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  1. Hello , looking for a sugar daddy

    very conflicting

    If you're playing on a laptop, assuming the screen resolution is 1920x1080, it will be small. It has nothing to do with the client. The client size is normal. You're just used to the client being gigantic on your screen because of the screen resolution of your previous computer, or laptop. I have that same issue with literally any RSPS client and to this day it's still annoying, but you're gonna have to deal with it if you don't wanna sacrifice that crisp 1080+ experience.
  3. Varrock PVP

    But then it wouldn't be as active as you'd want it to be. Considering how many PK spots there are, with only two or three at most that are active (baseless assumption), that would just be another dead spot. Sure it saves MGT time for the future when more players arrive since he'd already have it in the game, while I'm not exactly against the idea, right now I don't really think it's necessary.
  4. IP BAN ME

    very nice
  5. You post count noobs

    It's what I do @Techno
  6. You post count noobs

    Too bad posts in this board don't add up to your post count L O L noob Austin..
  7. Yeah i'd like to know why the fuck you banned me?

    kinda feel like you're abusing your Staff a bit to be honest. Definitely will be talking to mgt about this man.

    And I really enjoyed talking on discord with you both but I still don't understand the reason I was banned for and earlier I donated 20$ And before 35$ and i'm going to be treated like this? little funny if you ask me. i'm not mad I just want to know the reason, & like I said I will be speaking to MGT.... -C4sper 

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    2. Yes Im Zerk

      Yes Im Zerk

      You got ipbanned for advertising another server.

    3. C4sper


      I most definelty had nothing to do with 2girls1cup buddy , Check the ip Addresses, My ip Ban wasn't justified. I'm C4sper/No limit & The ghost , I don't even know who 2girls1cup is & why would I advertise for another server especially on a server I enjoy playing? That was a totally different person Mate.


    4. Yes Im Zerk

      Yes Im Zerk

      I doubt that, Mgt is the one that banned you.

  8. can you message me via discord #0622 or in game thank you, 

    kind regards Mc bob


  9. Cant Donate Via Paypal

    Seems to be an issue with MGT's Paypal, just notified him.
  10. Dawntained PK Video 1

    Sick video m8
  11. Youtube Rank requirements

    Youtube Rank rewards: Your in-game rank will be a Red Youtuber icon which lasts for 7 days and is automatically removed by the server. When your rank has expired or has nearly expired, you may upload another video and apply for the rank to receive renew the rank and receive the rewards again! 150k blood money is added to your account. Access to ::yell command Notes: Players that use Twitch.tv and other streaming platforms to showcase Dawntained do qualify for the Youtube rank if they get 30+ views or more and have a clickable link to Dawntained in their description. Requirements: Must have a minimum length of 3 minutes. Must have "https://dawntained.com/" in the video description, left clickable by the viewers. Must have "Dawntained" in the title. Must be minimum 20 FPS recording Minimum 720p Quality The Video must not have white/black borders at the side when viewing it in full screen. Must not show the Top borders of the Dawntained Client where it shows the Dawntained Logo. 'Bandicam' text or any other video recorder watermark is not allowed, download Hypercam2 to fix this. http://www.hyperionics.com/hc2/ Or use Camtasia https://www.dawntained.com/forum/topic/358-recording-tutorial-camtasia/ Needs to be an exciting video that will attract new players to play the game. You do not need any subscribers or views to qualify. Content ideas for the video: Pking Pvming guide/loot video Skilling guide Money making guide Gambling Staking Server showcase How to apply for Youtube rank? To request Youtube rank, please create a topic with the link to your video on here https://www.dawntained.com/forum/forum/42-submit-a-request/ A final judgement will be made by a staff member and you will be approved if you meet the requirements. Videos that are made very poorly with lack of effort in the content provided, and have misleading, offensive, and unrelated titles will be immediately rejected. Here is an example of a video that passed all the requirements.
  12. Final Final Beta Test!

  13. Hello

    Welcome fam.
  14. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ WEW ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

    I do not know why, but my Dawntained account is banned, I want to go back to playing and I have 650 million gold in Runescape 3 to invest here in the dawntained. Please, remove the ban from my account and we will negotiate.


    1. novo br pk

      novo br pk




      I do not know why, but my Dawntained account is banned, I want to go back to playing and I have 650 million gold in Runescape 3 to invest here in the dawntained. Please, remove the ban from my account and we will negotiate.

    2. novo br pk

      novo br pk


      • I do not know why, but my Dawntained account is banned, I want to go back to playing and I have 650 million gold in Runescape 3 to invest here in the dawntained. Please, remove the ban from my account and we will negotiate.

  17. Pvp Tasks buff & Tonnes more 07-05-2017

    Great work m8
  18. ::bank command

    The issue is fairly obvious in case you aren't aware there is such a thing as having an unfair advantage over other players. The amount of money you spend shouldn't reflect how much power you have over everyone else. People are mixing up the purpose of donation. Donating is to help the server, by optionally investing some of your wealth for the cause, and in return you will be given items as a thanks with a side of perks. Donating does not imply you will have everything your way, and to say something as ignorant as "only reason I haven't donated" for something so redundant speaks for itself. When making a suggestion you have to exclude your own benefit from it and think about how it could affect others. For example, if this were to be implemented it is obvious it will not work in the wilderness. But safe bosses exist, and so does skilling. Did you know donator tokens in game are tradeable? Anyone can get them. All I see from this is legendary donators camping safe bosses and never having to teleport out to bank, and same with skilling. I understand the server majorly revolves around pking and that is undoubtedly the main reason why people are playing, but there are many ways to gain wealth not involving the wilderness and this will make the economy go haywire along with making non-donator players feeling lesser. You'd be surprised how many people are willing to spend a certain amount of money for something they want. As much help as that would be for us, it is not the way to have it. You already get blood money from donating, that alone should suffice considering how long it would take to get it otherwise if you aren't relying on gambling and praying on RNG. That's like saying "Hey, I donated $2,000 I deserve a staff position". Please stop thinking of the "price" of a donator rank and instead be satisfied with the amount you've contributed and what that money has been used for. A donator rank is meant to represent how much you have helped. I feel like I shouldn't have given such an in depth explanation to the general problem of this.
  19. Lucky or naww

    Nice ????
  20. [April] Staff Feedback

    You'll have to excuse MGT for that, I vaguely explained to him what the support rank was meant to be while I had it implemented which lead to this entire farce. They are part of the staff team, however, they have no power themselves over regular players. Just throwing that out there because a lot of people in game seem to be confused about what their position is and what they're meant to do. For any issues they can't solve on their own due to limitations in power, they are to report to a higher ranking staff member and it will be resolved depending on the situation and a lot of other factors.
  21. Anti-scam updates & more 29-04-2017

    Woo! No more high risk scams ! Gj team with everything
  22. Revenants buff 28-04-2017 Updates

    Revs will definitely have more PK/PVM activity now. Great job
  23. I can't help but feel like there's something off about them, so I'll let you guys give your opinions on them. If your opinions aren't anywhere in the poll, you can state your own opinion.
  24. Flee's Introduction

    Welcome, we hope you enjoy your stay
  25. Dagannoths, Automatic Tournaments 24-04-2017

    DAWNTAINED PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Kreygasm Kreygasm