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  1. Staff Feedback: Tyr

    ok threw everything that was posted here every bit of it was from a while back and thus was already dealt with bring old news to light means absolutely nothing if the issue was already dealt with you yourself provided absolutely nothing to back the story you just gathered from previous posts to reiterate you're initial report come back with actual evidence and stop spamming the forums with old posts that were previously dealt with.
  2. Tyr 100% abused his/her powers

    have any proof what so ever and secondly noone can pj.... there's a timer so thats wrong just pointing this out. and another no warnings are given for spec tabbing/running you accept a rules and regulations the first time you enter the wildy if you chose not to read the rules thats your own fault
  3. Unban falsely accused friend!!!

    what is the account its saying hes banned on? it will display a message when he tries to log in because he is somehow or another linked to another account
  4. Petty server save your moms money

    and i clarified to you myself you dont get dice
  5. Hey fellas, As I am sure you have all noticed, there has been a lack of staff activity as a whole, not to slate the current staff team, it's just the playerbase is increasing daily and we need to upkeep with helpers and staff along side that so for those who are looking to become an active & friendly staff member and you are active, please apply below using the correct format. Things that can help boost your application - Well written and elaborated app - Active member of the community (in-game + forum) - No past toxic/bad experiences or punishments - Past experience working on a rsps with similar size playerbase - 200 Hours played In-game name: Country you live in: Which times of the day are you usually on? (Use your country's clock as reference): Days old (ingame ::old) screenshot: Gameplay time (Talk to hans in lumb) screenshot: How many hours can you put in per week?: Why do you think you should be promoted?: Past experiences as staff?:

    oh ive got more = )

    hmm you show one of me ok = ) @GBNF
  8. Summer of '18 staff feedback.

    i interact but its kinda hard to with toxic individuals when they don't get their way... i do play for fun quite a bit but it gets annoying when you get spammed and nothing you can do about the situation tends to get to you when you can't help and therefore the player is mad at you.
  9. Abusing powers.

    and your logic is faulty, want to know why? because people just make new accounts to avoid the blacklist.. so if a player who knows the rules spec tabs hes not to be punished? have some logic before you try to point fingers.
  10. Ok i see you... nice vid boys
  11. 6/4/2018

    Den Applez has been promoted to Server Support Runite Bar has been promoted from Server Support to Moderator 114 zeus 114 has been promoted from Server Support to Moderator Welcome to the staff team and Congratulations on the promotions! Demotions/Resigns Huff has resigned as Moderator 114 zeuz 114 has resigned as Moderator Throne has been demoted as Moderator Help welcome all the new staff and also a farewell to those that were with us, and remember feel free to PM any of us in-game or on discord at any time if you need any help or have any questions!
  12. Icy

    Yep no problem.
  13. Icy

    welcome to the server enjoy your play time while being here if you have any questions be sure to do ::staff in game and ask away
  14. Hello everyone I am back

    wb dylan well ofc i already knew you were coming back but welcome back to the staff team
  15. Jelly bean

    not your discord name any capitals?
  16. Only Mgt reply or frogger plse

    this will get you nowhere but banned on forums as well so keep testing your luck
  17. Failed to connect

    someones a bit upset shall i actually expose you? i think i will tyr is a bit upset bc he was kicked from a clan because he doesnt know what no flame no flame baiting means.
  18. Unfairly Jailed

    as stated you will be unjailed when the issue is actually looked into ive stated mgt was looking into it but you continue to try stupid stuff
  19. Staff members of dawntained

    there is a new warning issued each day you are in fact allowed to #clan names after getting a key but... when it becomes excessive over yell which ive yelled at every one of my members in the past and have muted my own members as well but when you direct a flame or flame bait towards a player or "clan" there will be a mute..
  20. Staff Update 4/27/2018

    Runite Bar has been promoted to Server Support Jmich96 has been promoted to Server Support 114 Zeus 114 has been promoted to Server Support Broy00 has been promoted from Server Support to Moderator Askeladden has been promoted from Server Support to Moderator Throne has been promoted from Server Support to Moderator Welcome to the staff team and Congratulations on the promotions! Demotions/Resigns Huff has resigned as Server Support Aquaa has resigned as Moderator Bruv get it was demoted as Server Support Hung up was demoted as Server Support
  21. Immortal?

    you kinda can do the heart at the bottom right = )
  22. Immortal?

  23. Pure pk tournament 19-04-2018

    ign: tony "mod rng activated"
  24. #tony for demote

    what we have learned here today boys and girls is that if you break a rule you get punished.... that simple if your going to cry about it go appeal it and get denied yet again bc you in your own little mind "world" think you were in the right... either way have a nice one gl!
  25. Tony closing a topic like this

    once rules and statements are explained to a player and they try and argue the factor after its been repeated multiple times......have some logic behind the statements you make please and thank you have a nice one.

    A few pictures of myself. not bad not bad lol.
  27. for those who think its a made up topic your all dead wrong mgt himself said this rule for spec tabbing was not allowed anywhere i then wanted the input of the player base.....so for @Dirty Specz and @molchhero learn facts before you speak... thank you have a nice day
  28. you are dead wrong it actually is a rule at this point in time till this vote is down.