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  1. x

    Most of these are things I see can be obtained by donating. But other then that, Moderator's have too give warnings and sometimes after that we still give warnings yet again. I am a very lenient mod myself. We try to make everyone's Dawntained experience a good time.
  2. Dawntained

    Very, very, very true.. lol
  3. Max cape

    It's definitely an Idea that i'm sure they will see.
  4. Dawntained

    Lets see who decides.
  5. Keep it how it is and let them be able to spec and tab. The deep wilderness is there for a reason. If I chose to go out into the deep wild as a Moderator or not, I know that I chose to go out there and whatever happens, happens.
  6. When @I Solo pm'd me at 3am before I was about to go to bed and asked if I wanted support, Once he gave me it, I ended up staying awake for another 4 hours
  7. Recording Tutorial [Camtasia]

    It's a nice tutorial @Throne, But the date on the post though .
  8. hello moderator I would like to know if I would like to remove my account from prison after one of the moderators imprisoned me for logging in two accounts plus I did not have the knowledge that it was forbidden, and I am already imprisoned for almost 7 days only so the account name it's teutuim hole, thank you for the attention.

    1. Aquaa


      Hello @s t a r s. Please head over to the support section and submit an appeal.

  9. Onyx bolt tips


    @Liquorize I'm interested in a new signature. PM me please.
  11. signatures!??!?!?

    @oatrix Your signature is showing now.
  12. Awesome update, totally needed.

    These are sick bro!!! Thank you.

    Thank you @Owain for starting on something new. Can't wait to see what it looks like when you're all done, if you decide to implement it into the server.
  15. Price Guide

    Glad you updated this. A+ for effort. :]

    Would be pretty cool if we changed Dice zone to Varrock, G.E. P.S I know I already recommended this to you Owain @Owain
  17. United Nations

    Alright, But I mean, Mods are in the wildy everyday, hint that this is a pking server. Explain to me what United Nations can do better vs a Moderator in the wild and i'll start supporting this post.
  18. United Nations

    That still sounds like Support, which there already is.
  19. Wilderness Mod

    I like this Idea better than " United Nations Rank ". Thumbs up!
  20. United Nations

    In my opinion, Don't Mod's already have support from SS? SS is there to help the Moderator's. I don't see a point of having pking team with permissions ( Atleast that is what it seems as though you are getting at ). Honestly, out of respect I do not agree with this post. How about instead...... We start having POLLS with common and frequently asked things of PVP'ers. I don't know, I don't see the point of this. Staff Support is there to actually try so they can to become a Moderator. I see what you're saying about the PKing aspect but I think POLLS every once in a while with the ENTIRE community that pk's and not just one team that pk's.
  21. Great update, keep up the work dev team.
  22. Hello peeps

    Welcome to Dawntained, Rival
  23. Signature

    Just wondering...... Don't bash! Can anyone make me a simple Signature, That has my in game name { Rival } in it? It would be greatly appreciated if you could. Just shoot me a pm if you can. PS. If this is against the rules, I am not aware and cannot find it. v Something like this, but kind of want it MULTI-COLORED and do not know how to do it because I have never used photoshop a day in my life. LOL feelsbadman