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  1. Development

    we fired Owain now or what? didnt like the Ginger anyways. Gaywain
  2. Spawn items pls

    Why tf would u use half pizzas ? Use the entire fucking thing

    Fuckin inbred, goddamn son of a molested dog.
  4. Genocide Recruitment Thread

    I’m pretty known on this server lel, Ethan on discord. Dumb kike.
  5. Genocide Recruitment Thread

    l0l "recklezz" nice how my old name gets used xd.
  6. nice updates next time dont cancel them for a year
  7. Very new, got lucky with RNG

    Amazing man u should rwt with me!!! hit me up for some 07 rates. omegalul
  8. Clan GFX

    AYE, some of ur work looks decent, good luck with ur stuff.
  9. Opening Legendary box and omega Doubling Loot

    expected that u opening more boxes than just 3, but nice video anyways. good job.
  10. we need update !@!@!@21

    Update is suppose to happen tonight, 24th October 2018. Was on a call with MGT and he said he is reviewing everything added by the other two developers and general bug checks etc. Also did he say he could've updated the server 2 days ago but there was a problem with the client which I'm sure he will go into depth with when he updates the server. Sincerely, Ethan.
  11. obv the best video ever

    LOL “road to nh” even planked in this vid. Hes a living L
  12. We made mills already! Blue phat giveaway!

    Awesome vid, love you brother! :3
  13. Hey

    Welcome to the forums m8
  14. so ya‘ll are the retards that keep spammin #exposed on yell. Pathetic losers
  15. Macbook Pro or Gaming Laptop?

    keep the Mac for school/work shit only, play games on ur desktop.
  16. Bountyhunter

    no need at this state of the game, would be an usuless grind
  17. My name is Ghettos and I'm colorblind

    Welcome to my server
  18. Ratlords Are Recruiting

    I would like to tell everyone that is currently reading this right now at this moment and time to fucking suck ma dick!! Its fucking Gayway niggas
  19. Whaddup ppl

    Welcome to my server man, if you need any 07 gp rates..... I mean if you need any help pm me whenever I’m ingame.
  20. huh

    Dafak is this shit
  21. Pray N Blood's GFX Shop

    meh looks too basic, good luck with ur shop tho.
  22. Statuette collection

    LOOOL I just realized that as well, wtf is this
  23. Statuette collection

    what a weird collection
  24. Guys

    l0l0l0l0l unban my nigga Pontus
  25. Sign up to join the Staff team!

    100% no support, advertising his retard bitch faggot ass clan through yell. I'm pretty sure someone like this shouldnt be staff. If he gets promoted it just shows how desperate this server has become for staffmembers, like literally retarded. sincerely Ethan
  26. remove the gambler npc the game is dieing!

    Get rid of the gambler me dudez
  27. rap the worse mod

    You‘re a fucking joke just like ur teams gang. Fucking faggot I swear lmao, dont pipe up at Rap just cuz you‘re a childish mofo who crys after getting punished each time. Pm4lessons child