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  1. Easter was over a week ago guys. Anyway at least something came around. Nonetheless happy easter and 4/20 guys! I can really appreciate the color outlining update for items lost on death. Great QOL update.
  2. Ancestral Set Giveaway

    - How can you tell who voted - You know who I am (jmich96) - jmich69 or jmich96, idk what it is for dawntained
  3. Official Game Poll - Degradeable PvP Items

    MGT made your 17m purchase useless months ago when he nerfed VLS. I can't say yes or no to this. This should be polled after the player base actually understands this event. Repoll after release.
  4. PID Rework Suggestions

    Still dying to these issues. 100% can confirm tick manipulation and combo eating WHILE BEING SPECCED BY SOMEONE ELSE FOR A POSITIVE HIT SPLAT is fucked. "Cooked karambwan are one of the more popular 'combo-foods' as there is no tick delay in how fast they can be eaten in combinations with other foods." https://oldschoolrunescape.fandom.com/wiki/Tick_manipulation
  5. Update postponed to Wednesday 17th

    Personally notifying the player base is a small step forward. Keep up with the PR and you'll start to see a shift in how people feel about you. Just don't lean on PR for all your shortcomings; meeting promises with updates along the way will always be necessary.
  6. PID Rework Suggestions

    After PKing today, I can be more confident in my response. I definitely noticed an inconsistency with one tick eating when it's on the same tick you're also being attacked and hit for damage. Unfortunately, I do not have video to show this happening. As previously mentioned, There has been a delay between animations, hit splats, weapon changes, and it all actually syincing as it should. Whether this is a delay with the client, a delay with the server, a bug or a coding issue, I have no idea. Hopefully this can be of some use. I'd like to see more feedback from the community here.
  7. Tackling Real World Trading

    Exactly. Spend a penny to save a dime. Give a reward proportional to the severity, while keeping it small.
  8. PID Rework Suggestions

    My biggest issue is the delay between animation, hit splats, weapon/gear changes and when it should all happen. How to fix this? Just gonna need to directly compare this to OSRS. Unfortunately, idk coding or the technical issue here. Sometimes there seems to be inconsistencies, but I can't say this is a fact. Could just be me.
  9. Tackling Real World Trading

    You need to put bounties on people RWT with DT and reward players who come forth about the individuals, with sufficient evidence of course.
  10. Well of Goodwill Ideas needed

    If it were obtainable via bosses, I'd like the rate to be similar to Ancestral. But it would change based on boss difficulty and location. Like deep wildy multi is best odds, where as like Crazy Archaeologist is low wildy singles, would have lowest chance. As for is it were a PVP drop, a flat rate would be nice. Just add it to the artifact drop table when well is active, at a rare rate of course. 7500 may be too high. Perhaps a bit higher than Ancestral. For target kills when well is active, rate would need to be MUCH lower than 7500. Probably closer to 0.01%. 1/7500 is 0.0001% lol. Balancing is a huge factor here. Trying to keep the items rare, but not so rare nobody ever gets one. Also, we gotta remember some PVP gear has been nerfed from OSRS specs. Check my profile to see a topic on that. So seeing more implemented into PVP would not adversely affect the server.
  11. Well of Goodwill Ideas needed

    Any Combination of the Following: Simple Implication Answers: - Give all players 2x bonus skill XP. - Give all players increased monster/boss droprate by additional 5%. - Double or Triple artifact droprate for all PVP kills. - Increase well donators monster/boss droprate by additional 3%. - Give well donators additional 2x bonus skill XP. Complex Implication Answers: - Make all wilderness bosses (bosses only) have a chance to drop PVP items. (Vesta's, Morrigans, Statius, etc.) - The droprate would change per boss wilderness level. - Bosses would Include: - Venanitis - Vet'ion - Crazy Archaeologist - Chaos Fanatic - Callisto - Chaos Elemental - Scorpia - Increase deep wilderness PVP kill artifacts by 3x. - Make all target kills have a chance of dropping PVP items. (Vesta's, Morrigans, Statius, etc.) - Make all PVP kills have a rare chance of dropping PVP items. (Vesta's, Morrigans, Statius, etc.) The addition of PVP items to be obtainable without P2W has been highly demanded by players for months. This would be an opportunity to make this happen and PROVE that you are trying to make a difference/improvement of this server, FOR THE PLAYERS.
  12. Dawntained Revival

    Yeah, making it obtainable without loot boxes would also be beneficial. I hate to be critical, but alot of much sought after content has been made p2w only. You have players willing to obtain said items through other IN GAME means, let it happen. Not every player has thousands of dollars to blow on an RSPS. Seriously nice to hear you actually plan on doing something finally. I was about to contact u myself, as it's my only night off this week, and ask if u had any plans. All I can say is PLEASE listen to the players. Please stop releasing unfinished or untested content. And please stop making new content P2W.
  13. Shooting star

    I like the idea, so long as it gives only supply drops with a rare chance of larger notes or unique things like Lucky Impling Jar.
  14. Revenant Caves suggestions

    Personally, I believe the revenants in the caves should get a buffed drop table. But all wilderness monsters and bosses need a drop table buff. If there were to be a change, I wouldn't add ancestral. Maybe some drops from OSRS revs like noted Dragon Platelegs, supply drops, etc. As for your suggestion to move revenants, I think it would just be better off moving all revenants to rev caves. ::revs has no risk, being entirely under 30 wilderness. As for the Ether drop rate, just make it the same as OSRS.. if it's not already. I don't think it's really a popular choice to use because it's not necessary. Now if void and other untradeables were "lost" (to the buy back shop) on death, players would definitely use the Bracelets and Ether.
  15. Does Double Speccing Make you Trash?

    I guess I should have specified. This is acceptable, along with any other gmaul combo or Dragon Thrownaxe combo, etc. But I'm specifically talking about individuals who Double AGS or DClaw spec. It's a 0 skill 100% RNG move.
  16. Relying entirely upon RNG, players with no skill throw their entire spec bar at you within 2 hits. Are players who do this trash?
  17. Hydra Update

    Just a quick update: Droprates have been completely released now and can be found on the wiki!
  18. What is an instance? An instance is a special area that generates a new copy of the location for each player or group which enters the area. Generally this applies to specific bosses or Slayer tasks. In Dawntained, currently no bosses require a Slayer level to be slain, and only Zulrah offers a properly functioning Instance. My suggestion is simple; correct and add instances so it directly correlates to OSRS, make certain bosses and monsters require a Slayer level and/or task as required in OSRS, add bosses not already in Dawntained and mix in correlative tasks to their boss counterparts. The following Bosses are automatically instanced for free: - Zulrah - Vorkath - Grotesque Guardians - Requires Slayer Task or Gargoyle Slayer Task - Requires 75 Slayer - Requires Brittle Key The following Bosses may optionally be instanced for a price: - Kraken (5000 Blood Money) - Private Instance (30 minutes) - King Black Dragon (10000 Blood Money) - Private Instance (30 minutes) - Corporeal Beast (40000 blood Money) - Clan Chat Instance (45 minutes) The following Bosses may only be accessed while on a Slayer Task: - Cerberus - Optional to Hellhound Task - Requires 91 Slayer - 3 open Instances - Abyssal Sire - Optional to Abyssal Demon Task - Requires 85 Slayer - Kraken - Optional to Crave Craken Task - Requires 87 Slayer - Thermonuclear Smoke Devil - Optional to Smoke Devil Task - Requires 93 Slayer These adjustments and content additions will force players to be more involved in the server and overall improve the server! Please leave your support or opposition down below and feel free to make more suggestions! *There are many more unlisted Slayer Tasks which could also be added. Refer to https://oldschoolrunescape.fandom.com/wiki/Slayer_assignment for more information. *Please make sure all added or modified monsters and bosses have drop tables directly relative to OSRS. *Some numbers and information have been adjusted to fit Dawntained.
  19. Edge Wildy

    I agree they can be annoying. They were originally added to OSRS to help prevent botting. I would generally not support an idea which removes content found in OSRS, but since they server no purpose in their current location I support your idea.
  20. Protection Timer after disconnection in Wilderness

    In cases where the entire server is disconnected, for whatever reason (server reboot, update, etc.), everybody is logged off immediately and there if no unfair advantage for any one player. In cases where a single player disconnects for whatever reason (power outage, internet outage, DDOS, etc) there is nothing that can be done if the player is already in combat. As far as I understand, if you disconnect outside of combat, your player immediately disconnects and logs off. Do not support.
  21. Suggestion Format

    I don't think a standard format is necessary. While there are many idiots who make half-assed suggestions, there are some of us who make clean and legible suggestions which clearly state the benefits of the updates alongside the suggestion. Also, you made this suggestion, yet you did not even follow your own format suggestion. Do not support.
  22. Mysterious Emblem Upgrades

    Thanks, I truly believe this would be a great addition for PVP. While it's not directly content from OSRS, it's a modified version of it to fit into Dawntained. It would take some work, but I think it would be well worth it!
  23. Increase Price

    I support this idea, along with adding Dragonstone to drop tables to corresponding monsters.
  24. (POLL) Morrigans and Zuriels

    Well, I do want all the new PVP items to be on drop tables, but not specifically Revenants. In OSRS, It's part of a global loot table for all monsters and bosses in wilderness. I would much prefer to see ALL the items added to ALL wilderness monsters, with the chance being relative to the combat level of the monster. So for this poll, I answer no, but I do want to see the items implemented as they are intended to be. As for MGT's "concern" about the items maintaining a high value, make the shop sale price high. (Only for when you sell to the shop. This would not be purchasable at the shop)
  25. Firemaking

    Ah, forgot about that minigame. I quit before it came out lol. But my point remains
  26. Agility and Farming

    I would love to actually see an overall rework of the Farming skill. Currently, it's as if MGT applied it as is and said "that's good enough". And while yes, it does function, reworking it so all seeds purchased cost Blood Money, drop tables has seeds added into them and all seeds became usable would result in a more involved community. This would in turn also increase deep wilderness activity. Support. As for Agility, I can support the idea of adding alternate courses (such as rooftop) if the rewarded XP for current courses was dropped slightly. I only specify this because this would increase the efficiency of the skill leading up to the wilderness agility course. Support.
  27. Firemaking

    Unfortunately, as much as I would like to see skilling become profitable (even if just marginally), Firemaking of all skills would not be the skill to make profitable. In actual OSRS, Firemaking is a gold sink skill. Do not support.
  28. dont update skilling

    Just another nonsensical "suggestion" to improve the server with no purpose other than to whine. Grow up, open your eyes and think. You JUST stated If they're bad, why not make a suggestion on how to improve them? Explain how improving better wilderness boss drop tables would iprove deep wilderness activity. Make a suggestion to add wilderness slayer with REAL rewards. I take shits better than your suggestion.
  29. Delete Accounts

    Don't support. Players would have to be inactive for a longer period of time than the server has existed for this to be implimented without players coming back and being upset by a removed account. Many players have 'lives', and while you or many other may not, some players can not/do not play for several weeks to months at a time. if a player were to quit for 6 months and come back to find their account would be deleted, they would justifiably pissed off. Especially if they donated on that account.
  30. With Dwarf Multi-Cannons being added to the game soon, I would like to make a few simple suggestions: - Add Cannonballs to the drop tables for the following monsters & bosses: - Corporeal Beast (2000) - Cerberus (50) - Deranged Archaeologist (80) - Crazy Archaeologist (150) - Venenatis (250) - Callisto (250) - Vet'ion (250) - Add Gargoyles (Req. 75 Slayer) - Drops: - Granite Maul - Smithing Supplies - Blood Money - Brittle Key (To access Grotesque Guardian Boss) - Add Grotesque Guardian (Req. Gargoyle Task) - Drops: - Granite Dust (500-100) - Granite Maul - Granite Ring - Granite Gloves - Granite Hammer - Smithing Supplies - Fletching Supplies - Blood Money - Black Tourmaline Core - Noon pet - Add to Blood Money Shop: - Granite Boots - Granite Patebody - Granite Platelegs - Granite Helm - Granite Shield - Granite Ring (i) -Add to Untradables Shop: - Ammo Mould (Req. 35 Smithing) (pet) *All drops adjusted to fit server