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  1. Corrupt mods?

    Just for the record, he's a server support, not a mod.
  2. Wrath of the gods (concept)

    I like your ideas, certain aspects would need to be thought through however. These would consist of: How often would they spawn and which exact locations in the wilderness Would they be in multi-combat or single areas What would the drops be? How would it be balanced If you wanted to put more ideas forward, the concept is great.
  3. Recording software / Editing software

    No idea if this still works but try it:
  4. Loot Values?

    I'm a bit confused as to what you mean, because the total value in the chatbox & the ground item overlay value is exactly the amount you get when selling to the shop?.. 5 Blue dragonhides: 25 x 5 = 125 4 Dragon bones: 28 x 4 = 112 Meaning the total value is 125 + 112 which is 237. The original value that was displayed. Unless of course you want the prices raised, in which case I'm even more confused as to why you went into detail with each bit of your post
  5. Tournament system revamp: We want your thoughts! Hello all, I'm sure most of you will have experienced taking part in a tournament on Dawntained at least once. The current design has been around since April 2017, not long after the release of the server. Just a bit of trivia / nostalgia for anyone that has been with us since the start, some of you may remember that the original location for tournaments was an instanced map of Varrock, however this was changed to the new location of clan wars around the 20th April 2017. The proposal We feel that its time to give tournaments a new lease of life, and what better way to gather ideas together than ask you, the players! If there is anything about the current system that you feel could be improved, or you would like to see changes to certain aspects such as specific equipment setups or locations, then please let us know. We have access to creating custom maps too if that is something that would be wanted. Please feel free to share your thoughts and reply with your ideas! - Owain
  6. Donator Zone - Community Designed

    Soon my brothers, soon.
  7. Hey

    Apparently people can't read the date this thread was created. Locked.
  8. Delay help

    Probably your internet, I'll add an overlay to show ping to the server so it's easier to visually see the delay between the server and your client.
  9. ::autoskull

    Not really sure why this would be needed, it doesn't take two seconds to type out ::skull or ::redskull when required.
  10. Wilderness rules

    Here at Dawntained, we only have a few guidelines to follow when you are engaging in PvP combat. NO RAGGING. What is ragging? We define ragging as repeated or consistent harassment towards another player in a PvP environment. This might mean using overhead protection prayers and barraging/ranging their opponent repeatedly just to stop them from PKing. This also means no constant safe to 99's as you attempt to rush someone you have to give the player the chance to "kill you" as well does not mean unload your specs and safe to full every hit they get on you, also a form of ragging. With regards to rushing, there's a fine line between rushing and harassment (ragging). Banter before and after the fight is fine, but if someone's getting too annoyed/offended then it needs to stop. Please note that staff decisions are final, and staff will say whether the situation is classed as ragging or not. Every situation is different and will be treated very seriously by staff. For risk fights we ask that you show each other inventories before hand and each player have a clear indication as to what they are risking, and what the other player is risking as well. Communication is key. If players decide to just fight and assume they're getting the items they think they are, there's not much we can do to either get your items back, or get you the items you thought you were getting. If you attempt to alter your inventory or change the risk mid fight/ right before the fight starts, we will consider that scamming and you will be punished accordingly. Make sure that you both check your risks with ::risk before fighting. As for the clans who pk @::revs bolt ragging under any circumstance is not allowed you are to bring a mage switch and tbs do not count as a mage switch unless you are doing a fall in. If you try to manipulate these rules you will be punished and every decision is final. - Ragging is not allowed. This includes far-casting and using protecting prayers. (Not allowing an opponent to get an actual chance to kill you is unfair). As well as not allowing someone to enter the wilderness and harassing them this way, There is to be no bolt venging at revs (using rag range with a crossbow / vengeance). -Rushing with overheads prayers. Rushing has been a major thing recently with players constantly doing it as well as reporting it. We understand that the wilderness is there and players can risk what they wish however if you rush someone with overhead protection it's a major unfair advantage for the opponent to even have a chance to kill you, therefore it is not allowed. - Spec teleporting and spec running is not allowed You can rush normally with smite etc, just not protection prayers. Teleporting after using a special attack is not allowed in Edgeville wild, and in Edge PvP. Anywhere else in the Wilderness is allowed. Punishment: Wilderness ban, the length is dependant on the severity of the situation.
  11. mods abusing powers

    ip is gl OT: locked.
  12. YT rank renewal Doobla

    Enjoy. (:
  13. BGS doesn't drain defence in PVP

    Next time, test something works before making a suggestion that it gets fixed.
  14. omegaLUL Gambler Update

    There is no pattern. It's simply a random outcome based on the 45% win chance the player has. Nearly everything in RS is rng based, this being one of them. The value of the gamble or the type of items that are bet have no effect whatsoever on the outcome. Like with any gambling, of course you'll get people that believe they've found a trend or a pattern, but this just isn't the case. It's fine for you to see that a player wins 1000 torture amulets and think "oh no, the economy is ruined", but what you don't see is how many times players have lost, the amount of wealth that has left the game and is helping the economy. Of course, we don't want to disclose this information but you can be assured that this update was one of the best balancing updates we've done.
  15. Is Ranged Bugged?

    Hello, Thank you for taking your time to write this thread. I'd like to clear a couple of things up for you. Your max hit can be tested at the donator zone via the combat dummy, if you're ever curious about what you'd max with your current gear setup. You could also use a calculator such as this one: https://oldschool.tools/calculators/ranged-max-hit Furthermore, your accuracy will obviously be dependant on your opponent's defence level, and rng is a big part of how frequently you hit high. Our formulas replicate that of OSRS, so damage dealt will be exactly the same on here.
  16. Ash Pw`s Donator Rank

  17. Forums Donator Rank

    Given. Enjoy!
  18. Forums Rank

  19. What you can't see (but we can) is the amount of wealth that's already left the game because of this. MGT is able to track everything, and I can tell you that a fairly substantial amount of blood money has been taken out of the game, just in the few hours that this has been active.
  20. ty admin mika next time, don't impersonate a member of staff by saying you'll mute them though.
  21. Looting Bag

    We'll be changing how the looting bag works to replicate OSRS'.
  22. boring revs spec tabbing

    Or utilise teleblock, Jagex created it for a reason
  23. Help me? tiny client

    We're currently working on this issue.
  24. Risk fights

    What's the need, as long as you check the amount that your opponent is risking, and make sure they used the redskull command before fighting then you can just do it in edge.
  25. Durryfein18 Yt Rank

    Given. Enjoy!
  26. Funny how all of the accounts that we banned had similar crafting levels and kraken killcount, and no other progress. Rest in rip.
  27. Slayer room

    Are you referring to a boss task? I'm confused.
  28. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    nice im famous
  29. A better server for PKers

    Hi, thanks for your suggestions. Here are my thoughts: 1:) Blood money is and will stay as our main currency. There's already enough perks to gaining more than the base amount whilst, such as depending on your donator rank & killstreak. I don't really see the need for a separate 'currency' if I'm honest. 2:) I'll talk to MGT about this, but for the higher tiers especially I don't see why not. We just need to make sure it's balanced and not too overpowered that people end up farming blood money off it though. 3:) The idea behind this was a PvP version of a slayer task. With slayer, you don't choose your task, you're assigned it at random. I'd prefer to keep it that way with the PvP tasks, as it keeps it more entertaining.