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  1. wildy slayer ep.1

  2. ty for making content dad
  3. another cws vid/youtube rank?

    you can apply for youtube rank in support section, follow the format and meet the reqs

    old pics
  5. Why i should be unmuted for good

  6. Beat my RNG.

    damn keep grinding fam
  7. Max Stats

    cape is sick, totally worth it, make sure to vote and lamp

    lol bye
  9. Raids.

    server is currently dead because we don't advertise 1 penny right now. this will start again when all the updates are gone. If you wanna see all the updates go to the update section.
  10. Raids.

    we had a lot of big updates the last few months, when advertising starts again you will see a lot of pkers sir. MGT wants all the updates done first so we are better than other pking servers sir. Just wait sir. Raids is not prioritized sir. When we advertise again, there will be 1% pvmers sir. Have a good day sir.
  11. Raids.

    we're a pking server, so pvm is not prioritized
  12. collection log rev cave's

    that's lucky af
  13. Staff

    what broy said lol

  15. Broken mage 2 + infernal capes

  16. ?

  17. 1time

  18. Farewell nibbas

    later cunt
  19. Mass unban

    time to login boys
  20. Suggestions before the mass-unban

    suggest the rest to mgt plox
  21. massunban date?

    let's hope soon boys
  22. \o

    welcome, enjoy the server!
  23. Next update?

    He first said, end of october but few days ago he said now is not the time, let's hope it's soon
  24. Hows everyone been?

    sup g
  25. 10 min gfx

    Main text: Hat Sub text (if you want obviously):Moderator Images (link me pngs if u have specific ones):not rlly specific theme u want the image to lean towards (halloween, x-mas...):dragonballz if you can do better than I alrdy have, plz go ahead
  26. pogchamp

    Just making this clear: we are not putting anything in marketing right now till all the updates we want finished are done. This is scheduled to be end of october. After that, mgt will start marketing again end the playerbase will return as it used to be. If you guys would read updates, I wouldn't have to type this information. Thanks.