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  1. You post count noobs

    It's what I do @Techno
  2. You post count noobs

    Too bad posts in this board don't add up to your post count L O L noob Austin..
  3. Yeah i'd like to know why the fuck you banned me?

    kinda feel like you're abusing your Staff a bit to be honest. Definitely will be talking to mgt about this man.

    And I really enjoyed talking on discord with you both but I still don't understand the reason I was banned for and earlier I donated 20$ And before 35$ and i'm going to be treated like this? little funny if you ask me. i'm not mad I just want to know the reason, & like I said I will be speaking to MGT.... -C4sper 

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    2. Yes Im Zerk

      Yes Im Zerk

      You got ipbanned for advertising another server.

    3. C4sper


      I most definelty had nothing to do with 2girls1cup buddy , Check the ip Addresses, My ip Ban wasn't justified. I'm C4sper/No limit & The ghost , I don't even know who 2girls1cup is & why would I advertise for another server especially on a server I enjoy playing? That was a totally different person Mate.


    4. Yes Im Zerk

      Yes Im Zerk

      I doubt that, Mgt is the one that banned you.

  4. can you message me via discord #0622 or in game thank you, 

    kind regards Mc bob


  5. Cant Donate Via Paypal

    Seems to be an issue with MGT's Paypal, just notified him.
  6. Donor

  7. Joint Regular Donor

  8. Dawntained PK Video 1

    Sick video m8
  9. Youtube Rank requirements

    Youtube Rank rewards: Your in-game rank will be a Red Youtuber icon which lasts for 7 days and is automatically removed by the server. When your rank has expired or has nearly expired, you may upload another video and apply for the rank to receive renew the rank and receive the rewards again! 150k blood money is added to your account. Access to ::yell command Notes: Players that use Twitch.tv and other streaming platforms to showcase Dawntained do not qualify for the Youtuber rank. Requirements: Must have a minimum length of 3 minutes. Must have "https://dawntained.com/" in the video description, left clickable by the viewers. Must have "Dawntained" in the title. Must be minimum 20 FPS recording Minimum 720p Quality The Video must not have white/black borders at the side when viewing it in full screen. Must not show the Top borders of the Dawntained Client where it shows the Dawntained Logo. Needs to be an exciting video that will attract new players to play the game. You do not need any subscribers to qualify. Content ideas for the video: Pking Pvming guide/loot video Skilling guide Money making guide Pking guide Gambling Staking How to apply for Youtube rank? To request Youtube rank, please create a topic with the link to your video on here http://dawntained.com/forum/forum/31-request-a-rank/ A final judgement will be made by a staff member and you will be approved if you meet the requirements. Videos that are made very poorly with lack of effort in the content provided, and have misleading, offensive, and unrelated titles will be immediately rejected. Here is an example of a video that passed all the requirements.
  10. Donater Rank