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  1. I'm back - SIKE

    welcome back sir
  2. My old Dawntained videos

    thanks thanks guys
  3. My old Dawntained videos

    these videos are all from 2017 --- I'm back and I'm looking for a clan.
  4. Blackies Recruitment

    Application: Discord? No mic/Mic?: Discord/skype/teamspeak mic yes. K\D R?: Highest Killstreak?: info: I play alot of dawntained and i am looking for a home clan. Hope too see you guys soon ingame. Pk Tab: [ still buying ]
  5. Price Guide

    ring of wealths are 500 each mate
  6. did any of you play this server?

    please get me in contact with dennis its been since masterpkz days 7 years
  7. ty