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  1. REquesting a yt rank

    Looks good, Nicely done.
  2. How to double server players

    Most of these are things I see can be obtained by donating. But other then that, Moderator's have too give warnings and sometimes after that we still give warnings yet again. I am a very lenient mod myself. We try to make everyone's Dawntained experience a good time.
  3. Leg rank

  4. Utube rank back plox

    Keep up the great videos.
  5. donator rank forum

    Thank you, done.
  6. Donator rank

  7. Donator Rank

  8. Dawntained

    Very, very, very true.. lol
  9. Max cape

    It's definitely an Idea that i'm sure they will see.
  10. Dawntained

    Lets see who decides.
  11. Donator title

    Done! :]
  12. Keep it how it is and let them be able to spec and tab. The deep wilderness is there for a reason. If I chose to go out into the deep wild as a Moderator or not, I know that I chose to go out there and whatever happens, happens.
  13. When @I Solo pm'd me at 3am before I was about to go to bed and asked if I wanted support, Once he gave me it, I ended up staying awake for another 4 hours
  14. Youtube rank

    Upload a video without the borders, and use the correct format. Then we will look into getting you the rank
  15. Recording Tutorial [Camtasia]

    It's a nice tutorial @Throne, But the date on the post though .
  16. hello moderator I would like to know if I would like to remove my account from prison after one of the moderators imprisoned me for logging in two accounts plus I did not have the knowledge that it was forbidden, and I am already imprisoned for almost 7 days only so the account name it's teutuim hole, thank you for the attention.

    1. Aquaa


      Hello @s t a r s. Please head over to the support section and submit an appeal.

  17. Onyx bolt tips

  18. Super Rank :)

  19. Legendary Donator forum title

    Donator rank updated, Thank you.

    @Liquorize I'm interested in a new signature. PM me please.
  21. signatures!??!?!?

    @oatrix Your signature is showing now.
  22. Awesome update, totally needed.
  23. Staff Update 15/03/18

  24. Staff Update 15/03/18

    Hey guys we would like to congratulate the members who have been promoted recently. Believe has been promoted from Server Support to Moderator Spray has been promoted from Server Support to Moderator Oatrix has been promoted from Player to Server Support We are glad to welcome these two new moderators to the team. RESIGNATIONS Pontus has resigned from Moderator If you are interested and would like to apply feel free to apply here: Thank you, Rival. - On behalf of the Dawntained Team
  25. uber rank

    This was posted in the wrong section of forums, for future reference, please post in the Request a Rank section. Donor rank updated!
  26. Staff Update 7/3/18

    Thank you! Congratulations to the new Support!