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  2. Verji Hits Elvy at Revs 1-0'd

    Wym on me? Havent died once to verji lel
  3. Verji Hits Elvy at Revs 1-0'd

    Didnt One of you just plant to a combo from Gambino aswell?
  4. First of all who the fuck are you? Second of all no one payed shit to coffin, he is the most hated kid.. Get ur facts straight.
  5. Ez to kill yr own spy n call it 1-0. Keep up. Merge with verji wont help you.
  6. Chins/Black Chins

    I support this shit! #apegang /Solution
  7. truly braindead mate.. im sorry for u
  8. ever hear how mage def works? pfoo
  9. Verjis First Day Out Ft Elvy & Others

    Nice lewts!
  10. Made over 600k+ Bm o.o

    Daym, Share i tbed
  11. Pure Nhing

    Not bad at all!
  12. Wildy IRONMAN EP.2

    Nice lewts, Keep it up
  13. Blood Key Guide

    Sweet Guide!
  14. INGAME NAME?: DyloxDO YOU HAVE DISCORD DOWNLOADED?(MIC/NO MIC)?: Yes, Mic.KILL/DEATH RATIO?: 93 / 60, 1.55 ( New to the server ) Coming from another server.HIGHEST PVP KILL STREAK?: 13PAST CLAN EXPERIENCE?: Couple clans, not gonna mention names on forums. Not on this server tho.DO YOU MEET THE CLAN REQUIREMENTS AND AGREE TO THE CLAN RULES?: Yes.DO YOU HAVE THE 25K FEE TO ENTER THE CLAN?: Duuuuh ofc bae