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  1. Spicy looking updates. Nice to see you've hired on more help as well. Best of luck in the future and can't wait to see what else you guys release.
  2. Another day, another pet!

    That's actually one of the only monster pets I want in-game, so you stole my luck! All jokes aside, congrats. Got some good luck these past few days.
  3. Whats good with it

    Welcome to the server. I stumbled upon Mozzy's SoundCloud a while back and listened to his stuff, he's pretty good tbh.
  4. I'm Stats

    Welcome to the server, mate. Very nice guides as well, glad to see more guide-makers in the community.
  5. Staff Update 17/1/18

    Congrats to everyone, sad to see Big resigning. Best mod DT 2017.
  6. Nice updates as always, especially dealing with PID.
  7. Updates for 11-04-2017

    Good to see that you won't tolerate pinheads (aka Legend)
  8. Updates for 03-04-2017 & future content

    Nice updates mate, happy to see eating is fixed :)