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  1. Easter event and 40% bonus donation rewards will be released on the 23rd of April along with the unreleased updates! Log-in screen information Messages sent on the log-in screen is now more clearer and helpful links have been added. Clue casket expansion Purchase the new clue casket from Party Pete at ::shops It contains 5 new 3rd age items! Changes Hunter xp rate increased by 15%. Bug fixes Doors will no longer appear as closed when opened. Entrana gate fixed to access Master farmer. Heavy Ballista damage. Custom items Armadyl godsword, Cyan hilt and pink blade for G 9 Toxic staff of the dead, white green dark purple and gold for Gramatik. Updates in progress We just need a few more days to improve these features and fix all the bugs we found and all these updates will be released next week, just in time for Easter. We have also given Moderators access to a test server where they are testing automated gambling and are giving feedback on it. Owain's Easter Event Jonny's Hp Event Jonny's Well of Goodwill Zack's 2FA and Email Recovery Zack's Loyalty Rewards Zack's rotating Pvp zones Jason is working on Global wilderness event. Please Vote for blood money every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players! The updates have been worked on hard by Jonny, Optimum, Jason, MGT Madness & Owain.
  2. If we release today, only 1 out of the big updates will be released, but if we are given more time today, we can release the following tomorrow. - Hp Event - Loyalty - 2FA and email recovery - Rotating Pvp Zones, where EdgePvp changes to a different location, daily. (This is not Global Wilderness that Jason is working on) Thank you for understanding!
  3. I am married and got a daughter

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  4. Well of Goodwill Jonny is currently working on Well of Goodwill, however, the entire team is unsure as to what bonus the Well of Goodwill should give. The goal is to sink blood money from the economy in order to balance the flow of blood money. At the moment, the plan is, a player can add any amount to the Well and once it reaches 3 million blood money, it will trigger an event where all players benefit from it. The current idea is a random drop party at a safe location or all pk drop bonuses become 5x more for x hours. If the benefit makes you gain wealth, i will make sure that if the amount required is lets say 3m blood money, then a limit of 70% of it will be returned to the economy and once that is reached, the event will force turn off. Suggest below ideas you have to make this feature better.
  5. After 9 years of masterbating almost daily, i have decided to stop since January and i am currently on 103 days no fap and am proud of it! Working on getting a real gf! How many minutes or days have you not fapped for until now?
  6. Finally back

  7. Many broadcast messages removed to reduce unwanted spam. A detailed log has been added for players who get stuck in the wilderness, so when it does happen again, i will be able to fix it permanently. Another detailed log has been added for trading, where a player gives another player items, but these items vanish into thin air Development blog Optimum has been working on the Loyalty Reward system: Jonny has completed the Hp Event system, it just needs testing from me and will be released next Tuesday if all goes well. Jason has completed automatic client deployment, which means Jason and I can release client updates with a few easy clicks so the players. He will begin to start working on Global Wilderness Event, where a specific location, such as Bandos GWD turns into a Pvp Zone and becomes a hotspot to make money and pk other players. Vote for blood money every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players! The bug fixes were implemented by MGT Madness, Jonny, Optimum, Jason, & Owain.
  8. Doubler Clarification

    But technically, its 40 percent to double and 3 percent to triple (iirc) So on average its a 45 percent chance to double your item.
  9. Dagganoth Rex Pet

  10. Time to say hello

    Nice to see you here
  11. what is ur job ?

    CEO of dawntained
  12. Who needs $70 anyway? Pfft.

    Lmaooo Sorry
  13. Welcome to Dawntained's April update, where we are focusing on bringing Dawntained back to the #1 Spot as a Pk Server. Every tuesday, we will release an update thread. So the first week will be bug fixes + development blog and the second week will be content update + development blog + bug fixes, we will keep repeating this format to fill up the entire month. We will have the best features out of every Pk server out there. As of 1st of April 2019, Dawntained has been online for 2 years without an Economy reset! I've been through alot of struggles for Dawntained and met many great people online and in real life. Dawntained has changed my life. Anyways i'm keeping this short because we have a server to work on!. Broadcasts All important automatic and manual events will be broadcasted above your chatbox. You can right click to open the URL or Clear the broadcasts. This update brings more awareness to the active events. Bugs fixed: Chinchompa attack speed corrected from 5 ticks to 4 ticks. The command 'recoverpassword' has been fixed. Guards of Edgeville jail no longer escape the Jail, so players do not miss click on them to steal and then are unable to use presets for 2 minutes. You can no longer ::xteletome players who are duel banned into the Dice zone. Dropdown menu now saves on client restart. Combination runes now light up Surge spells. Other: Ancient magicks Ice spells now have increased 10% accuracy if using Zuriel's staff. Ancient magicks Smoke spells now cast poison at a roughly 10% chance. Custom Item Updates Ferocious gloves, white and light blue like ice gloves for Eagl3wings Ferocious gloves, white with a bit of pink for K R O K E T Avernic Defender, Pink rod and white wings for K R O K E T Updates in progress Jonny, Hp event rewards choosing: Jason is working on automated deployment, so the client and server can be released to the players within a minute instead of 10 minutes of manual work that i've been doing for the past 2 years. Optimum is working on Loyalty rewards and 2FA/Email recovery Future Updates Global Wilderness (Jason) A suggestion was approved last week that will allow for a new exciting player-killing feature, read more about it here. Please Vote for blood money every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players! The updates have been worked on hard by Jonny, Optimum, Jason, MGT Madness & Owain.
  14. may god bless u all

  15. New PVP weapons

    yeah ill sell them for 500$ each
  16. 😢 Revive Dawntained 💖

  17. Welp this happened today

    rollback loc
  18. Yellow Skull

    Wait, you're saying the kill streak skulls override the yellow skull you get from pcking up a key??
  19. Hello Dawntainededers, Today, we are going to talk about the events a Community Manager can host. Rewards will be Blood money/Osrs gp. Remember, we are a Pk server, so most of the events will be Pking orientated, what we need is more event ideas. Community Manager Event Interface: For every type of event a CM can host, a different interface will be created for the CM so they can set it up themselves without the need of an Administrator. For example a popular one is Hp Event, where you kill the CM who has 10k hitpoints and you get a drop. The CM will have the ability to set his hitpoints and configure the drops he will drop and along with the amount of top damage dealers that will receive the loot. Once the interface and abilities is created for the Hp event, we will release it into the game and our CM can start using it. 1 Million Osrs token A new item that will be released is '1 Million Osrs Token', the CM will be able to configure this as a reward for events, so if you get 100 of these Osrs tokens, then you can click on it and it will give you an option to notify an Administrator. Then you give the Administrator the 100 tokens in-game and in return you get 100m Osrs gp on Osrs. Current event ideas Pvp tournament event, where the CM can use duel arena rules and many other custom rules to make it different and fun. It will be a round based tournament just like our current tournament system. Drop party room (the real falador one) Hide and seek First to get x pet from Pvming First to get x rare drop First to get x pet from Skilling We need more event ideas to make Dawntained active We want to increase activity in: Single clans Multi-clans Forum activity Players creating Youtube videos Players joining Dawntained discord Players following Dawntained facebook Go ahead and post your suggestions below! Thanks for reading, Mgt Madness
  20. Official - The Global Wilderness Event

    For sure we will teleport players in danger zone to the nearest bank and then we will freeze their movement for 10 seconds, just to be sure they are 100% safe and not miss clicking into the new danger zone. All that i've mentioned will be triggered 5 minutes before the event happens for example.
  21. Dawntained Revival

    We all know Dawntained has many issues. Management wise and the game experience itself, i am writing this thread to inform the players of the changes that are coming which will bring us back to 400+ players. Why was Dawntained successful? I had a mindset of getting Dawntained to be the most populated Osrs Pk Server and i accomplished that by innovating in the marketing scene and releasing unique updates which gave Dawntained a completely different Pvp server experience that got players hooked on. Then when i claimed the crown in December 2017, i got more laid back while i was King and put less effort into Dawntained. The player base slowly decreased and then i got kicked off my throne in January 2019. A large reason this occurred was because other Pk Servers were also doing their best to be a better alternative to Dawntained. What will i do to make Dawntained #1 again? Frequent updates: Deployment Master, Jason will take this role while also being a full time developer, his responsibilities are: Always deploy bug fixes at the end of the day to live server. For this to be easy, Jason will be adding a feature that allows him to update the live client and server within a few seconds instead of 5 minutes of manual work which i usually do. Announce the first set of bug fixes after the first week on a Friday. Release a content packed update on the second week on a Wednesday. Community Manager: Head Moderator will be renamed to Community Manager and they will be given another set of responsibilities: Announce rule changes. Announce weekly staff changes. Host events to boost activity In-game, Forums, Discord, Facebook & Youtube. Prizes will be given out such as in-game items and Osrs gp. A Community Manager interface will be created so they can easily set-up and host events that players will not be able to grief. #1 Content packed Pk server: These are the guidelines i'll use: Check out what features the rival Osrs Pk Servers have and implement better versions of it. Improve existing features on Dawntained. Innovate and create new unique content. Add all the missing items from Osrs. Go through all player suggestions and prioritize the most impactful suggestions. Improving player support: Another issue we have is slow Administrator replies for when players can only resolve their issue through an Administrator. For cases such as a lost account. What we will do about it: Give Moderators and Community manager more powers to help players. The Administrator needs to do his job every morning. 2FA, Email recovery and a better ::recoverpass system. Getting brand new players: I will increase the investments i put into Marketing. Research and find new places to market Dawntained on. All the changes listed above are being introduced as fast humanly possible to Dawntained and will be maintained properly. If you have anymore guidelines to improve Dawntained, do let me know by posting below!
  22. Bug fixes 22-03-2019

    Welcome to another set of bug fixes, keeping Dawntained's gameplay enjoyable. Below are the list of bug fixes in the last 7 days. Buying x from a shop while searching fixed. Fixed ranking to a donator rank as a support. Quick set-up now gives you a message if you try to use it in the wild. Autocast not working properly. Autocasting then casting a spell does not work. You no longer lose items if you xlog while in stake screen. (no refunds can be given due to no logs) Pets no longer give +50k price check to your bank. Youtube yelltag corrected to Youtuber. Server crash related to Npcs fixed. Vesta's Longsword, white and black for perserve Armadyl Godsword, dark red and white for Frederik Ferocious Gloves, dark red and white for Frederik Elder maul, Cyan and a bit of pink for Genie Jafar Serpent helm variants now match the strength bonus of the original. from +3 to +5. Chairs will no longer be left bugged out. Exiting the resting position will now look smoother. Vote for blood money every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players! The bug fixes were implemented by MGT Madness, Jonny, Optimum, Jason, & Owain.
  23. Allow these items to be noted

  24. Bug fixes 15-03-2019

    Below are the list of bug fixes in the last 10 days. From today onwards, we will post a compilation of bug fixes every Friday. Which will make players more aware that the server is being fixed constantly and it will force the development team to push out fixes in preparation for the Friday thread Settings tab fixes. Client crash. Left click npc and players is now set to default. Max capes now have requirements to wear. Wearing hunter items fix. Fire surge now works with Tome of fire. Karil's set effect with amulet of the damned corrected. You can no longer sell pets. Clan chat settings now show up. Vorkath's head can now be used to create a slayer helm. Missing bank icon added at Edge pure area. Scrolling issues. Invisible players fixed. Server crash. Hunter area extended more north to lay traps. Magic and ranged hitsplat delay with pid is no longer instant. Looting jars from hunter disabled until we balance them. Vorkath's head is now untradeable. Pathing to objects fixed. No-clipping at ::pvp. Amulet of eternal glory stats added. Profile skilling tab corrected. ::Rank command for head mods now supports 'mod' and 'sup'. ::Xteletome for Moderators would show an incorrect message. Bots now eat. Bank searching and using placeholders with it fixed. Opening npc drop table will now reset the scroll length. Lagg spikes fixed. Unable to access profile through highscores fixed. Cutting gems now requires a chisel. Custom avernic defender requirement added. Blowpipe bonuses fixed. Moving after setting a hunter trap is now more smoother. Zuriel's staff buffed to beat Tsotd. Statius's warhammer buffed to beat Dragon warhammer. Completionist cape reduced to 1k bm buy-back. Abyssal bludgeon special attack animation corrected. Chinchompa damage bug fixed. Wrath runes now can enter rune pouch. Wilderness gates and doors clipping fixed. Issues with 1 hunter being shown. Players opening jail doors disabled. Following not working correctly when a door has been opened/closed. Right click menu exiting screen on resizable. EDIT: Bug fixes will be rolled out daily, but only announced every Friday. lease Vote for blood money every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players! The bug fixes were implemented by MGT Madness, Jonny, Optimum, Jason, & Owain.