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  1. Leaving Dawntained

    damn boss why you leaving
  2. OSRS Magic Combat Update & more 02-04-2017

    ayy the buffs are lit
  3. Lucky or naww

    the luck gz.
  4. Anti-scam updates & more 29-04-2017

    still doesnt fix people being scammed via dice. but nice updates.
  5. the autobuy is a nice touch and ayy ele will bring more deep wildy pkers nice updates boss.
  6. Flee's Introduction

    Welcome flee hope to see your videos bro. skilling is life lmao
  7. Popular suggestions

    100% behind this great suggestions like i seen someone hit a 30-31-24 as a pure?? and not to mention the dhally into gmaul basically one shots.
  8. Welcome Jeffery, the forums look amazing and have you started watching boruto ?
  9. 100 Players! Blood key buff & more 25-04-2017

    Great updates bro
  10. Few suggestions

    Bump, Mgt if you get a chance to read this i consistently see people being scammed etc we at least need a new dicing system mate.
  11. First Pk Video | Pure Pking | New Video Maker

    If you don't already have camtasia find a cracked version of it and use sony vegas and change your render setting so the screen fits overall decent content bud keep at it.
  12. Teletabs

    Agreed 500 bm would be better.
  13. Dharok price reduced! Updates 23-04-2017

    That's a good mindset setting a goal for yourself ik it isn't much coming from me me but im proud of you dude. Great updates keep em rollin
  14. Donator Zone

    i don't really see any benefits for donating should at least be increased xp at the dzone only thing you get is a monkey greegree and the ability to yell not worth it imo.
  15. Blood money fountain

    support +1 I've seen this in other servers as well good way to maintain the eco but make it around 50-100k bm to fill it
  16. Price guide

    No problem dude let me know if i'm missing anything!
  17. Advertisements for Server Ideas

    [quote author=i m a cunt link=topic=280.msg1353#msg1353 date=1492584879] Too bad you got wiped for rwting. nice idea tho. [/quote] LOL

    nice vid bro hmu sometime if you want an edit. PogChamp PogChamp
  19. Price guide

    i just realised that thanks mate. and yes that's what arcane etc is idk about ely not many in game just went with a price i think is reasonable :p
  20. hi im batman

    Wecome mate PogChamp
  21. Crafting Guide | 1-99

    Neat guide followed everything
  22. Karambwans, Buy x & ::empty 21-04-2017 Updates

    Very nice updates i was literally about to suggest the buy X option thanks for the updates.
  23. Few suggestions

    a dice system being put in would be less work on staff and lot less likely for any players to get scammed and some of the events do not work. Should be an option when you right click players that says dice and then both players put up there items up and who ever wins gets the items.
  24. Price guide

    Most of the rings above are upgradeable (Too lazy to do atm) but for the most part i think i did okay? Let me know if i'm missing anything guys.
  25. Price guide

    Donator Items Donator Tickets 1.5k each Helms Serpentine Helm 10k Magma Helm 12k Tanzanite Helm 12k Armors Bandos Chest Plate 10k Bandos Tassets 20k Armadyl Helmet 2k Armadyl Chestplate 20k Armadyl Plateskirt 10k Dragon Fullhelm 10k-12k Dragon Platebody 9k Infinity Robes Set 12k Mage's Book 4k Dharok's Set 5k Ahrim's Set 4k Torag's Set 3k Verac's Set 3k Karil's Set 3k Weapons Twisted Bow 650k Dragon Warhammer 45-50k Elder Maul 55-60k Dragon claws 50-60k Armadyl Godsword 50k Heavy Ballista 50k Armadyl Crossbow 20k Dragon hunter Crossbow 15k Staff Of The Dead 8-10k Toxic Staff Of The Dead 30-40k Toxic Blowpipe 9-10k Bandos Godsword 10k Saradomin Godsword 10k Zamorak Godsword 10k Abyssal Dagger 6-7k Zamorakian Spear 5k Abyssal Tentacle 4k Saradomin Sword 4k Master Wand 2k Trident Of The Swamp 2k Abyssal Whip 1.5k Dark Bow 1k Barrelchest Anchor 1k Hunters Crossbow 1k Shields Elysian spiritshield 300-400k Arcane Spiritshield 60-80k Spectral Spirit Shield 10-15k Twisted Buckler 10k Dragonfire Shield 50k Odium Ward 10-15k Malediction Ward 10-15k Crystal Shield Full 2k Amulets Occult Necklace 12k Amulet of Torture 12k Necklace Of Anguish 12k Amulet of Fury 3k Berserker Necklace 1.5k Boots Primordial Boots 18k Pegasian Boots 18k Eternal Boots 7-9k Ranger Boots 15k Dragon Boots 250 Miscellaneous Dexterous Prayer Scroll 90k Arcane Prayer Scroll 70k Dragon Pickaxe 2k Dragon 2h 1k Morrigan's Javelins 100 Each Morrigan's Throwing axe 100 Each Toktz-ket-xil 150 Toktz-xil-ul 25 each Robin Hood Hat 2k Berserker ring 4k Archers Ring 4k Warriors ring 1k Seers Ring 1k Ring Of Suffering 16k Tyrannical Ring 4k Treasonous Ring 1k Dragon Javelin 35 Each Credit to Big for the help with the guide.
  26. Few suggestions

    Need Skilling Achievements. Need dice system implemented. A couple of server events need to be fixed. Thieving only works with the lvl 2 man and farmer at Entrana would take forever for 99. Runecrafting is such a time consuming skill would be great if a bank could be added near the altar at least. That's all drop your comments if you agree with me or not.
  27. Sparkup420 Introduction

    Thank you all.[quote author=i m a cunt link=topic=284.msg1361#msg1361 date=1492594710] Yeaah lets sparkup420 blaze it yeahhh [/quote] love you liam lmao.
  28. Sparkup420 Introduction

    My names Don I'm From New Jersey and i hope to see you all in game :p Kappa
  29. i m a cunt

    Ily Liam stay golden pony boy  Kappa