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  1. Farewell nibbas

    Wellp ya’ll know the state of current Dawntained, Its hard to enjoy playing a game with max 40 people online at peak times so what ever. Imma quit until shits popping again eventually. Pce cunts.
  2. Youtube Rank Appeal

    In the aaaarms of an aaangelllll....
  3. Mass unban

    same ngl but if he unbanned all accounts, duper accs that were just banned and not wiped would become a huge problem. But the game would have way more players if it was an entire unban for everyone, for sure.
  4. Mass unban

    He didnt lift normal bans due a lot of rwt accs and so on, he simply allowed them to play again with new accounts.
  5. Sup random guy reading this post. Here is a few little things I think that should be added ingame: - on 07 after killing the guy that casted a teleblock spell on you, your teleportation block is automatically lifted. I think that would be nice to have ingame as well, this way there wont be just random kids in mystics tbing for their team and running. -fix the prayer delays and correctly code them, especially in pure fights u feel how broken the prayers actually are. - I know this has been said multiple times but make tsotd, acb, emaul purchable through the bm shop again, especially emaul is something u barely bump into nowadays in a pvp fight. - make the new granite maul tradable, if you gon' have the handle be tradable might as well make the entire ting tradable. Or make the handle untradable as well so its harder to obtain for people. -remove pvp items like dragon claws, the spirit shields, dhins bulwark etc from the donator store and balance the items out onto the npc's that should actually drop them. Make it less p2p overall. - enable double xp after having voted, this would be in the interest of the few people that are skilling ingame, maybe increase the time it is enabled for ur acc based on the donator rank. - remove the doubler ingame completely, or make it only accessible at certain times on the server just like an event, also add that after you won a bigger amount it gives you a cooldown of 1 hour or 30mins at least. This would help keeping the eco stable to some point. -make custom items harder to obtain, dont let them request just any item like the Vls or ely without having to trade the item in first. Make them trade in the requested item to clean the eco a bit as well and not have people request full vesta and zuriels with ely and dragon claws and just prod everyone at edge or deep wildy. -if you kill someone in customs make it so it drops the % you have to pay to the untradable shop into the loot pile so its stable and theres actually a point in fighting someone with full prod rainbow colored gear. This is just an idea and random thought, but maybe an eco reset would also benefit the game at this point? Since there isnt that many players anymore it wouldnt actually hurt that many people besides the ones that are playing atm. Maybe refund the ones that donated a lot in a rank update from their current ranks or something else maybe. Kind regards, didnt ask nerds.
  6. massunban date?

    I mean it would only be beneficial from a business stand point, if a mass unban happens it means there will be a lot of people donating again to have some kinda bank to play with ingame. Especially at this point of the game with max 65 players on good days. If it doesn't happen soon he will just start loosing the rest of his players/donators which will ruin his business obviously.
  7. massunban date?

    I heard in the upcoming week at some point, atleast thats what some of them said but it isnt official yet.
  8. \o

    run while you can fam
  9. sanguinesti staff

  10. Hows everyone been?

    Yeah cause demote should be enough when you abuse bugs ye rite
  11. 10 min gfx

    ~Got no time recently, working on other stuff~ ~until then this shit is closed~
  12. progress

    thats just a big yikes mate
  13. 10 min gfx

    ~signature for @Powerofnegs~
  14. 10 min gfx

    created 2 signatures for @Broy00 and @critic Broy's: Critic's: PS: the background is fully hand drawn on critics signature. hope u like em you two
  15. 10 min gfx

    10 mins of work (trying to get back into gfx cause I have more time nowadays) 2nd version (just removed 1 additional filter yikes) -side note If you want me to do a signature for you (for free cause I just want to practise) let me know under this post by using this format: Main text: Sub text (if you want obviously): Images (link me pngs if u have specific ones): specific theme u want the image to lean towards (halloween, x-mas...):
  16. pogchamp

    dw, the server is slowly picking up pace again, there was 82 players on yesterday evening which is better than the last few weeks.

    Aight then lemme start... the claims against staffmembers hacking accounts for their own benefits is just a reach and dumb allegation. Staff members can't access ur account just based on ur appeal, they can't even view IP adresses on the forums as moderators (which is pretty common for rsps btw). And if someone is playing on your account, that you allegedly created it is probably your fault because u may have given ur password to someone. You should be able to recover the account through 1 simple command ingame anyways if you originally created that account. Also the staff team and Owner arent in charge of what they staff members do? Its not like these guys sit in the same office and being watched over by their boss l0l. Anyways I agree on the part that the Server Owner and staff have banned a couple of people unrightfully in the past without ever giving a statement on why they did it, but this shouldnt be a problem soon anyways since there is a mass unban planned in which all accounts will be unlocked for their rightful owners. Btw, most of the server you claim not to be corrupt are indeed corrupt, they wont show it while their stuff is running well, but we had it numerous of times that people got phished and literally obligated irl because they had the caches downloaded of numerous servers (also pretty big ones). This has been a tactic to gain the last bit of money possible through a project by putting scripts in the cache that are hard to point out if you have no clue.
  18. Sign up to join the staff team!

    To clarify, I'm applying for a Forum staff spot. In-game name: Lord Ethan Country you live in: Germany Which times of the day are you usually on? (Use your country's clock as reference): between 10am-1am GMT +1, (not ingame but on the forums, thats the spot im going for) Days old (ingame ::old) screenshot: 780 ish on "Lord Ethan", had way more days on my actual main but I cant remember the log in anymore How many hours can you put in per week?: I can realistically put in between 4-5 hours into the forums, more if needed. Also I am always reachable through discord and snapchat (some staff has me on snapchat) Why do you think you should be promoted?: I think I should be promoted due to my knowledge and experience around the forums, the game and because I'm very known within the community. I also think that I would be a good addition to the current team because I feel like, we lack staff members that actually know how to properly moderate/administrate the forums (not trying to bash anyone but yeah). Also do I want to help out this server due some of the staff being my friends and me wanting to support them in this journey, since recently the server has slowly started to pick up on the playercount again so I hope that I can make the forums more active and enjoyable for everyone. Past experiences as staff?: I have been a Co-Owner for an old custom 317 server, I was Forum Admin + Forum mod (even ingame staff on some) on several big 614 servers like, Fatality, Spawnscape, Divinity, Galaxy. I also have been staff on other several servers but I can elaborate in private dms if needed. Short clarification: I know that I do not have the best reputation on discord and forums, but I can be professional and mature if I need to be which I know alot of people can vouch for, people that really know me like @Owain or a couple other staffmembers and players. ~If you need anything more detailed or have more questions, I am always reachable through discord~
  19. Re-Introduction

    Ayyeee, welcome back broski. Ps: Its Ethan lul
  20. I'm back - SIKE

    well we gonna have a problem then 😡
  21. I'm back - SIKE

    YOO YOO YOO, my name is Ethan, the relevant ones know me so yeah. I'm back and I will be going for Web developer because the current state of the forum sucks. Legit cancer. Been forum staff on a few bigger servers also including one of Jonny's servers. Anyways welcome me or suckadick. Sincerely, LORD FUCKING ETHAN
  22. Development

    we fired Owain now or what? didnt like the Ginger anyways. Gaywain
  23. Spawn items pls

    Why tf would u use half pizzas ? Use the entire fucking thing

    Fuckin inbred, goddamn son of a molested dog.
  25. Genocide Recruitment Thread

    I’m pretty known on this server lel, Ethan on discord. Dumb kike.
  26. Genocide Recruitment Thread

    l0l "recklezz" nice how my old name gets used xd.
  27. nice updates next time dont cancel them for a year
  28. Very new, got lucky with RNG

    Amazing man u should rwt with me!!! hit me up for some 07 rates. omegalul