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  1. Stop Lottery Sniping

  2. yaaah yeet

    whats the song of the first song? Nice vid!
  3. Corp pet

    sick dude!
  4. donor zones

    it's alrdy coded ages ago by @Owain to my knowledge. Just never implemented. No idea why tho
  5. New Casket Loot

    so how much did you lose
  6. #Alpaca

    get rektermen
  7. #Alpaca

  8. somethang for yall

    not bad, for next vid: play in fixed mode, get a better recorder, render ur video in 720p or 1080p and make sure it matches youtube. so no borders when viewing fullscreen. With all this its much more enjoyable to watch
  9. #Alpaca

  10. #Alpaca

    le me likey likey too broddermen, keeper upper the poster xx hattermen lovermen
  11. Update postponed to Wednesday 17th

    will be tomorrow :'(
  12. clue scroll item sale

  13. w e s t side cc

    hahahaha nice one
  14. clue scroll item sale

    i can sell u scythe pm me
  15. w e s t side cc

    are u high all the time or whut
  16. Update postponed to Wednesday 17th

    oh damn tomorrow is gonna be huge!
  17. clue scroll item sale

    hm for the black case
  18. PID Rework Suggestions

    What are your biggest dislikes towards the PID system?: nothing against PID but it just feels off on DT. MGT says it's completely the same as osrs but I tested it on both and it feels so much different on DT. What do you think are the main differences between DT's PID system and RS07's PID system?: The one who has PID, his hitsplats show way too early imo. Even before the animation which is ridiculous. What do you think should be changed to the PID system in order to improve it? (not including the removal of PID): see above. After a few weeks I got pretty used to it tho and I can properly pk with it now now. But if we get change I will like that more
  19. I am married and got a daughter

  20. You make the best videos of Dawntained right now. I really enjoy watching them! Also nice of you giving away to the players!
  21. try to kill ppl with the most shitty weapons ingame
  22. Tackling Real World Trading

    thanks for making this @Mlh
  23. Reason server wont grow

    new events coming!
  24. wild unban pls

    pm me on discord
  25. #1 streamer

    15m, pm a mod on discord