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  1. 10 min gfx

    Main text: Hat Sub text (if you want obviously):Moderator Images (link me pngs if u have specific ones):not rlly specific theme u want the image to lean towards (halloween, x-mas...):dragonballz if you can do better than I alrdy have, plz go ahead
  2. pogchamp

    Just making this clear: we are not putting anything in marketing right now till all the updates we want finished are done. This is scheduled to be end of october. After that, mgt will start marketing again end the playerbase will return as it used to be. If you guys would read updates, I wouldn't have to type this information. Thanks.
  3. The way the owner handles things:

    unlocked ur last thread, and tagged mgt with ur earlier thread that you alrdy made one with the right format. Sorry for the inconvenience, he probably didn't scroll down.
  4. Re-Introduction

    YOOOO, come back to staff G
  5. I'm back - SIKE

    show me ur tiny lil' dick
  6. Adding ornate gmaul handle to BM shop.

    Like a grand exchange
  7. Adding ornate gmaul handle to BM shop.

    once trading post is here, it will be ez, but for now shitty pking
  8. Hi

    welcome bruv
  9. Wow..

    mass unban end of october
  10. Instances

    been suggested to mgt, thanks
  11. Dragon cbow, Zammy hasta + wildy slayer

    good suggestion, will suggest it
  12. Ouchie

  13. Wilderness Slayer Guide

    very nice guide
  14. Dragon cbow, Zammy hasta + wildy slayer

    goodideas m8! @MGT Madness
  15. Look back at it < What do you think?

    i really like the song
  16. Weird Statistics

  17. cya

  18. Danieltatis - A new Clan

  19. Coming back

    wb m8
  20. Wondering ( question )

    no gfx boys here rn