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  1. Look back at it < What do you think?

    u guys are seriously sub humans lmao
  2. fix this shit

    Happens to me after/while in combat, seems to me it happens randomly when you're in a fight either bridding or nhing, auto-casting barrage or clicking barrage manually and then on the person you're fighting, it happens randomly when you're in a fight tho. So u should try to recreate those scenarios to re-create the bug
  3. fix this shit

    can devs fix this, happens a lot https://gyazo.com/995b146de5e3fdfbae02c9f8f375f726
  4. Staff Feedback March and April 2019

    Owner: @MGT Madness: Not playing an active part in the community nor even when it comes to being online. You need to go back to your ways in 2017-start of 2018. If you don't want this server to die out, and you need to do it soon. Head Moderator: @Subarashii: Haven't seen him online in over 2 weeks ngl. Developers: First of all I'd like to say it's silly putting all the names in a single list like this, since we have no idea which developer contributes the most since we do not know how much they work on the server. So you should probably not set it up like that, however I will answer as a whole to all the Developers: I just feel like you guys don't take it seriously. There's up to numerous bugs in game which i have told mods about so don't fucking at me asking ''whats the bugs'' an example of a bug yesterday, where you legit got frozen every time you splashed a ice barrage or ice blitz, that shit isn't supposed to happen in a well crafted server. I know no one is perfect but come on. @Owain: @Jonny @Optimum @Jason Moderators: I will say this about the moderators as a whole response: A lot of people feel like you guys are hypocritical, not saying that to bash the moderator team but you are, and I am 100% not the only one that thinks that way: Example; when someone is joking on yell they almost every time gets the ''Off yell'' by a moderator within seconds. Really? Can't we have banter on a rsps like every other private server? I feel like the moderators, especially mlh. Do this just cause they can, just cause they're power hungry. Everyone that plays Dawntained on a daily basis has seen this, and here is why you guys are hypocritical, you do it yourselves and joke on yell but when you guys do it you just say ''If we can't have a joke on a private server you need to find another rsps'' Or the good old ''You can't take a joke'' Or the golden one,'' Just because we're moderators doesn't mean we aren't human, we can have fun'' That is why you're hypocrites & you need to change, remember this isn't taking shots at every staff member, just constructive criticism. @Gramatik: Haven't seen you online in a couple of days, but imo one of the moderators that actually has some input @Hatorade: Haven't played an active role in the past week so nothing to say @Mlh: P o w e r h u n g r y . @Hat Haven't played an active role in the past week so nothing to say @Frederik: You seem to like to goof around a lot, especially in yell, I don't think a lot of people take you serious, but you help people at least I can say that @Jaehaerys: You're a good mod. Server Supports: @Ameer69: Only got promoted to SS cause of his bank, doesn't know anything about RS. @michigan989: Meh, new SS member, can't comment on you yet.

    ''lagging at 50s'' worst excuse i've heard, ur simply just a multi rat who says my name everytime you make a forum post because that's how in your delusional brain you keep the 1% of the dignity you have left, you legit x ur client when u see me at pvp and avoid me everywhere ingame, hmu when you got the balls to actually fight me, and i'll make sure u won't touch the game again. Imagine being DT's biggest avoider and yet you still planked that many times rofl, 80% of your kps are hits under a 30, wonder why

    keep saying my name for clout, never died to u, never will die to multi bot . . . https://gyazo.com/6adf5ba27e5ac2e54c7445e302dbbc92 u got dropped so hard u started spamming T T like a broken record lmao
  7. The Mighty 43

    post a kp of me or don't talk, don't even know why im giving a multibot who dies to a 31, like you attention
  8. The Mighty 43

    you're not tho, stay avoiding killed u on 2-3 of your accounts now, didn't think I had hurt you this bad for u to shitpost every 5 seconds about me, stay hiding in forums furry
  9. Bustdown Are Back & Recruiting Remain undefeated in the singles scene, up on every team to ever touch the game. Entry fee: 250k Or have a clan member vouch for you Add ''Robin#0482'' On Discord for further information.
  10. Robin - Pk Video 1

    Imagine only having my usage of shield & graphics to say something bad about lmaoooooooo, tell proxy how does dude die to a 31
  11. Wilderness Risk Requirement Suggestion And Alternative

    It's like this on almost every server out there, the risk protection is there for a reason, so mystic raggers can't pj people off. Not gonna get changed just cause you got an idea when you was bridding lmao
  12. Wilderness Risk Requirement Suggestion And Alternative

    Ofcourse you want the deep wildy rules like that, so you can get blood key without getting focused by people who are risking max set lol
  13. Robin - Pk Video 1


    strongest void warrior outchea
  15. Increase Spellbook swap usage

    at least 20 per day, it is rsps after all hehe
  16. Bored Edit Ft Nation Lured For Max

    3-0 on them for 3 max sets rn, too easy tbh, #renegades stay winning.
  17. Blackhats day at ::pvp

    All spawn loot, or 2k drops, nothing special really.