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  1. Hello fellow gamers

    I usually beg Owain until he hooks me
  2. Tekashi69

    Is this real lmao
  3. guides

    +1 fellow brother.
  4. Staff update 11/16/18

    Nice nan mate @Subarashii also gz on head-mod
  5. Eggheads RETURNS!!!!

    omfg can i join mate? :-oo kdr atm: (pker) 4.16
  6. Hi can we have tournaments at 9:11 PST please. :-s
  7. Divine Winds PK VID, whales, 250k giveaway

    #ratnigs ty for ur banks 0ll0l0l0 61-0 (pm for less0ns) :joy: :Joy:
  8. My name's Kert

    welcome to my rsps me mate! hmu if u need tutorial (tutorial island)
  9. ::autoskull

    Not really sure why this would be needed, it doesn't take two seconds to type out ::skull or ::redskull when required.
  10. Staff update 9/28/18

    ftw me ol' muckers??