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  1. who is this neckbeard

    https://gyazo.com/d2c5d393994d71c0d683c11b6bd50ddf LLOLOLOLOL got smited in pures and got his feelies hurt. 1-0 ez slap
  2. 5m Giveaway!

    yoo sick vid i wouldve never thought dfs into gmaul THEN ags clean af. IGN: pushing on
  3. Preset Guide by Pushing On

    Hello this is my guide on how to use the preset feature For starters to get to this feature you can press the quest tab or minigame tab and at the top there are four options to choose from press the "quick setup" option and this screen should appear: if you press one of the premade presets it will give you a pking setup automatically for example i used the max melee setup (first option top right) and it automatically loads my character with max stats and this pking setup including the gear,inventory, and the correct spellbook for the chosen preset There are also custom presets that you can create yourself! you have 9 custom presets and when you start they are all empty these are the custom preset slots: they are located directly under the pre-made presets. to make a custom preset is really simple all you have to do is click any of the 9 empty slots and this will pop up in the text box: as you can see you have 3 option and they are all fairly straight forward, to make a custom preset equip the gear you would like for it, and also create the inventory exactly as you would like it and press the second option "update preset", then press the option confirming that you would like to update it. next you can press the third option "rename preset" and you can name it what best suits it for you to know what it is. Finally when youre done you can press the first option "equip (insert preset name here)" and you will be ready to go! this helps for easy gearing to go pking after you die, or you can make presets to pvm in so you dont have to manually equip all the gear you would like for pvm also as shown in this GIF : https://i.gyazo.com/777897e94e7b333e832489d11bf221ea.mp4 when you load a preset, it will tell you the name of the preset you loaded, and if you dont have all the correct items to load the preset it will tell you what items you are missing from the preset as shown. On a final note: when loading presets if you have any spawnable items (items that come in the main preset or free items) left in your inventory they will go to the bank and you will magically spawn a fresh item, so over time they stack up even if you only start with 1. But this only happens with SPAWNABLE items things like ags/elder things with value in the bm shop will NOT stack. This has been my guide on presets and custom presets thank you for viewing goodluck pking/pvming!