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  1. Mass unban

    facts waited weeks for nothing
  2. Mass unban

    just ip bans? what about other accounts?
  3. massunban date?

    lets be serious doubt its gonna happen
  4. massunban date?

    when is this happening was ment to be last week?
  5. great ideas so hard to get hybrid kills etc with 20 people online and 5 in the wilderness
  6. \o

    welcome man
  7. Next update?

    when is this mass unban happening?
  8. sanguinesti staff

  9. Blacknans members Heavenlykool for max

    are u stupid glory is better than str amulet more accuraccy u clueless rat , and it was very ez like 2+2 is 4 minus 1 is 3 quick maths max nh is boring hmu when u wana brid monkey plus show me where i said nhin was easy? just said that retard was ez to plank
  10. ty for max was ez retard