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  1. New Designs <3

    looks decent lad
  2. Tackling Real World Trading

    This is how it was back in the day. Catch a rwter get 10% of their total bank worth. Which was capped at 1m
  3. Official Hello

  4. Sign up to join the Staff team!

    In-game name: Vippy Country you live in: United Kingdom Which times of the day are you usually on? (Use your country's clock as reference): 6pm-10pm weekdays Days old (ingame ::old) screenshot: cant screenshot atm but like 300+ Gameplay time (Talk to hans in lumb) screenshot: How many hours can you put in per week?: cant atm Why do you think you should be promoted?: I am a hard working individual who is serious about dawntained, I have been here since day one and experienced pretty much everything in games issues problems with various different things such as staff players bugs and much more. With this experience I can share with old and new players and staff. Past experiences as staff?: Ex moderator on dawntained Ex community managers on dawntained Ex forums admin on dawmtained Ex mod in fpk Owned 2 smalls severs few years ago
  5. Gambling Guide

    How many times you gotta say the guide is good lol
  6. clark is the best mod ...

    he's too good
  7. Timebrawler's Official Introduction

    Suck your nans toes
  8. hi

    Hi Mr 3rd
  9. Hello There

    Welcome back
  10. Video Ideas

    Closed? Moved?
  11. Hola

    Hi. I have your nan. Kind regards, Vippy.
  12. Never trust "Quick Specs"

    Don't lend Don't borrow Fuck bitches Get money
  13. Mbox luck, 150k giveway.

    OBS is good, I've always been comfy with camtasia
  14. Mbox luck, 150k giveway.

    Get different recording software bud so there's no watermark. Gl to entries
  15. You can't change a file from a mp4 to a jpg smh If you're trying to upload a video to the forums. Upload to a YouTube account and paste the link here it will automatically show th3 video.
  16. My biggest accomplishment

    Loool you got some shitty accomplishments then Okgz
  17. staff corruption

    shows a punishment..
  18. Another "Mistake" Made #ActualFlame

    lmfao nice music choice
  19. c0ld's streams

    Will be watching when I can lmao just to see what you're like loool
  20. staff corruption

    Only nightmare from this is your English. No evidence just you chatting what you want, get some proof or evidence of whatever you feel is wrong and do a proper thread.
  21. staking

    Avoiding the limit.
  22. Paying for Customs On Death........

    The whole idea for customer users to pay if they die is for a eco sink so players getting extra for killing those with customs wouldn't help
  23. make a new rule in duel arena

    Hmm I am sure it used to be only tent and dds, and if spec attack was disabled then it was literally tent only, but I am talking months ago a lot has changed but yeah would be nice.
  24. Paying for Customs On Death........

    A very very large reason by most people for getting these high ranks is due to the custom item, and not for the fact you can make it look as gay as you want but the fact it's kept on death. Having to fork out every time you die with it I don't think should be done, yeah maybe we are a bit bias due to us having worked to get to the ranks we have but that's the benefit of it..
  25. I'm Tanner

    Welcome fam

    Nice now try get a 5 oak black or white