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  1. somethang for yall

    if you need help to make the best quality clips just hmu on discord Ban152#9150
  2. somethang for yall

    Just setup your fps to 60 when you render
  3. somethang for yall

    are you lagging ingame ? or is it just low fps of the clips ?
  4. Update postponed to Wednesday 17th

    good stuff man, keep it up, nice of you for letting us know that
  5. [YT] New Series: ChallengeTained #1

    I actually like the idea, calm video man
  6. Dawntained pk video #1

    Will do, i just need to rebuild now 😂 Thank you though 🤘
  7. Dawntained pk video #1

    thank you !
  8. Sign up to join the staff team!

    In-game name: Tryme Country you live in: Lithuania (Europe) Which times of the day are you usually on? (Use your country's clock as reference): between 2 to 8pm Days old (ingame ::old) screenshot: https://gyazo.com/57f186dc10e8ec46d9d09b7b2660cc78 Gameplay time (Talk to hans in lumb) screenshot:https://gyazo.com/74c66bbb4e5d401318ff1214802ac78b How many hours can you put in per week?: well i got back to the game like 1-2 days ago, but i can play up to 5 hours a day, sometimes even more Why do you think you should be promoted?: well, im experienced staff member on several servers before, i'm hardworking and kind person, depending how ppl are treating me, but once you're staff you gotta throw your ego away(proffessionality first huh) well i haven't been an active person on dawntained, but i know all the staff team mechanics, i can already tell i think i touched almost every board of staff member powers, i don't know, its up to you fellows, Thank you for reading that ! Past experiences as staff?: well i've been staff on several servers before, but the past experience was RoatPkz been staff there for over 4 years, been doing a good job, but i got bored of the server and stuff, trying to find something fresh! A liddel bit about me: well, my name is David im 22 years old, as i said im living in Lithuania, working as a car mechanic, also working on a competitive strongman career (pm me for tips in sports 😂) im very kind and openhearted person, allways focused on my work, well thats it, if you want to know more just pm me ingame or discord @ban152#9150 would love to talk to any of you, have a good day, peace. David
  9. 😢 Revive Dawntained 💖

    Good old times, glad im back though!