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  1. Blue Phat Giveaway!

    gl hf ign: Spikecore
  2. Pk Montage #1

    Nice Nice Nice, can't remember the last time I saw the 3 digit hitsplats
  3. So hyped for this, looking like a great event so far
  4. Keep em coming, enjoyed it
  5. lootermen

    That's actually not bad lul, thanks for sharing
  6. donor zones

    Agreed, looking forward to a new dzone! Seems like a win for everyone involved.
  7. Phucc off whalermens!

    wowzers, lots of clips. Good stuff
  8. Vote Tickets

    Voting seems to be an important part of keeping the server relevant on RSPS lists. It also seems like one of the best ways for new players to get a good start, which is a win win. More cosmetics would be a decent incentive for long-time players to vote. Support
  9. Official Game Poll - Degradeable PvP Items

    Looking forward to the update! Pvp armor and weapons will make pvp and pvm more interesting
  10. Current staff members

    Best of luck brother!
  11. New Casket Loot

    Gratz on set super clean
  12. Good stuff, looking forward to everything
  13. My pet grind so far.

    Looking good, best of luck
  14. Pvp Weapons

    Looking forward to this
  15. Update postponed to Wednesday 17th

    Looking forward to it, thanks for the update!
  16. When your #1

    big oof
  17. [YT] New Series: ChallengeTained #1

    Really cool concept, enjoyed it man. Challenge: Kill Corp once with no helm, body, or legs equiped
  18. 😢 Revive Dawntained 💖

    Great vid m8 (:
  19. Staff list update

    @spectral boy @dualboot Happy to see these beneficial promotions
  20. Who can beat me?

    Big heckin oof
  21. dont update skilling

    Would buffed wildy bosses bring more deep wildy pking? Might not hurt to try if the lack of deep wildy pking is a problem. (I'm not sure if it is, I only edge pk)
  22. yoo

    Dig it
  23. Xbox?

    300 wins so i'll add ya next time i'm on and you let me know when you want to play
  24. Xbox?

    Xbox one here too. Usually playing black ops 4, fortnite, or brawlhalla.
  25. Drop rates?

    I can't remember if I saw it somewhere or heard it from a few people, but I believe it's somewhere around 1/25m xp. Not for certain though.
  26. "No Face No Case"

    Great clips, as usual.
  27. Drop rates?

    Over 200m?! I’ve never heard of anyone having to go that far. Bad luck my guy.
  28. gamblin session

    I’ve never seen so much salt in one vid still good regardless
  29. Ghrazi Rapier Prices

    As someone who is gambling the rapiers I can't imagine actually wanting to keep 50+ of them. Selling them even at half price would be tedious. They turn into collections, which for many gamblers, are eventually lost lul It's a combination of the price falling, and people not willing to pay what it once was. As stated, it's only slightly better than the whip.
  30. Drop rates?

    Also, remember that Donator ranks receive bonus drop-rate boost. For example, a pet drop is a 1/600 chance for a regular player. As an uber, I receive a 40% drop-rate boost, making it more like a 1/360 drop-rate. Hope this helped as well!