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  1. Spectral Boy PvM clan chat

  2. Josven's Youtube Contest

    Giving it a try, Goodluck
  3. LOL at the mods

    Pretty sure you did something bad.
  4. Guys

    Help pls
  5. Guys

    Hey guyis, i wold like unbun please gib that. Birtdi today now im 13 i lost 2 teeth now theres a gap, im relly scarred. Maybe i disirve unbun danks
  6. Irresistible

  7. Summer of '18 staff feedback.

    Admins - MGT Madness- Nice dude who loves cats, I would like to see more updates. Its lacking, come with some 07 content. Same with you @Owain i would like to see more content and more speed on these updates Head mod - Tony- Pretty active, One of the most helpfull staffs. Doing a good work as a head moderator but would like to see you promote better people than LSD ART. Moderators - Mrjustin- Toxic, New kid and sometimes very aggressive. But pretty nice guy whos doing his job correctly. Red- Very mad at some points and its almost like he wants to abuse me today. But i love him so its a +1 on him being a moderator and what time hes putting on it. Broy00- Never see online, demote. Runite bar- When i was mod you had 100+ hours put online per week, what happend? i dont see you anymore. Should get demoted asap. Rap- Aggressive and mad, Funny guy and really helpfull. Ily <3 Thirst- Begging alot and tping me around everywhere when i clearly dont fucking want you to tp me. Im not your dog. But youre active and helpfull so its a +1 Deb applez- No idea, random Believe- Retarded, nothing else to say. Sorry. Je kanker Supports - Hephaestus- Dont know Thuggahhh- Most active support, clearly deserves a promotion with his time and effort putting on his rank Hat- Bad at fortnite but active and helpfull so +1