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  1. Appreciate the updates once again, and thanks for giving donors more benefits. Especially for slayer, that’s a start.
  2. New Forums Series

    Interesting concept. If that were me, I probably would’ve died 5 times consecutively and lost all already. Good luck on this!
  3. Requesting Corp

    Yes, let's get Corp in the game. Nice suggestion.
  4. Untradeble elys

    Yeah it’s definitely a lot. If you used the donor tokens to purchase exclusively legendary boxes in-game, it’d cost you like 30M bm after it’s all said and done.
  5. Untradeble elys

    Good question, those customized Ely’s can be obtained after becoming an “Immortal Rank” donator. It requires 25,000 donator tokens to unlock. You get to recolour an item of your choice basically, most people choose Ely’s.
  6. Seperate clan chat for questions

    I like the idea about making a separate cc exclusively for help. 15 minutes after people join the server is a lot of time, especially if you are trying to get answers fast. Here's an add-on to your suggestion. On top of creating a new cc called "help": to prevent spammers and whatnot, give ranks to staff and members in the community who contribute to helping people answer questions. These people, on top of staff, could kick others from the cc. Thanks for suggestion, I like it.
  7. Revs

    Hmm...I've heard other people talk about how the drop rate at revs is too low as well. For something that's in wildy, I agree that it should be buffed a little. I mean, making rune bars in a safe zone makes you a hell of a lot more money per hour than Revs. The fact it takes like 1-2 hours to get 85 Smithing would be the only counter-argument.
  8. Staff team feedback - READ

    I agree with pretty much everything you are saying. What we saw today @home and other various popular locations around the game is a prime example of why supports should be able to mute/jail, at least temporarily. For those who don't know, a guy made a couple of spam accounts to advertise a phishing link to steal player's information. Nothing was done for like 5-10 minutes because all the staff on were supports, and I believe there was 1 mod on, who was afk. In regards to #3 on your list, ::xteletome and ::xteleto for Supports is a little extreme. May I suggest a different approach: since supports are primarily there to answer questions and deal with minor situations, why not add a ::ticket system. What this means is a player can submit a ::ticket for a reason regarding help, whether it's a question he couldn't get answered in the "dawntained" cc. Or, if he is having bug issues, was bug abused, lured, scammed, etc. NOTE: This would NOT be used for simple questions like price checks. There is a cc for that like I said. The staff member would get tele'd to the player (as long as they are not in wildy or duel) and would assist them on what they need. Then tele off afterwards. The staff team has lost a little morale as of late. Inactivity has hurt it mainly, as well as inexperienced staff members. I think the new staff applications page including a suggestion of both in-game and forum activity, as well as at least 250 hours played is a good start. But there needs to be more of a calculated selection for staff members. Thanks for voicing your opinion Mexico, and welcome back by the way ;p
  9. Unexpected Lottery Win

    So I've never been one to receive luck in any capacity. I always lost fights in school, I pissed my bed until the age of 20, ...& my RNG has always been terrible. Well today, that all changed. With 5 lottery tickets put in, that made my lottery odds a .23%. Yes, that's right .23%. I sat back thinking about how my life has been so terrible and unimportant until a red light flashed right before my eyes. No, I was not having a seizure. No, I wasn't having a laser pointer shined in my retinas. It was blood money, baby! 9,396,750 Million to be exact. Oh how glorious it is! Selling my luck, pm me in-game to discuss pricing.
  10. What's up lads?

    Hello sir. I like how saying that you were a "chill person" wasn't enough, and that you had to include that you smoked doobies! I definitely buy your argument now. Welcome to the forums, where we talk behind other people's back in-game.
  11. Coal Bag, Herb Sack, Equipment Benefits

    Yes Ben I agree. I think a "push" needs to be made to make skilling better, and that starts by making it more rewarding and enjoyable. Let's get these added!
  12. [Skill] Farming Guide [Completed] [Stats]

    After training some farming, something I'd add to this guide is MAKE SURE YOU BANK YOUR HERBS AFTER PICKING THEM. You have to do farming first before herblore on here. There is an herblore shop, but it only sells SECONDARY ingredients. Which means it sells everything besides the herbs basically. Also your information about snapdragons is missing the xp rates. Everything else on this guide is perfect though. Thanks Stats for another great one. P.s.: If someone knows a way to get herbs besides farming & buying off other players, please clarify for me.
  13. Siib Una 211 Killstreak over

    That remote was distracting, but since it was in a video where you ended a guy's 211 kill streak, I'll let it slide. Nicely done. (and yes, I know it's there to hide his pm's & the fact his name is "remote" :P)
  14. Mexico's farewell

    You were well respected within the Dawntained community, whether you accept that or not. Thanks for your contribution to the server and I hope you decide to hop on from time to time because you are a cool guy. Good luck to you man, get your problems sorted irl. That's what matters first.
  15. Think I Can Max Today?

    Eh, I don't think it's possible to completely max it out today. Even if you haven't used your lamp. But still impressive stats and you'll get max soon enough!
  16. He's done it! Give the man what he deserves. Congratz mayn.
  17. Thank you guys for another good update. I don’t really go for pets, but after updates like these, I may start.
  18. Another pet down on the list!

    That's very nice. It seems this one took ya a little longer, but you definitely wanted the pet, and you received.
  19. [Suggestions] Community, PvM, Gambling/ Duel [Stats]

    Stats was very passionate about making these suggestions. Least I could do is help him think of some things. I urge everyone to think about these suggestions and give valuable input in the comments. The server can only get better if we all voice our opinions. Be honest!
  20. Hey Everyone!

    Hello players of Dawntained. I thought that I'd just formally introduce myself to the community. I'm ThisBeSniper, or for short, ThisBeSniper. But, if you really wanna call me a nickname, I prefer ThisBeSniper. If you haven't caught on already, I like to have a little fun, even if it's on the forums where sarcasm is almost impossible to detect. Anyways, I've been playing this server for around a week now and I must say I am enjoyin' myself greatly. I know a few of you in-game already and I hope to meet more of ya soon! I want to keep this brief so all you need to know about me is I plan to be around for a while and I have played RSPS's since 'Nam (In other words, for over 7 years). I've been staff on a few big ones that are now shut down, which is how it goes unfortunately. But, I'm able to tell a great server when i see one, and there's no question that this IS one. Welp, that's all I got for now. See ya in-game! ~ThisBeSniper
  21. Blackhats day at ::pvp

    Your counter AGS specs are pretty good. I'm no hybridder, but god damn man!
  22. Unexpected Lottery Win

    Thanks Huff. Yeah a big misconception about the lottery is you have to put in a lot to win. As we saw here, and as we saw the other day with Superior X's 10.6m win, the lottery is completely random. Anything can happen ;o.
  23. Unexpected Lottery Win

    Who knows, half of it went towards my rank in-game so it’s already depleting as we speak.
  24. Unexpected Lottery Win

    As much as this is entertaining, can you guys not do this on my thread? It's spam basically. Thanks haha.
  25. Another day, another pet!

    As the young kids say, "Anotha one." Gratz again man.