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  1. some suggestions

    Add raids 1 and 2 to the server with rewards like elder maul, twisted bow, avernic defender, justiciar etc. Make revanants drop pvp armors and weapons. It will make the revanant caves alot more active for pvmers and pkers. Add a trading post / Grand exchange
  2. Bountyhunter

    Add perfect bounty hunter like osrs with perfect tier upgrading and a bountyhunter store.
  3. Question for dawntained community

    its bs that they lowered it...
  4. Real Player Benefits

    yea wtf, whats the points of lowering the benefits of donators? its fucked up... same as the artifacts drops... zerkers and ranged tanks earned 2artifacts ea kill and now only 1.. dunno about the mains and pures but its fucked up they lowered all the bm earnings..