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  1. death bm timer

    so there is no timer?
  2. death bm timer

    How long does it take between each kill of the same person do i have to wait before i can kill him again? anyone know this? P.s CSGO IS FREE 2 PLAY
  3. Next update?

    When will there be another update? Thanks!
  4. Spawn items pls

    @MGT Madness is this fine with you? it helps me for pking and i dont why you cant but pls add this dude its my suggestion? quit being rude about my suggestion. May be a problem with you but not the rest of us. @MGT Madness sorry broski for keep buggin but i hope you add half pizzas :D! wont tag u again ill wait to see results
  5. Spawn items pls

    Bump; MGT can you add this please?
  6. Spawn items pls

    it dont work; can u guys just add them to the store like pls..?
  7. Spawn items pls

    Wow; so rude... I wanna use it for in game; because i cant keep splitting them takes to much time and, its a rsps the players have a voice.. And like u just said; it wont take long at all?? and everyone doesnt mind just you. @MGT Madnesscan you add this quick pls?
  8. Spawn items pls

    When will this be added?
  9. Spawn items pls

    my little secret lol
  10. Spawn items pls

    So i ran out of my half pizzas if you could add them to store or, make them spawnable would be nice Plssss i use em for pking
  11. 45 seconds to be frozen..... fuck outta here with that lol
  12. Lucky Duck pk vid 2

    damn, i think i learned to nh watching this haha
  13. Blood money update plzz

    Well it would be a great change i think, Its not changing nothing besides players being rich.. Bruh their are not many risk fights at all day its just whenever server population is up. I want constant risking. Constant dueling, And with all the safers and, no riskers you cant enjoy the pking enjoyment when its a pking server! I LOVE THIS SERVER, even more then os-scape back when it was up but this server since i've begun has only costed me one pain.. and its the low bm rate in obtaining money. So yes with this change i would fall more in love with the server and, would add to my summer to, being able to grind the shit out of pvming and, pvping with this update.. so hope you agree.
  14. How did this server become like this?

    just play better.. ive put in atleast almost 2k hours and, im just mad im not rich yet lol i sukkkk
  15. Blood money update plzz

    Well it's free indeed but it's really tough to get that first 1m. haha but hopefully mgt reads and gives some good feedback
  16. Hey once again im making a blood money update. Can we agree the grind is pretty tough on dawntained and, that the reward is although tasty it's just you never get to taste it much HAHA; Well I'm joking but if you're not a good pvper you have pvm which is fun and, nice just the grind is insane.. This is a private server and, a great one, everything well balanced and, fair only thing to complain is that the blood money doesn't pump out alot if you're not a donor! We shouldn't have to rely on donor to have a good time. Understandable that a private server runs on pure donations and, dawntained puts up quite some great features for donor and, I applaud that. To get to the point if maybe pvm could update to 60k an hour ranging from different bosses/wilderness and, slayer. If thats the case then the economy will get huge and, not stay at the tilted 60k every 2 hours of PURE Grinding non stop with little rng.. I'm not trying to complain but Just would love the change. dawntained has been out for quite a while and, the economy has yet to change up drastically and, with a nice new bm update would improve the servers population and, more rich people and, more donations! I could write the suggestions now. Safe bosses 30k an hour with rng/Wilderness Bosses 45k Hour with rng/ Mini Games 25k Hour with rng/ pking 500-10k rng *10k being the best drop able drops (350,700,1000,1500,4500,10,000) <--- 1/1,1/10,1/17,1/25,1/35,1/50. This would be amazing to see implemented ASAP!! :P! <3! This would add much more use at the duel arena and, to dicers and, trading! So thanks for reading and, giving me your time, have a good one :P!
  17. Blood money update plzz

    When will there be a big pvm drop rate increase and, blood money drop per kill be updated? 50-5k with 50 and, 100's an 350's emblem drops are trash... sorry but it would take 100 kill with no donate status, to get atleast 20k from pure fighting but then u have pvm that drops 25k an hour, so 2 hours for ags... IF we could really just get an hour lowered it would be amazing with rng+ making around 45k-whatever plus rng :P. It would be a smoother grind and, then everyone could start to earn a decent donate status and, buy myster boxes and, stuff it would just increase alot of players grind towards the game. Well hope you guys agree or, have suggestions hope mgt sees this <3 $@
  18. Emg Pure AKA Eric here ^_^

    wellkkkcoommeee >:)P
  19. Sup everyone; I'm posting today to see if anyone would agree with me that item drop rate's should be lowered for better chance in receiving a drop. Would like to make it to supreme but bm is hard to get but its a good grind, just need more like 40-50k newer methods!!! >:D The server will blowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww up!
  20. Surge spells/dragon bolts etc

  21. Kills ft Essex rage

    nice bro; MAKE A VID and lul nig who was tryna ddos @_@
  22. 101 with dh axe | new vid

    Usa? Well go fuck yourself window licker "Im from the usa" SI mi papi enjoy
  23. 101 with dh axe | new vid

    Don't approve of the language that was in the video.. I wouldn't want my video looking trash like that. Dope rewards tho shitty producer tho..
  24. then be better and, not trash :
  25. bro its all about kills so why not? Sorry this isint osrs.
  26. First edit more to come :)

    #2 bro I've already became like... holy shit... that took forever and people edits way better... HAHA but i'll start learning more an more for now; I"m sticking to editing Trimming and adding music for you guys and CONTENT <3 hope u guys enjoy and dont forget SUBSCRIBE ITS NOT HARD !!!! FREE TOOO