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  1. Stats Farewell

    Thanks for your input into the community! all the best
  2. Staff team feedback - READ

    I had 2 weeks of working 7 days a week which you knew about , before that i was active, i was logging on using my phone to take donations/punish people lol so i was available pretty much 24/7 other than when i was sleeping obv, i know my hours look like they had slipped the past few weeks but i did say i had alot of work on. Not saying you were wrong to demote me, just clearing up why i wasn't as active.
  3. This does not look like a DDoS attack to me, this looks like a problem with your connection, also could be due to the fact that your client is outdated.
  4. Thank You So Much Techno

    Np boys
  5. Daily Boosted Skill

    This is kinda what xp lamps are for
  6. Jad Boss

    Moved to suggestions
  7. Selling Rune Bars

    Train smithing
  8. Unlucky

    Nice vid pal
  9. Whats good with it

    Welcome to the forums, some story you have there, glad to have you with us!
  10. Thank You So Much Techno

    No problem pal, idk what that white line is around the edge, i'll remove it for you though. I've added the signature you wanted to your profile, is that how you wanted it?
  11. 1 kc

    Jheez, nice one
  12. Remote nh 2

    Very nice
  13. Dawntained tribiding

    Nice vid, kepp up the good work, if you type ::yt in game you can meet requirements to gain youtube rank.
  14. Another pet down on the list!

    Nice one pal!
  15. [Eco] Ultimate Money Making Guide [Stats]

    Great guide once again!
  16. First 20

    Seems legit.
  17. First skilling pet :)

    Nice work! keep it up
  18. Party hat & specs

    Always support new rares being implemented!
  19. Password is not working

    Hi, please make a post using this section https://www.dawntained.com/forum/forum/30-submit-a-problem-topics/
  20. Nope, we will never pm you regarding any beta testing.
  21. [Skill] Farming Guide [Completed] [Stats]

    Very nice work, thank you!
  22. Another day, another pet!

    Good work, keep going bro
  23. Veteran symbol suggestion!

    Lul. Exposed
  24. Veteran symbol suggestion!

    Support for all the wastemen that have been here since day
  25. Unexpected Lottery Win

    Congrats bro!
  26. Very nice, once complete this will help alot of people out, thanks for this.
  27. After Work Nhing

    Nice vid