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  1. Halloween Special! 100M+ Loot!

    Mother of god Pontus I love you <3
  2. sorry once you get a custom you're stuck with it, if you want a new custom then get supreme donator
  3. Is the server closing?

  4. Hello Guys!!

    Welcome man hope you enjoy your stay
  5. Opening Legendary box and omega Doubling Loot

    A really nice video @the l3g3nd i hope to see more from you
  6. Gambler OP!

    wow very nice man im jealous lol i can never get rich :c
  7. Fix the Corp safespot.

    @Corp Clan safespotting is allowed
  8. Made an appeal...

    mgt has confirmed it's a bug and will be fixed soon
  9. Re-introduction

    What the fuck broy is hot???? 0.o I uhhh.... I mean hey you '-'
  10. 1/30 Droprate btw

    Holy shit the rng is real :0
  11. This is an ok update '-'
  12. I've ended up here. Hi folks.

    Nub '-'
  13. Inspiration

    Very nice progress @jude if you don't know what to do I personally suggest you risk fight some more build enough to get a decent donator rank (buying tokens and selling the boxes is the best and cheapest method) and then maybe do some pvm and maybe even pet hunt
  14. Let's Start a Riot - #freeciroc

    Sorry no1 gets special treatment around here
  15. Let's Start a Riot - #freeciroc

    Well if you wish to pay the 15m 07 fee to get unbanned @Baby ciroc your bank will be wiped down to 1m bank
  16. Best boss kc drop :)

    Nice but I got my zammy pet at 62 kc
  17. My 1st two pets!

    Damn nub keep going! '-'
  18. PvMMasters

    If your clan doesn't work out youcan always join mine "dt pets" Good luck tho
  19. A few easy pets.

    You have agi and farm? **** you ;-; Gz tho I'm working on all pets as well
  20. Staking

    *cough* share pls
  21. First Gorilla pet in-game :) ?

    Damn man very nice
  22. Staff team feedback - READ

    Server Supporters can now ip mute up to 1 hour
  23. A little bit unexpected.

    Oh shit pogchamp man!! :0
  24. Road to all pets

    I'm ultimate donor you pleb
  25. Road to all pets

    Feel free to hmu on discord or pm me ingame always nice to have another pet hunter to talk to '-' updated
  26. Road to all pets

    Today i will be posting my progress on hunting for all the pets on Dawntained Obtained at 758 kc Obtained at 243 kc Obtained at 62 kc Obtained at 87 kc Obtained at 49m xp Obtained at 17m xp Obtained at 19m xp Obtained at 157m xp Obtained at 296 Fire Capes Obtained at 45 caskets Obtained at 12 kc Obtained at 62 kc
  27. 1 kc

    LOOOOOOOL nice rng fam keep it up Gave you your super donor rank on here btw
  28. Another pet down on the list!

    Very nice man I'm trying t decide which pet I wanna go for next lul