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  1. Coming back

    Not going to lie, Don't remember asking.
  2. Great updates as usual, Keep it up MGT.
  3. Old Dawntained memories/stakes

    The good days man, I'll never forget it. Back to when i was the first immortal ingame
  4. My biggest accomplishment

    Good Stuff Big Kanye! Looking forward to more in the future
  5. staff corruption

    I'm taking this as a joke due to the fact that you have no proof to any of these allegations, Maybe if you provided some proof this would be worth looking into, But for now this isn't even a valid thread.
  6. Paying for Customs On Death........

    This can go both ways for anyone with customs or without, Personally I agree that this shouldn't be something that comes into play when we've spent the time to pay for the ranks either through ingame or through irl. Personally I agree we shouldn't pay a fee for something that we've already paid 100's of mils for and that a small population of the game have. Overall a +1 on this
  7. Road From Rebuild ep 1

    Would be a great idea! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us

    Good job man, Professional pker if I say so myself.
  9. Staff Tweaks!

    @phucc My Main point is you're saying the staff team as a whole needs a tweak due to 1 time a newer support may have made a mistake, no worries buddy. Just imo I didn't think you needed to create a post on the forums about "Staff Tweaks" due to an incident that happened 1 time, maybe if it was multiple times i'd say yeah go ahead and make a post about that one certain member but don't create a generalizing the staff team as a whole is all i'm saying :).
  10. Staff Tweaks!

    That fact that you're assuming I don't care because I said you shouldn't have gone through the process this way is also hilarious, I care very much but you're basing this off of one situation that happened to you. I'm very open to staff feedback but you are basing this off of one situation which doesn't make much sense to me. You say "He had no intent to talk" is you basing it off of him not replying to your pm which doesn't mean he didn't want to talk, He could have gone afk. Do as you wish buddy it doesn't matter how you report it but it's just funny seeing you base this off of 1 incident that you were involved in, it's very simple why i challenged it. You also provided zero proof to this so who knows if you're being honest or exaggerating. Have a good day and good luck with this suggestion.
  11. Staff Tweaks!

    I'm not sure why you've created this post, maybe it was to gather hate towards Lsd or maybe it wasn't but i'm not sure and i won't assume. People make mistakes, just because he may have falsely warned you doesn't mean you can point out that one certain situation and claim he was "power tripping". Secondly, the applications are taken very seriously and for you to suggest they're taken any less than that is hilarious due to one situation that you were involved in also involving a new server support. Next time arrange a conversation between him and yourself and talk it out before you assume and make a post about a server support who is "power tripping". @Phucc
  12. Great job on this, Rank given!
  13. Recent downtime

    Good Stuff as always MGT. Can't wait for this issue to be resolved and the new updates to come!
  14. Exp Lamps

    I 1+ this, but it could cause someone to be able to max in a week if they have supreme for example.

    Accepted, Rank given
  16. Make Clanning more active.

    Seems Like a nice idea, i'd +1 this.
  17. Great updates as usual MGT. Looking forward to the future updates
  18. Staff team feedback - READ

    Very well put, There's some things you can help and can't help when it comes to choosing staff. I Think Kevin is doing his best but he can't help whether people choose to resign or not, I agree with most points especially since support are there to "help" as you said. I support this 100% it'd be nice if they'd look into it. Kind Regards - Locals