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  1. bob the builder can we plank em?

    impact famboys😂😂 yikes

    u avoid me tho
  3. Daybreak taking over Dawntained

    "fake clip of someone else" someone in ur clan tho :D:D was told hes a leader on alt but w/e.. hows ur members gonna die on half :D:DD
  4. Daybreak taking over Dawntained

    excuse me, who's this lmao random ahit talker
  5. bob the builder can we plank em?

    I mean.. " on 07 with the clan" yet u be posting shit like this on forums? Aint seen ur shitty clan in wildy for past 2 weeks :Dd wya boys
  6. Daybreak taking over Dawntained


    tuuks pelaa pesist? - maikki

    me @ SCHOOL
  9. Mikki [ WATCH 1080P ]

    Cheers everyone!
  10. Discords "mikki#4750" feel free to hmu ill slap any of ur clan mates
  11. Cringy team full of rejects of big clans
  12. Impact pk vid 3

    new yt, like comment sub negro
  13. Impact pk video 3

    New yt acc btw remember to like and sub
  14. Gimps for max once again

    Haha didnt ask camel
  15. HIGH problem client

    Idek my dick kinda small
  16. Gimps for max once again

    . . https://gyazo.com/90d5a2ac51144f8b8c31d7a1f11acc71
  17. Ez pk #wimps

    Its mr 1121212 from loco.pk, am still waiting u on loco.pk, when are u going to return to edge hills lvl 3? Ghost mouse nser l00l
  18. U know that vids fake? No pov from gabe of getting paid lmao mex and gabr faked the convo for vid😂
  19. Hejsan svenaka pojkarna hur mor du? ❤: king mikki

    pic coming soon
  21. Server dc's and my max sets

    Fun lmao

    ur recruiting thru yell ingame.. atleast they made forums post lmao ur both dummb mass recruitin pakis lmaoo
  23. Rollback & Whatnot

    exactly same happened with me, but i dced for my bank in wildwy instead of even dying cuz of dt dced every 2mins basically without me knowing lmao
  24. Server dc's and my max sets

    So today when server got opened or was not being hit off anymore, I logged in and noticed it say something like this: - "Server is in spawn mode,any progress made is not saved" etc etc.. so I didnt really care about dying at that moment, I went pking in max (lost total of ancestral,max str and some other shit can't remember 100%) now that the server is back online and running perfectly (so far atleast) I haven't gotten any of my items back, currently 361k bank, all of my deaths were to the server dcing (100% dt fault lmao) Server never gave any news about it not being in spawn mode anymore, so obviously tought nothing had changed.. lost my bank and nothing to do now tbh @MGT Madness @Tony @Owain (ign is : impact699669), discord "mikki#4554" lmao i want some kind of explanation whats going on and when am i getting my gear back .

    U outta ur mind? Both things u said were incorrect lmao Id was open at the time, swarm was looking for run in with matched opts daily, we had no ra members? Only ppl left from us to join ra, 1iteming was never an option lmao if we woulda done that thwy would of kicked us from cc

    I was solo on zamorak most times, i was the leader of the most dominant clan, ID (who clrd u) and on ikov member of swarm