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  1. Staff Feedback May, 2019

    Owner: @MGT Madness I see you online before updates and get to ask you what update is for, also quick responses on discord. good job. Head Moderator: @Subarashii I think Suba is doing a great job moderating the new staff members and correct their behavior where required, also able to take criticism which is much respected. Developers: @Owain @Jonny @Optimum @Jason i never see any of the developers online, though when i report a bug/glitch/dupe it gets fixed pretty quickly, so a big thanks to this list of amazing people. Moderators: @Gramatik Haven't seen him online actively in the past month, probably not my timezone for him to be online, though he also doesn't respond to discord pm's. @Hatorade Only once seen Hatorade online once (during my nighttime), hes not from my timezone so can't say anything about him. I haven't seen Mlh on frequently lately, but he's definitely helpful when he is online. @Hat Hat is a nice guy, although i barely see him online, probably not my timezone either. @Frederik Frederik is online frequently and whenever he's not afk he does respond to my questions. @Jaehaerys Jae has helped me with some problems with certain players in the past, great guy, very helpful no complaints at all. @Ameer69 Last but definitely not least on the moderator list, Ameer. Ameer has been really really helpful lately and also extremely active. He is the only staff member that's occasionally online in my morning time, and he's always online in the evenings and makes time for players whether they are new, or veterans. Server Supports: @talks (moneytalks) Money is quite active, see him online quite a bit. He runs a pretty big Clan Chat and does pretty well at his moderating job aswell. @michigan989 Michigan, fun guy to be around, he's truly a guy you can joke around with, he can take jokes pretty well. beside that he's serious where you need him to be serious. He's been helpful with reports and helps the community out on a daily basis.
  2. NEW Video + GIVEAWAY!

    100 SUBS REACHED! NEW Multi pking + GIVEAWAY!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oC7Oa50Pt6Q&t=4s
  3. Bug fixes, tweaks & upcoming updates 17-05-2019

    Waiting for hunter being added to vote shop! Praying... been multiple months now
  4. Sign up to join the staff team!

    looks good, hope you're better than some of the current staff... some staff members are slacking extremely which is one of the reasons why the playerbase is suffering a gigantic player loss.
  5. Blackies Recruitment

    Discord? No mic/Mic?: Discord Yes Mic No K\D R?: 422 401 1.05 Highest Killstreak?: 10 Past Clan Experience? What clan? What was your roll?: Callisto Member (it used to be a big multi clan about half a year ago)