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  1. Weekly Update, small changes 08-06-2019

    good updates will bring 100 players
  2. 3rd Age Drudic Robe Tops

    vrosphas is interested in 3 pm him ingame
  3. new pk vid up lads!

    sick fam bruvvvvvva
  4. somethang for yall

    no cap fam
  5. clue scroll item sale

    cool sell me
  6. Hey there

  7. Graphics Shop Cheap

    i buy pm me
  8. fix this shit

    agreed lol
  9. phats sale

  10. Pk Video 6!

  11. Pm Me in Game For help/guides/questions/pricecheck

    good application i like how quick u reply to my questions makes my day alot easier thx for ur service
  12. make wilderness resource area give 3x fish/ore/logs (noted) and to enter u must pay 5k and have 15k risk make more wilderness events (single wilderenss based, like caskets appear at lvl x) nerf void, too op for the cost
  13. good idea will look into it within the next 365 days
  14. My goals for Dawntained

    Why? Cause people are stupid enough to use same passwords over, over, over and over again?
  15. My goals for Dawntained

    start working then and stop putting out useless updates such as 2fa and rotating pvp zones literally no one care where they fight and no one should get hacked in 2019
  16. client wont load

    Great help from the @Moderators here, but commenting on useless threads, that they can do.
  17. Ancestral Set Giveaway

    Requirements: - Vote for server DONE -leave your IGN MEX -leave your discord mex#1622
  18. Imagine wasting time on account security and 2FA when your last shot at reviving the server is the next update
  19. It should of been invented a long time ago. All other servers have had it for months, and for those saying I didn't pay 15m for this and that, no one forced you to pay anything, you paid what the other person wanted. Also you will still have your VLS for the rest of the server time. Also the degradeable versions of the items should be untradeable and dissapear on death.