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  1. massunban date?

    when is massunban happening? mgt going to be lazy again and make us wait months?
  2. Trying out Dawntained!

    just got done wasting 3 years of his life playing 6-9 hours a day on a trash dead server, and then brings his cancerous ass to Dawntained. Stay at your trash server dumb dog, vid was trash, only max kill you got was of your friend which probably was gbs anyways.. ty for max dumb cringe dog, vids r shit btw.
  3. throwback to when u fanboyed the ''bad leader'' on disc, begging him for hook on server, btw don't make me show the pic where u called robin daddy for 50k lmao, randy planker...
  4. Gambinos 7-0ed by BUSTDOWN

  5. All of these people commenting saying that they do not want it removed do not come with any valid points what so ever, as to why they do not want it removed. ''I big boyd and I won bank'' ''I only got Supreme rank cause of the customs'' Which furthermore just shows that it's a Pay to win game, I mean at least come with some fucking valid points, especially when you're a fucking staff member. - +Support, I don't see why there should be customs in game - Biggest reason being that it scares new players away, if I had just started on Dawntained and I saw someone wearing full anc and ely custom I'd hit that ''x'' in a jiffy.
  6. #NlH Reborn

    Trash members list, trash multipkers zzz
  7. Renegades > Bustdown back for a couple of days, the outcome was sublime. More to come, expect a pk video soon. Pm Igetrevenge or Mex to spy before it's too late.

  9. Verji Meets Renegade Ft Leader 3-0

    They legit are, and by your clueless answer, you know it as well lmao. Has Robin really gotten that far under ur skin after you lost 1m+ to him in risk fights? btw imagine dying to a 26 in a risk fight because you're so frustrated
  10. Verji Meets Renegade Ft Leader 3-0

    Wait aren't all of these old KP's used on the same forum posts re-posted again? ROFL.
  11. Verji Welcomes Renegade to Dawntained 5-0

    https://clips.twitch.tv/TentativeSleepyDurianLitFam Another one bites the dust, we're up btw.
  12. Verji Welcomes Renegade to Dawntained 5-0

    Wuu2 irrelevant rsps heroes? Now we're up.
  13. Verji Welcomes Renegade to Dawntained 5-0

    Who is beef? Who is Deadeye? Who is a Baran? More than half of these killpics are fake lmao, Imagine being so desperate to look like you're up, that you fake killpics, kill on Robin was before team was created, you have one legit kill on Moe, fact is you lost two max sets in one day to us. And this pathetic post is a desperate attempt to redeem yourselves. #renegades taking over, expect vid of your leaders planking real soon. 2-0, now we're up.
  14. self pro-claimed cali member piping up?? and getting 5-0'd, either way, enjoy the vid.