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  1. Is Dawntained dieing?

    Reason i and probably many others don't play much anymore basically because its pay to play. There is no real way to make decent cash on here, The only decent item that is dropped by an NPC is Ely but thats like 1/2000 drop rate and ive got more chance of getting my end away with Rihanna than getting that drop. We've said it for months make Revs or another NPC drop the pvp Armour's. This will bring life back to the game cause of right now yes, its on its ass.

    update? Whats an update?
  3. PvP Task Revamp / PK-PvP Store

    Support, I rarely play this game any more purely cause i got bored of it and the lack of variation & money making methods, But i still browse the forums every now and then and an update like this would deffo make me play again
  4. PVM Rejuvenation

    Couldn't agree more, personally for me i do sometimes get bored of just pking and would love to Pvm but theres no real rewards to any monsters hardly apart from Corp which is an absolute ball ache to kill solo.
  5. Imbued Ring Value Increase

    Also they should make the 5k - the price to imbued the ring drop on death too seeing as when you kill somebody with an imbued ring you only get the normal ring, or even 4k dropped on death, anything is better than nothing seeing as there isn't many decent money making methods in the game.
  6. Come on MGT stop blowing our donation money on cocaine + strippers and update the game already, we want surge spells oh and make PVP items 1/1000 drop rate chance when you pk someone, thanks x
  7. Gambler OP!

    How big are your bollocks?
  8. Please

  9. Why the hell am i banned? lol..

    Bit unprofessional my mate, especially when I've donated quite a bit towards this server
  10. Why the hell am i banned? lol..

    @MGT Madness Sort this out please mate, Ive donated bare dollar towards this server and man wants to PK, ty x
  11. Why the hell am i banned? lol..

    Im not completely clued up with all this computer stuff but how has this even happened lol. Surely me and this Bars guy have different Ip's?
  12. Why the hell am i banned? lol..

    I guess ill just have to wait for Mgt to have a look at it, appreciate the effort though
  13. Why the hell am i banned? lol..

    Just did, still saying same thing that im banned.. Jesus christ lol 3k kills down drain here and probs 100 hours of game play
  14. Why the hell am i banned? lol..

    I dont even have 1m on the account mate so go for it lol..
  15. Why the hell am i banned? lol..

    I'd just appreciate if i could get unbanned.. Its a two second job from a Mod, Ive clearly done nothing wrong and its some sort of glitch..
  16. Why the hell am i banned? lol..

    Nope.. I dont even know him.. I've just seen him around the game.. What is going on here
  17. Why the hell am i banned? lol..

    Ive no idea who Bars is, I do not own an account called Bars. Didnt bar's used to be a player mod or something?
  18. Why the hell am i banned? lol..

    Already have. Not had much of a reply.. @mgt madnes @Hat @Broy00 Someone sort this out please
  19. Need Ban Appeal help!

    Ive just been banned my self too.. No idea why lol
  20. Just tried to log in and says im banned and i have to pay 15m osrs to get unbanned.. What the hell I dont even play osrs so thats not happening. I've spent a fair bit of cash on this server and played it for over a year.. Would love to know why im banned lol
  21. soooo i spent about 7m on the boxes today and didnt get much.. my final 500k i bought one more and if i got rubbish i was going to quit and then da daaaaaa
  22. First one in game?

    Any idea on the price of it?
  23. First one in game?

    Zuriels robe top, open to offers for it
  24. omegaLUL Gambler Update

    @mgt madnes Needs to swallow his pride here and think with his head, lad wont be able to afford few pints down at the pub if the game continues the way it is. Game has lost so many players and the eco is well and truly ruined. Accept it was a god awful update and do a rollback pre the gambler update. Other than that keep up with the other updates, they're alright x
  25. BUying Sythe

    pm me in game
  26. Haha as you can tell im new to all this uploading malarkey but im trying to upload video clips and the format in which my video is is MP4 and wont allow me to upload it.
  27. So ive got a few videos clips but they're in Mp4 format how to change them so i can upload on here? Computer nerd needed pls
  28. Never mind, just read the top post