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  1. Maybe add diff modes, like zerk, pure, barrows 70 def, range tank
  2. No custom items in wild

    "U got one week to update" LOL pipe down pls
  3. Staff Feedback: Tyr

    as told 10 times over, fighting someone with better gear then u doesnt give u the right to spec tab.
  4. Varrock PVP

    Senpai tyr approves.
  5. I’m Completion :)

    ill make it 50m bm for a nude :monkas:
  6. 07/07/2018

    thank you my boi dan
  7. password

    Have u hard reset your router lately? Could also cause trouble.
  8. Road From Rebuild ep 1

    Looking forward to it ! =)
  9. Blood Key Guide

    Very nice detailed guide

    Very nice killpics, next time make a video? looking forward to more of this
  11. mod

    How is that incorrect? Not hard to take a minute and read the rules before playing a game? Its like the same as going gambling irl without knowing the rules and complaining afterwards lmfao
  12. [Aesthetic] Titles

    Big support
  13. Sale

    Ill buy everything pm me ingame
  14. mod

    Current staff team is fine, the only ones crying are those who break the rules and try getting away with it
  15. hi

    Welcome pal
  16. Ludicrous input? Yh ok ur defo new to rs, not wasting any more time in anyone who will get jailed banned or perma muted anyways with such an ego
  17. Impact pk vid 2

    Nice vid
  18. In Need Of A Sig & Banner

    Pm XI XI XI XI ingame hes working on mine
  19. Buying some stuff.

    Pm me ingame i got loads of what u need
  20. Donator Zone - Community Designed

    There are some really cool options for a new donor zone on zeah When im home ill post some pics
  21. Nice, hyped for scythe and staff fix in near future
  22. Pistol Introduction/PK Video 1

    Yh really long intro but damn nice video Defo want more vids to come!
  23. You do realise what you are doing is concidered scamming on osrs Tricking people into thinking thats the real value of the item
  24. He has 5 out of 6 rapiers so explain how i got 4 plz Its just a childish way to lower the prices
  25. Finally did it.

    Gratz welcome too the elite.
  26. ProdigyTape's Intro

    Welcome Tyler.
  27. Add herb drops to elder chaos druids

    Support wouldn't hurt to have another source for herbs
  28. Staff Tweaks!

    Staff isn't the problem or atleast not with the team we have right now. Some people just can't understand if they break rules or try to break them... they will get punished for it eventually. So stop taking it out on the staff team and raise ur hand above ur own head and look whos underneath it before u judge other people. If you think YOU can do better there is a thread 'we need you' feel free to apply