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  1. valentimes day sell?

    it would make up for the update delay ehh. its all an opinion
  2. -Account offer-

    same though, i haven't received any account offer and i've donated over $100, i've been playing for 6 months
  3. valentimes day sell?

    you think its possible if we could get a one or two day valentines day sell?
  4. 5m Giveaway!

    Nice vid mate, ign: C N M I
  5. Screen Size

    Hey, quick question, can anyone help me? how can i resize and make my client a normal size, for some reason it's small. i guess the reason behind it is because im using a gaming laptop so its 1080
  6. The Bank

    http://prntscr.com/esr48h Current Bank lol, Just cleaned f5 for 3 claws. I'll be host tours if i can, will keep you guys posted :)
  7. Serever buged?

    yeah man oh well
  8. Serever buged?

    I can't log in, if i do, i get auto kicked and cant log back, anyone else?
  9. Great Addition

    Add Flower Poker to make the game more fun lol