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  1. The Gambino Crime Family

    We are back, recruitment will take place after 8pm GMT Monday till Sunday.

    DDOSSing along several servers has come to light recently, I'm sure MGT can track down whos the original owner and part of what group its worth digging into rather then ignoring it but he is right about just pictures and specially from another persons perspective, a photo even of showing "connection lost" or a video would've been much more useful then a picture through a phone from another guys perspective.
  3. Dark Gang - Dangerous

    iffy music taste but good video
  4. The Gambino Crime Family

  5. Gambinos/Bd leaked intelligence

  6. Bruno got promoted to mod!

    Anytime ol' pal!
  7. Bruno got promoted to mod!

    Congratulations Bruno!

    Everyone is eating in this clan.
  9. The Gambino Crime Family

  10. Verji Returns to Slap The Competition Ft Elvy/Gambinos

    Coachellah????? Lune??????? 2muchpiping is elvy u can see from our thread bsbsbsb?????? AQP?????? kawaii desu? daniels? vydl?? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL not even our guys, desperate.
  11. The server has spoken.

    8 MINUTES OF DEAD AUDIO AND US KILLING THEIR OWN GUY LOL 1 video of killing a random 1 video of us killing one of their spies l01l1010ll0l, the desperation reeks. they spammed 1-0 on this l0l he wasn't even our guy and we still got a box but a "dark wizard" did a better job of pjing white dots then their members lmaoaoa
  12. The server has spoken.

  13. Pure pk tournament 19-04-2018

    count me in!
  14. #gambinos quality someone help

    Appreciate the view buddy! ::thread 5389 to check the quality out!
  15. That wasn't a member of ours, the clip is old 3 of the people she kills are "black nans" a clan shut-down, you should know your a slave for every clan against us.
  16. Gambinos Part 2: Pizzaboys FT. Audio

    Compulsive liar when u know my claim is true, makes sense its a shame when u cant even spell "embarrassment" but you talk about pride.
  17. Gambinos Part 2: Pizzaboys FT. Audio

    LOL merged AF btw, all the "old members" don't exist anymore, moved to 07 or quit the game, stop playing madman who needs to merge, did blacknans finally realise they are nothing but bolt slaves dying for you? also spoke to a few inside black nans, you are on "mutual terms" whenever "gambinos come in you don't hit each other" its funny when u have like 4 staff undercover in blacknans playing on different accounts which confirm u guys are merged, stop playing rat boy.
  18. Gambinos Part 2: Pizzaboys FT. Audio

    LOL i don't think anyone mad that we got spies in the CC when they are paying 100-500k to enter and the clan is reaping the rewards I'm more happy that this so called "best clan" needs to merge with BLACKNANS lmao
  19. Gambinos Part 2: Pizzaboys FT. Audio

    Closed us already but 20 ops on today pked your little merged black nans for 4 maxes and ELy shield ye LOL They already got kicked out from OS that's why they came back lmaoaoaoa
  20. Gambinos Part 2: Pizzaboys FT. Audio

    4 clan merge couldn't kill me , "ch0fl" isn't part of us, shit leaks tbh it was funny first time L0L keep merging baby you need an army the size of china to drop us out.
  21. Gambinos 7-0ed by BUSTDOWN

    those aren't out guys... atleast know our members who the fuck is "mickdog" lmao and how old are some of these clips? some of these members got removed time ago, good video though.
  22. Pizzaboys VS Gambinos Standards ft. Audio

    Bruno why are u even trying to pipe up when 5 minutes worth of your audio leak is "teleport out". Let me settle this all ur crew has died 3x over at minimum while u were trying to cling onto elvy's ankles so stop.
  23. Pizzaboys VS Gambinos Standards ft. Audio

    more spies who paid to get IN LOL, sounds like a good business to me retard, pay your rats 200k per entry fee just to get removed a week later, like i said keep sending them 3 clans vs one and we got dicked l0l0l dw return post of ur 3 clan merge will come soon.
  24. Pizzaboys VS Gambinos Standards ft. Audio

    I mean the audio leak was my everyday way of talking l0l, as soon as extras joined i was moved up and warned they are probably recording us now but the leak is everyday talk, i thought this was going to be some intense shit but its not, I've been more tilted then that if you want to add that to the collection i can pm u vid. Love how you cut out "we killed blacknans but no elvy", its true but weird that if they weren't with you they weren't hit or fought of by your side only ours, server merge vs gambinos and 2 kills over full team anti lure and endless max sets you should check the score Black nans, Elvy, Beat vs Gambinos and we lost 1 and it wasn't even max, why don't you show off the loot like you always do? Also killing your black nans backup like 3x over "c0ld" and "blacknansbtw" who bolted us the whole fight but not you guys lmao.
  25. Pizzaboys Ft Gambinos leader Dying

    Another false accusation to help you sleep through the night, its okay "buddy".
  26. Pizzaboys Ft Gambinos leader Dying

    Oh i get it now, you have to lie to yourselves to become more confident. Got it.