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    just delete the client, not worth it
  2. Potion disapear

    It already exist, read the fucking ::commands retard
  3. Custom item....

    Fuck ur custom items 1-0
  4. Goals

    You’ll probably be banned before you finish for rwt
  5. Spawn items pls

    No waste of time, no point in only having a half pizza in ur inv stop making useless suggestions
  6. Hi

    No thanks
  7. Varrock PVP

    It would just split up pkers even more, it’s not a good idea to have 30 different pvp zones
  8. Spawn items pls

    even tho it likely wouldnt take long, why waste dev time on such a useless fucking update
  9. Is this power abuse?

    either way you shouldnt of been jailed its the other persons fault if they do not force you to do ::risk before a fight and staff team doesnt refund this kinda stuff so him forcing you to do so is kinda funny
  10. Is this Really the Best for the Server?

    Lol exactly, it’s so dumb
  11. Is this Really the Best for the Server?

    The main issue is they want to keep this item “really rare” but it’s worse than everything out already so whu would someone Bother spending like 5m on it
  12. PJ Timer in deeper wilderness

    the problem is most clans cannot get a kill without a max fallin, so if you update this they will quit playing and in return deep wildy would be even more dead
  13. I’m Completion :)

  14. Dragon 2H and Dragon Halberd Price Switch.

    I’ve never used it on osrs, but does dragon hally work the same way there? I feel like it’s way too op on dawntained ive hit so many 75+ specs as pure with it
  15. Please

  16. ::autoskull

    dont really see a need for the normal skull one, but it would be nice to have something like this for red skull so many times ive killed someone and they lose red skull as they are dying so i get nothing
  17. Were on a roll

    cool more noobs to kill for easy killstreaks
  18. sounds like ur a ragger, we chose to risk vs other people that are risking we dont risk our gear to fight you guys in rune and d scim that never get off
  19. Make pvp items have a small chance to come from pvp

    Not true, if it’s made rare enough it would actually be even better than being in a mystery box we aren’t asking for a piece every 10 kills if you look thru yell ingame you will see more mystery box loots then ancient stats, so how would the box keep it rare? i agree on the post, I disagree with the direction the server is going and it seems a ton of people agree since there has been a huge drop in the player base. Something needs to change
  20. Staff Feedback

    ur staff list is outdated big time lmfao runite bar, applez, zach, and heph is all gone and there is a ton of new supports
  21. 200 IQ.

    i don't remember when i asked for this
  22. Granite Weapons and Armour!

    why not
  23. The reason this game makes me rage

    welcome to dawntained
  24. omegaLUL Gambler Update

    Ye I’m sure it’s close, Zach lost 400m to it alone
  25. omegaLUL Gambler Update

    its taken close to 1b out of the eco as of now, so i dont understand how you can say it ruined eco?
  26. Controversial Topic

    As far as I knew it wasn’t allowed because of headaches from players charging back after doing this etc and the guy being falsely banned
  27. Never trust "Quick Specs"

    @Tonyshould remove his YouTube rank, if Kanye hasn’t refunded you yet I’ll be glad to tho
  28. Looting Bag

    wasnt this done on osrs? support either way