi spear/tb As apart of this community, you are expected to maintain a certain level of activity. Are you able maintain activity? Yes, everyday Anything else you'd like us to know? Im a chill guy
  4. Pvp Tasks buff & Tonnes more 07-05-2017

    Nice work, keep it up
  5. Hey

    Hey, I'm Fetty