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  1. Community Manager event ideas needed

    PVP Tournaments which is free for all instead 1vs1! and maybe some raids
  2. No emblem bug fix

    What does (ie 60-90-70, 60-99-20) mean?
  3. Buying Twisted Bow

    Ill sell it to you for 600k
  4. cant sell logs

    Cuz they are free in skilling shop bro
  5. Who is Lime Dkz?

    Hello everyone. My name is Steffen, 22 years old. Living in the beautiful country Denmark. Been playing on here on/off for 6 months. I work with my own company as a floorman and when i need to shut my brain off i like to come here and spend time. Peace out my fellow dawntainers!
  6. 12th of Jan, 8.5m giveaway!

    Gratz mate so deserved! Ign: Lime dkz
  7. Shark fishing spot at Dzone

    Title says it all. For all the other donators below Extreme Rank can get some bonus exp in fishing.
  8. Placeholder option

    I was wondering if it is possible to get the placeholder option in bank. a little annoying to organize the bank all time. - Lime dkz
  9. hi

    never too old.
  10. pking/pvming screens+clips video

    Nice Video man :).