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  1. Sign up to join the staff team!

    In-game name: Coto Country you live in: Canada Which times of the day are you usually on? (Use your country's clock as reference): Im on throughout the day, but mostly around the midnight from 12 AM - 4 AM (EST) Days old (ingame ::old) screenshot: Gameplay time (Talk to hans in lumb) screenshot: How many hours can you put in per week?: I can put in a solid 25 - 30 hours per week Why do you think you should be promoted?: I've been a part of the Dawntained community for a long time now having played on and off. This time around I am way more active than I have ever been and I believe my experience and time played can provide to be a huge asset. I do not let my emotions cloud my judgement when it comes to punishment and can and will be fair according to the rules stated by the server. I am constantly either Pking, or dicing and that is where I believe most of the problems arise and I can counter and tackle these issues. The time that I am most active is towards midnight, and from observing the past few weeks I can clearly say that there are either 1, and on most occasion 0 mods/helpers on at this time. I can provide to be an outlet of help and clarity for those who are joining in from different timezones along with new players. Also I will be raiding Area 51 so I'll bring back some aliens to help the server. Past experiences as staff?: Was a Helper, then promoted to Moderator for the PK Server DeadlyPkers a while back. Have matured a ton since then and can work on my past talents that I had.
  2. ags and elder maul at low offers???

    In a way I agree with this post, the 300k not so much but 100k would seem fair for an ags. I've seen people have 200+ ags's, that shouldn't be the case especially when claws are 300k. When I used to play a couple of months ago claws and ags were both 50-60k each. Claws weren't in the blood money shop back then but were still the same price as ags, as claws price increase even ags price should increase too. There's plenty of occasions where you see a welfare gear with an ags K.O some dude in max gear. The ags value is way too little for how much it can actually provide and for it to be available for 50k is a bit too little. Sometimes ags's are so hard to sell that people even end up selling them for 45k each when desperate enough. Clearing all ags's would hurt the server since many people do invest in them as a way to not have excess blood money. In that regards, I don't think they should be cleared, but the price of ags's definitely should be dealt with. Not sure really what the solution can be for this, BUT the server hasn't died with ags's being this way so with all that being said, probably nothing should be done I guess, haha. As for elder maul, I think that's okay as is, it's not ridiculously op.
  3. My goals for Dawntained

    I see this happening in the near future. I've seen the server reach around ~280 players the past week on the weekend. It's only increasing from here on. You're doing a great job tackling the problems this server once had and still has. Glad to see you putting in the work, it'll pay off.
  4. Hey there

    Hey guys, Coto here. You've probably seen me around dicing or doing some dhing, but now I want to be more involved with the community and the forums so here I am. I've only just returned to Dawntained after almost 8 months of break-time. Was feeling a bit nostalgic and wanted to pop back on; and it reminded me of how much I loved the server so I'm probably going to stick around for a long time now haha. I look forward to meeting more and more of you as the server grows as I am sure it will. If any of you have any questions regarding anything and you see me online, do not hesitate to ask as I am very happy to help to the best of my capabilities.
  5. Staff Feedback March and April 2019

    Before I get started, I've just recently come back to Dawntained about almost 2 weeks ago after a good 8 month break, and my responses will be solely based on what I've seen in those weeks. Owner: @MGT Madness : I like the effort you've been making in updating and fixing bugs and patches, along with trying to increase the player base with more incentives. Love the loyalty program. Head Moderator: @Subarashii : I've seen you on maybe once and you logged out pretty quickly, but I'm sure you probably handle more stuff behind the scenes so benefit of the doubt there. Developers: No comment here as I am not familiar with them as of yet. @Owain @Jonny @Optimum @Jason Moderators: @Gramatik : You're either pking or dicing, which is a good thing because that's where most problems amongst people arises so it's good you're someone who's active on those parts. @Hatorade: Haven't seen you on once. @Mlh: You're a pretty chill mod, you take control over yell which I get some players may think is too uptight but there are a lot of haters that yell which need to be silenced regardless of if it's banter, there is a certain line that no one should cross. @Hat: I've seen you on a couple of times but those were just you being afk so I can't say much on you yet. @Frederik: Same as Hat. @Jaehaerys: Probably the most active mod I've seen since I've gotten back, and you're a great help with little to none bias towards anyone. You do your job well and sucks Daenarys died. Server Supports: @Ameer69: Dude's one of the chillest people I've come across, but if I'm being completely honest I haven't see you "help" as much as you could be doing but none the less you are helpful when you choose to be. @michigan989: You're one of my favorites even though I don't talk to you at all, you're always offering help and I don't think I've ever seen you get angry or triggered at all. You're calm and a delight to have on the server.
  6. new pk vid up!

    Sick vid man. Gotta teach me how to NH