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  1. We are 1 for all and all for 1 Rules: no BSing Respect all clan members, new and old Pk 75% of the time Requirements: Entry fee: NONE Must have a mic and discord Must be somewhat mature Must be a decent pker, not the best Must be able to follow the leaders orders and ranked members to stay organized and efficient *Only a ranked member is allowed to pick up keys to split to the team* Benefits: Every person involved in trips will receive some form of payment depending on the success of the trips. Expectations: Blood keys, Boss keys, anything wildy related we will participate in. Including being known as the strongest team, winning tournaments as well. To apply simply reply in the following format: IGN: Age: Do you have discord?: Do you have any clan experience?: How would you classify yourself as a solo pker?(good/bad): Best of luck to all who apply!