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  1. Edge Pvp has arrived! 02-06-2017

    good i need those f2p kills
  2. [suggestion] pk rewards

    bm sinks - decreasing price store buys stuff for, make achievement awards have a one time cost, increase untradable buyback cost, increase cost of store items
  3. Show us your desktop.

    hezbollah fuck yeah
  4. Discord flame wars & chaos ele war bank made

    So who was that talking in the discord
  5. Hitlist quality exposed

  6. INCOMING ancestral robes brid tournies
  7. Anyone know anything about forex

    I opened a demo forex account and was wondering if anybody knew about any free forex education materials online and if you have any tips for me
  8. Compiled community suggestions, you choose!

    The 3 updates that i want the most: World event boss, simple flower poker (none of that automatic placing of flowers though), cosmetic items for bm The updates that i never ever want to see: