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  1. Vikings Clan Recruitment This is why i'm a Viking

    bet none of u cunts are even scandinavian
  2. 150m+ pked | 5m giveaway

    disliked 0 brid clips or nh
  3. Brid vid

    why dont you 2 retards find me at edgepvp n gl u retards
  4. Brid vid

  5. Brid vid

  6. Brid vid

  7. Bored Edit Ft Nation Lured For Max

    ur keytracker pls sit dow
  8. Bored Edit Ft Nation Lured For Max

    runs into multi bcs singles is too hard QQ
  9. first pure pk vid xd - 30k giveaway

    blackbars fix it
  10. Blackhats day at ::pvp

    i could max brid but thats just boring and pvp isnt consistent in people actually bridding there
  11. Bored Edit Ft Nation Lured For Max

    lol this just proves you're reduced to multilure
  12. Blackhats day at ::pvp

  13. Nation recuitment post

    Nation is officially recruiting, if you believe you have the brauns and brains to become one of us then PRIVATE MESSAGE these people. ENTRY FEE: 250K (without vouches) Serendipity Smites Metro
  14. Blackhats day at ::pvp

    i agree good sir.
  15. Blackhats day at ::pvp

    Mouse dcs all day ggwp
  16. Moe

    Get him on as a dev? maybe he has some awesome ideas.
  17. #4 PK VIDEO

    yep, your colours are too sharp
  18. nice edits,try fighting some actual brids next time ye
  19. #4 PK VIDEO

    quality is shit, change your recording software please this shit hurt my eyes.
  20. 95% pure nhing

  21. You still haven't buffed the ballista accuracy pls do it

    Shit vid
  23. Buff ballista

    Literally never used in main pking cus it's soo trash, buff it's accuracy
  24. Blackhats Staff feedback.

    Don't know what you're talking about. i've been playing for 8 hrs almost everyday
  25. Blackhats Staff feedback.

    I'm mentioning what i know, my personal feelings do not matter.
  26. Blackhats Staff feedback.

    All and everything i say in this post is my opinion you do not have to agree with me, but it's my take on the staff members of this server. what makes me credible to make a staff feedback? My personal account is 119 days old. so i'm not new To start it off. MGT Madness Just my opinion but i precieve this owner to be abit naive and cut-off from the community saying this mean that discussing certain topics with him can lead into a negative effect for you. (i've experienced this with several of my Clan Members) Ronald I've know this to be the guy you should go to if u wanna ge to MGT if u had any opinions you would wan't to discuss. but lately i feel like he's been distant and just quiet in the community. Vippy Vippy is an incredible staff member, he really puts effort into the server and i hope it gets recognized by everyone. Austin W Have not seen much from you, so i'll leave your feedback for a later time. Connor An interesting mod to say the least, i think in some cases alittle trigger happy. But i belive his intentions to be good. I Solo I don't see this person being active so much anymore but other than that i can't really say much. Platform A helping fellow might be the only mod i think is worthy of the rank. IF I'VE FORGOTTEN ANYONE THEN IT JUST MEANS THAT I'VE NOT SEEN MUCH FROM YOU OR THAT I JUST DON'T SEE YOU ONLINE.