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    I mean , it is no where stated that you can / cannot give a dawntained account away for free ( in rules forum post , the only part that concerns account sharing / trading is in RWT section " What is real-world trading? - We define this term as the action of selling Dawntained wealth or accounts for real life currencies, or for wealth on another game. For example, Old School RuneScape " ) Since he is not selling the account , there are no rules against it / able to seen to the public to tell if account sharing is illegal. I am in no way of supporting account sharing but needs to be elaborated more on the official dawntained rules forum post found in knowledge base
  2. please post whatever you got from my hns here , will be holding weekly hns goodiebags in my cc " hnsgoodie" Feb 28th - 5m HNS - 2tbows / 2 elys / 2 arcanes / 10 ags / 6 claws + More
  3. D Claws buff & Gmaul nerf

    The most overpowered thing about the gmaul is the low price