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  1. More pking and piping dead titan member

    Nice Video man. I liked the music great stuff man!!
  2. Nice video man it was really good, unlucky you did get a rare item! (Jasur)
  3. Nice update man! Keep up the good work.
  4. Ice Strykewrym Guide

    Nice Guide dude! Keep up the good work.
  5. Hey

    Welcome dude!
  6. ::bank command

    I think this is a good idea just because if you pay for such a high donator rank you should be able to get some decent perks. 100% Support!
  7. Nice dude! Congratulations on the loot.
  8. Great Update MGT! Keep up the good work.
  9. OSRS Magic Combat Update & more 02-04-2017

    Nice update dude!
  10. Revenants buff 28-04-2017 Updates

    Nice update dude! Keep up the good work.
  11. 1st osrs video!

    Nice video dude! I'm liking what i see.
  12. Introduction

    Welcome to the forums Cata! Hope you have fun playing.
  13. Flee's Introduction

    Welcome Dude! Hope see to you making videos one day.
  14. Quick suggestion

    Nice Suggestion dude! I like this idea so you can put an item up before you goto bed and come back and maybe the items will be sold.
  15. Popular suggestions

    Nice suggestions, Gmaul one is a need! Thanks for the good suggestions dude.
  16. Glad you joined dude! The New forums are looking nice and easier to use.
  17. Dice updates & Twisted Bow buff! 17-04-2017

    Nice work, Keen for more updates to come!
  18. i m a cunt

    Sup Dude I'm Aussi too!! I'm also a cunt cause Im aussie and proud. Welcome to the server dude
  19. hi im batman

    Welcome fam hope you enjoy your stay!
  20. Hi

    Welcome to the server dude!
  21. Nice update looking real nice!! Looking forward for more to come.
  22. UPDATED:

    I  like the way you layed out the video. Hope to see good pk vids from you my dude. OSsloth
  23. Player's Own Shop.

    I would suggest the Pos But both are fine!
  24. Hello

    Hey I haven't really introduced my self yet so here it goes. I'm an Australian who likes to play Runescape, I'm 17 years old turning 18 this year and like to Play Soccer/Football. Thats Basically it hope to see you guys in-game!
  25. Tournament and more.

    I support this, this is a really good idea. [color=green]100% Support![/color]
  26. 100k Bloodmoney Giveaway

    I pick 271. Good Luck to everyone else!
  27. Jasurs Drops!!

    Hey guys this is just a little post I'm making on where I show what drops I get! [url=https://gyazo.com/c11e618fa68be6b511f6ff6e5492ea44]https://gyazo.com/c11e618fa68be6b511f6ff6e5492ea44[/url]