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  1. Staff list update

    @spectral boy @dualboot Happy to see these beneficial promotions
  2. Who can beat me?

    Big heckin oof
  3. dont update skilling

    Would buffed wildy bosses bring more deep wildy pking? Might not hurt to try if the lack of deep wildy pking is a problem. (I'm not sure if it is, I only edge pk)
  4. yoo

    Dig it
  5. Xbox?

    300 wins so i'll add ya next time i'm on and you let me know when you want to play
  6. Xbox?

    Xbox one here too. Usually playing black ops 4, fortnite, or brawlhalla.
  7. Drop rates?

    I can't remember if I saw it somewhere or heard it from a few people, but I believe it's somewhere around 1/25m xp. Not for certain though.
  8. "No Face No Case"

    Great clips, as usual.
  9. Drop rates?

    Over 200m?! I’ve never heard of anyone having to go that far. Bad luck my guy.
  10. gamblin session

    I’ve never seen so much salt in one vid still good regardless
  11. Ghrazi Rapier Prices

    As someone who is gambling the rapiers I can't imagine actually wanting to keep 50+ of them. Selling them even at half price would be tedious. They turn into collections, which for many gamblers, are eventually lost lul It's a combination of the price falling, and people not willing to pay what it once was. As stated, it's only slightly better than the whip.
  12. Drop rates?

    Also, remember that Donator ranks receive bonus drop-rate boost. For example, a pet drop is a 1/600 chance for a regular player. As an uber, I receive a 40% drop-rate boost, making it more like a 1/360 drop-rate. Hope this helped as well!
  13. Hello!

    I’m still mad about that Abby head drop... Anyways, welcome to the fam Cya around, Spike
  14. Risk fights are wild, good stuff my guy

    A pIcTuRe WiTh a GurL oMg cool thread idea, bump
  16. Gainz

    Good luck, have fun
  17. Lottery "warning"

    Seems reasonable to me, +1
  18. Oh so potent

    Nice to meet ya! Sounds like you’ve got a lot to work on (: see ya around.
  19. Buying Statius Platebody

    Looking for x1 Statius's Platebody. Flexible on price, pm in game @ Spikecore or post here! Thanks Update, found 1 Cheers
  20. Prayer

    Totally agree! Bonecrusher should be added as well. Would be a cool item to add to a slayer store if points were ever added.
  21. Trading post.

    Less time spent selling things = more time spent pking, skilling, pvming, etc. Sounds good to me!
  22. (POLL) Morrigans and Zuriels

    Ancestral pieces are dropped by different monsters in the wild my so it seems fitting to have revs and possibly other bosses drop zuriels/morrigans. As a pvm boi, as long as the drop rates are balanced it sounds good to me!

    Great vid man, 10/10
  24. It requires a minimum bank worth to use which means you literally can’t lose everything. I’ve had ups and downs with it. Seems like a decent addition at least.
  25. Staff list update

    Came back from a short break and I recognize all the new guys. Great work, all very helpful in game.
  26. Hello Guys!!

    Welcome to the server my dude
  27. Rank request

    ign: Spikecore
  28. Please

    Nothing so far my guy @Gramps

    Good stuff my guy
  30. Fix the Corp safespot.

    +1 I agree! Corp is 100% afk and drops the single most valuable item of any other monster.