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  1. Suggestions ( updated 7/30/19 @ noon )

    Interesting idea for the bonecrusher, we'll discuss it. As for Ironmen modes: We have considered them before, but at the moment there are more important pieces of content that need to be completed first before we think about it properly.
  2. When is it?

    Hi, we appreciate your concerns. The last update was released 10 days ago which included a big chunk of content, fixes & tweaks that we had been working on for several weeks. There's still some big pieces of content that we want to push before the advertising stage happens - these include are our new tournament system, website overhaul and trading post. A lot has been happening behind the scenes regarding improving the stability and structure of the server and client which Jason has been doing a fantastic job of. This will mean that connection issues and delays (latency) should be ironed out to make the game feel more enjoyable to play than ever before. I can't speak on behalf of exactly what MGT has planned and how he is going to go about executing said plans, but I can guarantee that by the end of this process Dawntained will be back up there as a top contender as a server. What I can say is that once the server is ready, we will make sure that Dawntained comes back with a vengeance. A vast amount of money has been set aside for advertising and for hosting some of the biggest real life prize tournaments in the RSPS scene. We're just as anxious to get things back up to scratch as the players are, but this takes time and can't be rushed. We want to make sure that Dawntained can and will be worth playing over other PvP orientated servers. Watch this space.
  3. Etherium brace

    It's currently being re-worked to be the same as osrs.

  5. Dawntained content update nearly here!

    Of course not, that's just a small selection of things.
  6. Recording Tutorial [Camtasia]

    Check my previous post from april, it was working then so it should still be working now.
  7. Tournaments.

    The whole tournament system is in the process of being completely overhauled, new builds are definitely something we would like to implement.
  8. :fred:

    1. Frederik


      You miss me ya cheeky cunt 

  9. fix this shit

    Are there any specific things that trigger this? I've attempted to re-create the bug in the past but didn't have any luck unfortunately.
  10. get dawntained back up please! and instantly!

    Be patient man, these things don't happen overnight. We're working on a lot of exciting content.
  11. Buy back untradeables

    Thanks for noticing!
  12. Notifications.

    We could probably add a toggle that allows only more important announcements to show, rather than the current ones for blood keys and such.
  13. how to go fullscreen?

    Are you using windows / mac?
  14. Recording Tutorial [Camtasia]

    Bumping this thread with a fix, as I know some players have been asking about it. This can still be done, but you'll need to download an older version of Camtasia (they fixed it in newer versions). Head to https://www.techsmith.com/download/oldversions Download this version then follow the rest of the guide: Version: 9.0.5 Released: 2017 May 18
  15. New PVP weapons

    What do you mean by this?
  16. Bone Crusher

    I worked on this a while ago but it never made it into the game, so it would probably take 5 minutes at most to implement it.
  17. ::shops re-design

    I'd want to keep the shops via that object because it saves the need to have lots of NPCs cluttering up the shops area. If you can think of any suggestions to make it more obvious for new players though let us know.
  18. Dawntained update delayed to 14th Febuary

    Jokes on you guys, he didn't specify the year, he actually meant 14th February 2020
  19. Development blog: February 14th release!

    I've been busy working on lots of different things but can't show them just yet. Here's a preview of the dragon knifes which will be in the blood money shop. Updated settings tab, which now includes drop down menus for toggling npc / player click priorities
  20. Simple Spelling Correction

    Lol nice spot, can't believe that this has been a thing since April 2017 and we've only just been informed of it.
  21. test

  22. Buff revs and the weapons

    Craw's bow etc will be released next update and will be drops from revs in the rev cave.
  23. Lottery "warning"

    Nice idea
  24. Prayer

    Meant to change this a while ago, I'll do it now.
  25. Happy New Years 2019!

    Hope that 2019 is a prosperous year for everyone.
  26. Easy change to make presets easier to use.

    You could always just hold down '1' when you select it, less clicking that way.
  27. Corrupt mods?

    Just for the record, he's a server support, not a mod.
  28. Recording software / Editing software

    No idea if this still works but try it:
  29. Loot Values?

    I'm a bit confused as to what you mean, because the total value in the chatbox & the ground item overlay value is exactly the amount you get when selling to the shop?.. 5 Blue dragonhides: 25 x 5 = 125 4 Dragon bones: 28 x 4 = 112 Meaning the total value is 125 + 112 which is 237. The original value that was displayed. Unless of course you want the prices raised, in which case I'm even more confused as to why you went into detail with each bit of your post