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  1. I cant login:/

    rofl how long would u say its gonna take?
  2. I cant login:/

    he said it was back up earlier
  3. I cant login:/

    i still cant log in bruh
  4. Hand cannon

    I agree with hatorade it is similar to ballista and i dont think theres a need to add it
  5. Varrock PVP

  6. Varrock PVP

    I think we should add Varrock PVP similar to Edge PVP but in Varrock PVP there are no restrictions which means Varrock PVP has no rules, you are allowed to spec tab, rush, tb whenever, i believe adding this will reduce the amount of spec tabbing already going on in edge therefore preventing wildy bans etc. This will also give pkers a new environment to pk and it will be something interesting to try out for Dawntained Adding Varrock PVP could would be beneficial as for those people who like to rush would not have to fear the consequences as it is legal as long as you're in Varrock PVP To the people whom disagree with this idea do not have to go to Varrock PVP if they do not like this idea.
  7. Sign up to join the Staff team!

    In-game name: I Conquer Country you live in: Canada Which times of the day are you usually on? (Use your country's clock as reference): Around 5 pm to 6 am [ EST ] Days old (ingame ::old) screenshot: Gameplay time (Talk to hans in lumb) screenshot: How many hours can you put in per week?: i can put a good 20-30 hours a week Why do you think you should be promoted?: I think i should be promoted because i have been playing this server since couple weeks after release and im very familiar with the game and i believe that i can bring good changes, be very helpful to the community, and be a fun addition to the staff team. Past experiences as staff?: I was a server support on soulsplit long ago, other than that no other past experiences.
  8. PVM Rejuvenation

  9. Poke

    honestly dont know
  10. PVM Rejuvenation

    i agree it will put use to the tbows / scythe of viturs etc
  11. PVM Rejuvenation

    Agreed, with an update like this it will give players a variety of many more things to do in Dawntained.
  12. PVM Rejuvenation

    The drop rate can be set very low as these items will remain rare and will not get overflowed.
  13. PVM Rejuvenation

    I think that Dawntained needs a better PVM base, i suggest adding something like raids or new bosses that can drop the PVP armour / raids 2 items / raids items, this would put good use to the existing raids 2 weapons and twisted bow and make PVM worth it as it is in a bad state. - For PVP armour you can add a wilderness boss that spawns every couple hours or every hour [ similar to Skotizo ] - Adding Raids will be fun because you and your friends can all have fun without having to pk and these methods can be a alternative money making source. - Raids 2 weapons and PVP armour are very hard to obtain as they can only be obtained by mystery boxes. With these suggestions i believe that the server will have more than just PKing in order to make money and make PVM a viable option especially for people who don't pk that often this will bring more players into the game and it will be fun for players.
  14. Buying Vesta's Long Sword

    Im buying vesta longsword let me know your price