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  1. CONTENT UPDATE 3.2 We are now going to have weekly updates! We have noticed a slight increase in the playerbase, possibly due to the amount of updates we are releasing. For October, we are aiming to complete the new website, trading post and improved game networking. Help System So this Help interface was released last week, but i forgot to add it in the thread. Access it through the Panels category on the Quest tab. Type in your question and the server will try its best to give you an answer. If you click submit while an answer is available, it will warn you. NEITIZNOT FACEGUARD This item is the best in slot for helmets in terms of strength bonus. It has been added to the Bounty Hunter shop for 3 million points. COLLECTION LOG A collection log has been added to view all your items that you have obtained. It's a really good piece of content to motivate players to fill up their collection log. Access the interface through the Quest tab, then click on the panels category. MINI-ME PET This pet has only been available to Omega Donators, but we only had 2 of them, Pontus and Thuggahh. So to make this pet more used and available, we have decided to add it to the Donator shop for 9,000 Donator tokens. MONKEY GREE-GREE The gree-gree has returned. We have added it to the Donator shop for 350 tokens. You can change yourself into 8 different types of monkeys. The Michigan Effect We got a report last week on a player saying he was barraged by an invisible players, hours later, our developer and head mod figured out that Michigan989 was in max mage, attacking players while being invisible (using the spectate feature). This bug has now been fixed and we have also added a log for everytime a Moderator spectates a player. The spectate feature is used to find spec tabbers in the wild and other rule breakers. Michigan abused this bug and ended up being demoted The news spread like wildfire and players wanted to hold a gathering for the event. So a player created a leaflet to advertise the gathering. Many hours later, players actually showed up. BUGS DELETED Lava dragon pet drop not working. Vorkath zombified phase now counts as udnead. Clan chat message player not working. Notification bug where it would show duplicate and empty. Charged revenant weapons going to buy-back shop. You would lose revenant charges if you died without the item. Eek pet now summons correctly. Charged revenant weapons could be noted and nulled. Moderators would get a target while spectating. Moving water toggling setting. Crystal weapons wield option missing MINOR ADDITIONS Many npcs in the wilderness were being killed and not counted towards the task, we have now fixed them. The list includes Ankous Demons Green dragons Hellhounds Ice giants Creating bolts, such as Ruby bolts, dragonstone bolts etc.. now give blood money! CHANGES Rare drops from npcs are no longer broadcasted Skotizo "north of lava dragons" text changed to "north west of chinchompa hill". Clan chat invalid thread url typo corrected. Cape stand interface text no longer goes outside the box. All revenant shortcuts now require an agility level to use. This will complicate things in the wilderness, along with making it more exciting. Use Xp lamps to level up your agility. Magebank stairs crevice now also requires an agility level to use. Daily boss and Boss event pvm drop chance multiplier no longer stacks. Too overpowered! All vote shop items are now kept on death for Pure pking fashion scape! Attack level increased in F2p tournaments to counter players camping ranged. Elysian spirit shield not working above 20 wild has been removed and instead it now has a 35% chance of working above 30 wild instead of 70% chance. This update is to still give Ely the best tanking usage while also still making the player much more killable. Dragon hunter lance animation corrected. Ring of suffering (i) bonuses have been corrected. STAFF CHANGES 23-09-2019 to 29-09-2019 Powerofnegs has been promoted from Support to Moderator. Michigan989 has been demoted from Moderator to Player. OCTOBER UPDATE PROGRESS Trading Post So far the trading post will need around 3 weeks to be completed, we have finished the sketches. Website So the ultimate website plan we have will take a really long time, the website i am aiming for is one that rivals the top MMORPGS in the market. In order to get the website released to the players quickly, we are going to instead released a functional website that is better than what we have, this october. Then in the following months, we will be doing many updates to make it look visually better and give it more features. We will be posting our website previews on our social media. BEHIND THE SCENES Want to see what we are working on? Follow our social media! VOTE FOR US! Vote for blood money every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players! REPORT BUGS There might be bugs introduced with this update that may have slipped under our noses. Please report these bugs as soon as possible so we can roll out a fix quickly! You can do so by: In-game: report it on ::help Discord: Reporting it on discord in the #suggestions-or-bugs text channel. Forums: Create a thread here The updates have been implemented by MGT Madness, Jonny, Jason & Owain. We hope you enjoy the updates while we work on more
  2. An 07 tournament system better than what any Osrs server has will start and end development in January 2020. This is because we are prioritizing other updates that will make us the Best Osrs pk server. So that when we do release our revamped 07 tournaments with monthly 1-5b 07 prizes, players stick around and play the game after participating in the tournament, why would they stick around? Because we are better than any other Pk server!
  3. Wilderness Slayer Guide

    Love it!
  4. CONTENT UPDATE 3.1 Welcome to our Content Update, where we introduce new items, rework existing stale content, implement new features and lots of quality of life improvements to make your Dawntained experience smoother and more enjoyable then ever. We are aware that recently the player base has dropped to an all time record low, but don't worry about it! We will start marketing once a chunk of important updates are done. I have a definite plan that will take us above and beyond the competition in terms of player count, and have a scary budget that will shock the top servers out there once the marketing stage is underway. If I start my marketing plan now, it won't be worthwhile as Dawntained is still lacking features that our competition have. These include a Trading post, OSRS prize pool Tournaments, more engaging Wilderness events, a more visually attractive website and other reasons beside these. Blade of saeldor You can obtain this new weapon that rivals the Ghrazi rapier through Larran's big chest. VETERAN CAPE Veteran rewards have arrived! If your account was created within 2 weeks of Dawntained launching, then you may obtain the Veteran cape, along with a Discord Veteran rank. For every full year that passes by, the "2 weeks" becomes 1 week more. Keeping the cape very rare as the years go on. Note that you also receive a Discord Veteran rank if you were an ex-Moderator or higher. PvP TASKS REWORK We have revamped the PvP tasks feature to be more rewarding and be more beneficial to the economy. You will receive PvP task tokens as a drop, on your last PvP task kill. 10 tokens are awarded per kill required for the task. Many items have been transferred from the Blood money shop to this new shop along with many new items. The PvP task NPC has been visually changed to differentiate it from other Emblem trader NPCs. GRANITE MAUL CHANGES To follow in line with OSRS, the granite maul now uses 60% special attack energy rather than 50. This means that in its original form, it is no longer possible to double spec. The ornate maul handle has been added to the Bounty hunter rewards shop. This can be used to upgrade a granite maul so that it uses 50% special energy again. Once a granite maul has been upgraded, it becomes untradeable and turns to blood money on death. VOTE SHOP The full ardougne armour set, Gauntlet cape and the Zalcano shard have been added to the vote shop! Combine the Zalcano shard with a Dragon pickaxe to create the Dragon pickaxe (or) REVENANT WEAPONS All Revenant items have been added to the Revenants drop tables at the Revenant cave. Their rarity is based on the combat level of the revenant, as well as whether or not the player is skulled. Viggora's chainmace, Thammaron's sceptre and Craw's bow in action. AMULET OF AVARICE This amulet obtained as a drop via Revenants will ensure that all npc loot obtained in the wilderness will be noted. While worn, the player will be permanently skulled, removing the amulet sets the skull timer to its regular 20 minutes. REVENANTS When the bracelet of Etherum is worn, the player will be immune from damage from revenants. this will only occur if the bracelet is charged. Each revenant attack will drain the bracelet's charge by 1. Revenants will also become non aggressive when a charged bracelet is equipped. Also, when the bracelet is worn, any ether received as loot while killing revs will automatically be added to the player's bracelet as charges. Revenant combat is now closer to how Osrs has it, they have a chance of healing if their health falls below half, and they will will attack using magic & ranged, or melee if a player is close enough. Being skulled increases the drop chance for rare items by 1/3. Drop rates before: Drop rates after being skulled: DRAGON CROSSBOW The special attack has been added against players. DINH'S BULWARK It now has a special attack which damages near-by players standing in multi-combat. YOUNGLLEF The Youngllef pet has been added to the Pet mystery box. THIEVING STALLS Stalls for thieving have been added at a popular location at home. Many players expect Dawntained to have stalls to thieve for easy money when they are broke, or they are just a few blood money away from buying something from the shops. DAILY WILDERNESS BOSS Everyday, a random wilderness boss is chose. Its drop rates become 3x more common and it lasts for a whole day. The boss teleport will be highlighted in the wilderness teleports section and will be noted at the teleport interface title. Attacking this boss will restrict you from teleporting for the next 10 seconds. Risk vs reward! ROGUE'S CASTLE CHEST You may now thieve the chest at Rogue's castle. It offers an insane money making rate, along with the highest thieving experience possible. There is a requirement of 4,000 blood money to use this chest. Only one player may use it at a time. REWARDS INTERFACE You can now view the loot for every box and key. EXTRA PRESET SLOTS 6 more preset slots have been added. Each slot is locked to a Donator rank. From Donator, all the way to Uber Donator. CLAN CHAT EXPANSION We have made many QoL and added a few neat features to the clan system. The goals were to make clan managing easier. You can now left click a player in the clan chat to private message them. Right click a player in the clan chat to ban or to Mod them! 3 new buttons have been added to the clan chat tab: Teleport all to me (only shows for the Owner). It sends a teleport request to all clan members that are not near-by to the Owner. Thread link, the Owner can set up a Dawntained forum thread link where you can sign-up or view latest news from the clan. Discord link, the Owner can set up a discord link where you can all enter a voice chat channel to plan your wars! NEW PURE ITEMS The Fremenniik kilt and and Spiked manacles have been added to the 1st and 2nd clue caskets. These two items are the best in slot for pures looking for maximum Strength bonus! TOOLTIP OVERLAY A toggle option has been added to draw your current tooltip as a hover overlay. Check the last page of the settings tab to find it. Food also has its own overlay, where the text will show as green if the food heals its full amount, yellow if it will heal you but not to its full potential, or white if it won't heal you. ICON POSITIONS Multi-combat icon on fixed screen: Its position will now change to not clash with any active overlay timers. Overlay timers on resizable: They have been moved to above the inventory tab which looks much cleaner. Status bars on resizable: It now positions correctly if you set different settings. XP DROPS You can now customise your XP drops to how you like them. There is also an option to show your damage as an XP drop. Open the interface by right clicking on the XP orb. KEYBINDS It is now much easier to customise your f-keys, along with resetting it to Osrs or pre-eoc (default dawntained) settings. You can now also disable and enable the ESC key to close interfaces. MY RATES You can now toggle 'My Rates' on the Npc drop table interface to view your person drop rates. Which is affected my Ring of wealth, donator status or a Boss event. CHAT TIME STAMPS Players now have the ability to toggle time stamps next to messages. This is a useful feature found in many other games, so if you afk and come back, you know when a player last pmed you for example. NOTIFICATIONS All announcements will now be sent to you in-game via a notification on the minimap. Clicking on it will enable you to view new and old notifications that you archive. Announcements such as updates, behind the scenes and important announcements. Head Moderators and above will be able to create these announcements. LAVA DRAGON PET You can now obtain a pet from Lava dragons. 1 in 600 chance. The pet has been removed from the Custom pet point shop. SMOKE DEVIL PET This unique pet has been added to the Pet mystery box. CHANGES Bracelet of Etherum and Revenants: is now always lost on death All 0 bm clue items are now kept on death! Which is a popular request by pures, so they may fashion scape while pking. Achievement item shop has been removed. The items have been transferred to clue caskets. Dihn's bulwark magic defence has been removed because it is a very strong tanking weapon. You can read about it in an upcoming update Osrs will apply. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Update:Bounty_Hunter_Rework_Design_and_PvP_Changes Target system timer changed to 10 minute wait time. ::52s command removed, because it teleports you to 50 wilderness. You can no longer exit via corp cave with a blood key Blood key can no longer be stored in a looting bag. Donator Zone image corrected Killing the player that teleblocked you now removes your teleblock. 'xx has logged in/out." private message text will now appear regardless of weather split private chat is on or off. IMPROVEMENTS Announcements & Broadcasts: Pet mystery box loot will no longer be broadcast as an announcement. All rare drop announcements are now consistent. Broadcasts for Tournaments, Blood key and Skotizo events have been simplified to only show important information and reduce spam. Broadcasts now turn white if you hover over them. Dragon claws sound effect updated to match Osrs. QoL Skipping a target now shows a confirmation dialogue. All wilderness spawns have been updated to replicate Osrs, apart from some of our custom spawns such as tormented demons & demonic gorillas. As a result of this, Callisto and Lava dragon spawns and teleports have also been changed. Let us know if we are missing any spawns. Many command variants have been added to ensure that even is a player makes a typo, the command will still work. Blood money shop appearance changed to look more organised, the barrows section looked terrible. Upon killing a World Event Boss, the respawn timer will be 6 seconds. You can now pick-up items that are 1 tile away while frozen. MINOR ADDITIONS Ankous, bandits and skeleton can now be obtained as a Wilderness slayer task. TzRek-Zuk pet metamorphosis option fixed. Dwarven rock cake, guzzle option now works for some quick damage. Jal-nib-rek can now be metamorphosized into TzRek-Zuk. A level-up sound is now played when levelling up with sounds turned on. You can now disable mouse scroll camera rotation in page 3 of settings. BUG FIXES The Bounty hunter interface now shows at ::pvp areas. Security interface flicker. Bounty hunter interface flicker. Blood key 1 hit formula was not being calculated correctly, due to it saving your previous history from a blood key many hours ago. Trade, gamble and duel request can no longer be ignored against Moderators. Bounty hunter shop exploits fixed. Pk and Pvm event time fixed on ::events. Agility teleport stalling bug. Tournament buy-back exploits fixed. Private messages disappearing on split-private chat setting. Safe pk zone lure by killing you just outside the safe pk area. Invisible player chat head when using new hairstyles. Security interface, many bug fixes have been applied, including missing text and unavailable button hovers. Trade option on the Drogo dwarf at Dwarven mine now works. Broken Scorpia crevice shortcuts fixed. Rogue castle stairs now work. Hunter trap box dupe fixed. Hunter reset option on box traps has been fixed. More scroll bugs added, we are trying our best to make it the same as google chrome scrollbar. Npcs that cannot be venomed now cannot be poisoned too. The bounty hunter interface is now positioned correctly on all resizable gameframes. CUSTOMS ADDED Armadyl chestplate, cyan blue mixed with black for Moneytalks Armadyl chain skirt, cyan blue mixed with black for Moneytalks Pegasian boots, cyan blue mixed with black for Moneytalks Elder maul, cyan blue mixed with black for Moneytalks Toxic staff of the dead, cyan blue mixed with black for Moneytalks Toxic staff of the dead, black base, with bright blue trims for Apprentice STAFF CHANGES 12-08-2019 to 19-08-2019: Instakill has been promoted from Player to Support. Platform has been demoted from Support to Player. BEHIND THE SCENES Want to see what we are working on? Follow our social media! VOTE FOR US! Vote for blood money every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players! REPORT BUGS There might be bugs introduced with this update that may have slipped under our noses. Please report these bugs as soon as possible so we can roll out a fix quickly! You can do so by: In-game: Informing a staff member on ::staff Discord: Reporting it on discord in the #suggestions-or-bugs text channel. Forums: Create a thread here The updates were implemented by MGT Madness, Jonny, Jason & Owain. We hope you enjoy the updates while we work on more
  5. Yeah bowstring it to sell it, what i'll do is also add almost the same bowstringed version price to it.
  6. WEEKLY QOL UPDATE 3.0.2 CHANGES Pvp task reward per kill increased to 600 bm from 400 bm to increase activity. Teleport restriction after using special attack has been increased to 7 seconds from 5 seconds to give a bigger chance to kill spec tabbers. Tokkul drops for Tzhaar monsters has been changed to every drop to how it was a very long time ago. You can use tokkuls to buy Uncut onyx or Amulet of fury from the Tzhaar shop. Magic cape spellbook charges changed to 15 a day from 5 to increase the use of this cape, because Osrs has it at 5. Casting teleblock will also trigger the special attack teleport restriction. This is to provide a counter attack to players who teleblock and tab. You can no longer use the Revenant caves npc to exchange emblems using full f2p. QoL Runecrafting pouches and coal bag now sends a message if you try to fill it up without the required item. Adding tickets to the lottery now warns you. Missing kill messages added for: Battle mages Elder chaos druids Lava dragons Revenants All boss respawn timers have been reduced to 25 seconds! Most of them were 35 seconds before this change. Horvik added back to the shop area so new players and existing players can locate his shops more easily compared to the table at shops. ::preset command added Many items have been given a bm value, such as: Boss heads (Vorkath head) Ornament kits (vote shop items) Colour kits (vote shop items) Whip mixes (vote shop items) Upgrade kits (vote shop items) MINOR ADDITIONS You now received an Ancient Artefact every target kill. This will surely spice things up! BUG FIXES Flame of Zamorak animation did not stall the player visually. Un-resting yourself would pause the character. If you buy an item that is on discount on the Donator interface, it would not update your Donator progress bar. BH Interface emblem tier number would flicker upon entering/exiting wilderness. When setting a skill to 99 manually, it will now show your manually gained xp, such as 20m strength xp. Karil's coif had incorrect bonuses. Slayer task bugs have been fixed for Chaos druids. BLACKLIST The ::blacklist interface has been reworked to be more understandable and a limit of 150 names has been added to it. BEHIND THE SCENES Want to see what we are working on? Follow our social media! VOTE FOR US! Vote for blood money every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players! REPORT BUGS There might be bugs introduced with this update that may have slipped under our noses. Please report these bugs as soon as possible so we can roll out a fix quickly! You can do so by: In-game: Informing a staff member on ::staff Discord: Reporting it on discord in the #suggestions-or-bugs text channel. Forums: Create a thread here The updates were implemented by MGT Madness, Jonny, Jason & Owain. We hope you enjoy the updates while we work on more
  7. I don't understand
  8. All suggestion threads created before this thread have been read!
  9. WEEKLY UPDATE 3.0.1 CHANGES Dice vault at the Dice zone has been changed to a bank. Mysterious emblem has been given a price so it appears at the top of the loot pile. Buy-back untradeables has been decreased to 10% of item price and 10% of the item will also be dropped to the enemy as blood money. Overpowered karambwan money making, reduced to 40k/h Only non-combat skills will now give blood money in the resource area. Players must now be 126 combat to benefit from the resource area. You cannot be full f2p and use resource area. Bounty hunter shop prices reduced slightly, especially imbued rings. Dicing and planting flowers has been disabled outside of the Automated gambling system to prevent scams. Head moderators can now ip-ban. Emblem trader at Edgeville no longer moves. QoL You can now afk for a bounty hunter target. Previously, you would need to move every 10 seconds in the wilderness. Target wait timer reduced to 15 minutes. MINOR ADDITIONS Head moderators now have a crown above their head, to make them stand out, since they are a paid position. Dark fishing bait added to Skilling shop. Killing bots at a low player count will now give 300-400bm. BUG FIXES Add friend hover bug, where if you hover over a person in the private tab who pmed you, it would show you the wrong name to add. Fixed status bars going over 100% Crucial bug where new players could not load up the client. Client crash fix related to a button. Bank pin bugs related to dialogue. Clan chat issues fixed Vengeance animation. Tome of fire max hit. Dharok axe animation. Bugged wilderness tokens when killing low hp monsters. Many cosmetic items would disappear when using presets, such as Mystic dusk. Emptying items in tournament will no longer be sent to the shop. Trade bug not accepting. Bounty hunter interface now shows enemy combat level instead of yours. Imbued heart now resets to 103 combat. Bounty hunter shop exploit fixed. Server crash related to achievements and staff changes tracker. Skotizo kill would tell you that you did not do enough damage, even though you received the drop. BEHIND THE SCENES Want to see what we are working on? Follow our social media! VOTE FOR US! Vote for blood money every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players! REPORT BUGS There might be bugs introduced with this update that may have slipped under our noses. Please report these bugs as soon as possible so we can roll out a fix quickly! You can do so by: In-game: Informing a staff member on ::staff Discord: Reporting it on discord in the #suggestions-or-bugs text channel. Forums: Create a thread here The updates were implemented by MGT Madness, Jonny, Jason & Owain. We hope you enjoy the updates while we work on more
  10. 240$ Giveaway winners!

    Winners! Discord: Sidderz18 Twitter: Carmelo Facebook: Oxygenwaster Snapchat: Subarashii Instagram: Manifest Youtube: Still contacting the winner, will choose another one if no reply within 24 hours. Each winner has been given 40$ worth of Donator tokens. Join our social media to get previews of future updates! Subscribe to our Youtube channel. Follow our Instagram. Follow our Twitter account. Like our Facebook page. Join our Discord. Add us as a friend on Snapchat! EDIT: Manifest added as Instagram winner.
  11. The items were added to the Bounty hunter shop to increase the chance of players wanting to fight their target and more items were moved to Wilderness slayer shop which makes players PVM in the wilderness, which makes deep wilderness even more active. Trading post is coming next update so you can buy these items with blood money again!
  12. 240$ Giveaway to 6 winners.

    240$ worth of Donator tokens giveaway How to join? Follow any of our social medias for a chance at winning. The more of our social medias you follow, the greater your chance is at winning. When is the winner picked? A random winner will be picked for each of our social media and will be given 40$ worth of Donator tokens. The winners will be announced on the 25th of July, the winners will be picked on the 24th of July and will be messaged by me on that specific social media platform asking for their Ign. If no reply within 24 hours, i will pick another winner. What else do i get from following? We post all of our behind the scenes updates, only on our social media platforms! All announcements and updates will also be posted there. DO NOT POST YOUR IGN ON ANY OF OUR SOCIAL MEDIA TO PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY. Click on our social medias below! Subscribe to our Youtube channel. Make sure the 'Discussions' tab on your Youtube channel is enabled, so i can send to you a private link where i can get your in-game name. Follow our Instagram. Follow our Twitter account. Like our Facebook page. Join our Discord and stay online. Add us as a friend on Snapchat!
  13. All sorted. It is now 15% buy-back price and 15% of item price dropped to enemy.
  14. Want to see in-game guides?

  15. Recording Tutorial [Camtasia]

    Thread updated with Owain's fix
  16. Just need a few more days to make sure it is bug free! Thank you for being patient.
  17. CONTENT UPDATE 3.0 Dawntained's content update is finally here after a long 2 month wait. From now on, we promise to: Deliver content updates every 2 weeks Have an active and reliable staff team to help players. Inform players of staff changes in update threads. Player questions and threads that are posted in the correct section for an Administrator to respond will be answered within 24 hours. This update is focused on increasing wilderness activity, shifting items out of blood money shop, updating interfaces, giving more perks to our Donators who helped us throughout the years and taking care of the future of the economy. We will be adding a full trading post in the next update, so players can easily trade hard to obtain items. Update point system: Starting today, each update thread will use a point system and will increase by 0.1 each time and if it is a bug fix update, it will increase by 0.01. This is useful for players who took a break and came back to know that we are on a much further version of Dawntained. We are using the point system similair to League of legends for those who have heard of it. Since Dawntained was released in 2017, that should have been 1.0, 2018 is 2.0, so now that we are in 2019, we will start it at 3.0. Dawntained is currently going through a revival phase, where the goal is to: Have great management The best Pk server gameplay on the market The best Rsps website on the market Host 1000-2000m 07 tournaments weekly to attract pkers and clans. Increase marketing budget by 5x to reach 500+ players online. This process will take many months to complete due to how outdated our gameplay and website is compared to other Rsps. We will reach the #1 spot and when we do, i will make sure that our game stays 2 years ahead of all our competitors in terms of updates. OSRS BOUNTY HUNTER Kill your target to earn your first emblem. Then it is your decision to kill more targets with your emblem in order to upgrade it for a better emblem tier. Higher tiers have a better value when it comes to trading it in with the Emblem trader. Rogue and hunter score only reset upon death. The Bounty hunter store are items transferred from the Blood money shop. The Teleport to target spell has been added to every spellbook. It's time to hunt your target! WILDERNESS SLAYER You can now obtain wilderness slayer tasks to buy items only available in the Wilderness slayer rewards shop. Talk to Krystilia at Edgeville jail to start. Most of the items in the Wilderness slayer rewards shop have been transferred from the Blood money shop. Every kill will cause the dead monster to respawn after a few seconds, so the area does not run out of the monster you are aiming to kill. There is also a slim chance of receiving Larran's key which can be used to unlock the Chest west of Magebank at the abandoned ship. Sarachnis cudgel Is a weapon slightly better than the Dragon scimitar and requires 65 attack. Mystic dusk set It is kept on death. Brimstone ring Wearing the ring provides a 25% chance of ignoring 10% of the victim's magic defence. AHRIM'S PET There is a 1 in 350 chance of receiving an Ahrim's pet upon getting a kill where you were hybridding or tribridding. MORRIGAN'S Morrigan's javelin and Morrigan's throwing axe have both been added to all Revenant drop tables! Beware of the bleed effect the Javelin inflicts! CLAN IMPROVEMENTS When a player talks or joins a clan chat, the correct icon will now be shown. When a player rank's changes and they are in a cc, their icon beside their name on the clan interface will update instantly for everyone. When in a clan chat and in multi-wilderness, an overlay will be displayed on the top right, showing the amount of clan members and enemies on your screen. Use the second page of the settings interface to toggle it off. It now shows the amount of players in your Cc. NEW TELEPORTS INTERFACE Our current teleport interface looked very outdated, so we have decided to create the best teleport interface in the entire Rsps scene. The images help you know what you are teleporting too. The wilderness map images are super helpful in telling you where area you will land in. Wilderness level and multi-combat sign will appear on the image if the area corresponds to it. BLOOD KEYS We have brought back rare spirit shields to the Blood key loots! This also applies to the Mini blood key obtained from Skotizo. If you remember, back in 2017, we had rare spirit shields from blood key loots, i wonder how many Veterans are actually left? This update will make Blood keys even more sought after, for some messy wilderness fights! SCAM PROOF GAMBLING We now introduce to you the best gambling system in the Rsps scene. Other Rsps would automate it 100% where you mostly do not take any action and the server would keep on planting for you or roll the dice for you. But on Dawntained, you roll and plant instead! And if you don't do any action within 15 seconds, the server will commence a single action for you. There is also a 1% tax to gamble and a maximum gamble limit to prevent you from gambling more than 60% of your bank in 1 go. You can now roll the dice and plant seeds outside of the Dicing area. All your blood money vaults are refunded to you on log-in from the old dicing system. BANK PIN DELETION You may send a request to delete your bank pin which will take 7 days of waiting. NOTED ITEMS The items below can now be noted and unnoted, an update to make your trades easier. ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT TAB We have gotten rid of our old and mostly useless account management tab and revamped it completely to a more aesthetic looking theme along with populating it with external links to core parts of our website, including all our social media! Follow us on our social media to get the earliest preview of our future updates! PANEL TAB Minor improvements for the visuals of the Panel tab, along with moving the Security interface to it and adding the Teleports interface for easy accessibility. CHINCHOMPA PET There is a rare chance to receive a chinchompa pet while hunting chinchompas. ECONOMY CARE Dawntained economy has been alive for over 26 months with no economy reset. Which is one heck of an accomplishment. In order to maintain a good economy for the foreseeable future, we need to decrease the amount of blood money in the economy. ITEMS PURCHASED ON DEATH We have selected the same items that Osrs use to decrease the amount of game currency. The following items below will be sent back to the Buy-Back shop on death if unprotected, while also dropping 15% of it's value to the enemy. This is more rewarding for Pkers to receive loot from players who use full void and powerful capes! It costs 15% of the item's value to purchase it back from the Buy-Back shop. There is no blood money sink to this. When this update was released, it was very expensive for players to pk with these items, which is why it is now much cheaper to buy-back. DUEL ARENA 1% Tax has been added for stakes to further decrease the amount of blood money in the economy. GAMBLING An automated gambling system has been added which contains 1% tax. NPC ITEM DOUBLER Due to the amount of players getting cleaned by the npc, we have instead increased the requirement to use the Npc, from 500k blood money wealth to 750k. Which means it will sink less from the economy, but we do not want players to become so poor that they quit. We have fixed a bug where you can gamble your entire bank in 1 go to bypass the 750k limit. HIGH RISK ITEMS SHOP This shop has been removed due to being mostly unused, so instead, the shop has been deleted and the items have been added to the Clue casket (2nd release). ESCAPE SYSTEM A system to save your player when you have disconnected has been implemented. So for example, if you lagged out and your account is in combat, the Escape system will trigger. Where it uses AI to escape combat. Such as: Eat food, drink brews and sip restores/sanfew serums when magic level is below the maximum level. Drink potions to increase prayer points It only consumes food/potions when necessary. Toggle on the correct protection prayer Use Mage Bank lever and cut webs if above 49 wilderness. Use means of teleportation: Teleport tablet Seed pod Lumberyard teleport Amulet of glory (inventory or equipped) Run out of wilderness. Let us know if we are missing any important AI. Type in ::escape to adjust the settings. It is enabled by default. FARMING IMPROVEMENTS It has been visually improved in many ways, no more herbs going outside of the soil! DONATOR ZONE UPGRADE Bigger map, many more money making methods, more skilling training methods. All in a brand new Donator zone! Normal players may now visit the Donator zone to tour the player, however, they won't be able to gain any perks. Donator: Fire at Dz Max hit dummies Safe pk area Banks at Dz Chairs at dz Box of health Super Donator: Anvil and smelting at dz Access to Donator monster dungeon Skilling Xp Boost Extreme Donator: Access to Woodcutting Fish Dark crabs and Angler Fish Legendary: Able to use Donator agility course for 2.2m xp an hour. Which is the highest xp giving course in the game. Blood money offering for 35k bm/h Able to use thieving stalls to train thieving. Ultimate: Able to use Runecrafting object at DZ which crafts your runes instantly, instead of teleporting to the altar. This also triggers your bonus xp for even more xp per hour while runecrafting. Able to mine the ores Able to fish karambwans for 40k an hour Uber: Refill vials with super combat potions and sanfew serums for 45k blood money an hour. Able to use farming patch. WILDERNESS GWD CAVE Obstacles now work and the wilderness level now shows correctly (level 28) instead of level 30. MAKE-OVER MAGE The latest Osrs make-over clothes have been added! check out the many new hairstyles, outfits and colours. Upon opening the interface, it will show your latest outfit, instead of plain old bob looks. You may notice a few slight differences with your character, so feel free to update your look. Uber Donators skin colours have been changed to 5 colours unlocked, the same non-human colours Osrs use. Immortal donators now have access to 14 new skin colours that are not present in Osrs. WILDERNESS RESOURCE AREA Blood money: Every xp drop, you will receive blood money depending on how much xp you gained. Woodcutting is 33k blood money per hour over here! Note your logs by using it on the Cleaner, then you can later sell your logs to the blood money shop. Experience: Rather than receiving 1.2x experience, you will receive 1.5x experience. FISHING UPDATES Dragon harpoon added to the blood money shop for 2,000 blood money Combine a smouldering stone with a dragon harpoon to create the Infernal harpoon. WELL OF GOODWILL The interface has been visually improved to match the rest of our interfaces. Upon reaching 25%, 50%, 75%, 90% and 95% completion, it will announce to the server. SOUNDS We have made tonnes of improvements to game sounds for a more intense and lively game experience. Most of the important sound effects have been added, but we will be missing some, be sure to report incorrect sounds and missing sounds! Sound improvements have been made to: Weapons Hitsplats depending on gender Eating Teleportation Magic spells Equipping Skilling Npc combat EXPERIENCE LAMP The long awaited hunter skill has been added to the Experience lamp! We also gave the interface a make-over to match the rest of our RS themed interfaces. You can now use 2 xp lamps back to back. You will the be able to use another two when the day changes. CAPE STAND Changed from dialogues to a brand new exciting interface, you can now view all the best capes Dawntained has to offer. CUSTOM ITEMS These items have been created for players who reached Immortal Donator or higher, as they have specified. These items convert to blood money if lost on death. Vesta's longsword, Purple and black blade and black handle for Im The Worst Elysian spirit shield, Dark blue shield and white sigil for Josiah1 Vesta's chainbody, Black with gilded trims for Ameer69 Vesta's plateskirt, Black with gilded trims for Ameer69 STATUS BAR These are similair to Runelite's status bars, it replaces the pillars with your hp and prayer amount. Toggle it on, on the 6th page of the settings interface. ITEM CHARGES On the 6th page of the settings interface, you can toggle on item charges, which will display how many charges your amulet of glory has. So you do not teleport to the wilderness with an uncharged glory! Hehe. PET MYSTERY BOX 3 brand new pets have been added. Abyssal orphan Ikkle hydra Sraracha QoL New players will now have all amulets of glories that do not have 4 charges, added to their potions tab for a more tidy bank. When using the Cave Kraken private instance, it will subtract the blood money from your bank if you do not have it in your inventory. When finishing a slayer task, it will inform you of the amount of tasks you have completed. World map button on the mini-map now opens the OSRS map. You can now use items in your inventory on a web to slash it. ::pvptask now sends the message in the chatbox instead of a pop-up dialogue. ::entangle command added. ::firesurge command added. Miss typing a command will now trigger, such as using a mixture of spaces, ; and : Autocast selection is now handled instantly. BUG FIXES Red line on the client frame on Mac Os users have been fixed. Entrance to Corporeal beast cave in the wilderness now functions. Uncharge option on the blowpipe would drop the item. 2FA has been fixed and enabled. Tab to reply would sometimes not work if the private message has been there for a long time. Gilded spade is now two handed. Ring of recoil inventory break option now works. Duel arena exploit fixed. Right click context menu bug on log-in. Runecrafting: Level 95 was not giving double law runes. Level 99 was not giving double death runes. Black plateskirt can no longer be worn at 1 defence. Gilded d'hide requirements. Tormented bracelet (or) bonus fixed. Glory, seedpod and death teleports would bring you outside of ::pvp Having the same exact amount of required runes for surge spells would not have it light up. Imbued heart was being used every 7 seconds instead of 7 minutes. The orbs on the resizable mode will no longer malfunction with the minimap. Toggling special attack orb on the OSRS gameframe would glitch. Verac now ignores Callisto's melee defence. Deep wilderness restriction timer no longer triggers at ::pvp Pressing enter on log-in screen would cause information to be lost. Players getting stuck in the wilderness upon dying. MISCELLANEOUS Clan wars is now multi at the northern parts Rune Javelin added to the Ranged shop. Upon finishing a duel, it will tell you the amount of wins and losses you have accumulated. A staff's private status will turn to friends if it is set to on and they are idle. Rigour and Augury are now unlocked upon entering a tournament. God spells icons have been updated to what Osrs has. IMPROVEMENTS Security interface visuals has been improved. Where you can set-up email and 2fa security. 'Stuck' feature has been added to doors and gates. Where if you spam the object too many times in a short span of time, it will be stuck opened for a while. Teleport warning interface now shows an option to never show it again. Crown spacing in the name has been spaced out to not clash with your name. Callisto will no longer send you flying so many times after each other. CHANGES Dharok pet drop rate increased from 150 to 350. So it matches the Karil pet drop rate. Falador City pking no longer contains multi zone, which was 5 steps west of the bank. Achievement system has been disabled, a new one will be implemented next update, where it will have difficulties up to elite and completing elite difficulty will earn you real money rewards or Osrs. SOCIAL MEDIA Follow us on our Social media to get the latest sneak previews of our updates and announcements! We will also be hosting many giveaways on every platform. For discord, update previews and announcements will be private messaged to you. Youtube will be specifically used to post videos of update streams where the entire development team plays on the live server together with voice chat to explain how all the latest updates came into existence! We will also post the Youtube video link on every social media. 240$ worth of Donator tokens giveaway Subscribe, follow, join & add our social medias. A random winner will be picked for each of our social media and will be given 40$ worth of Donator tokens. The winners will be announced on the 25th of July, the winners will be picked on the 23rd of July and will be messaged by me to find out their in-game name. If no reply within 24 hours, i will pick another winner. BEHIND THE SCENES Want to see what we are working on? Check out our social media! You cannot view history on Snapchat and our Youtube is used solely for released updates vlogs. Vote for blood money every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players! There might be bugs introduced with this update that may have slipped under our noses. Please report these bugs as soon as possible so we can roll out a fix quickly! You can do so by: In-game: Informing a staff member on ::staff Discord: Reporting it on discord in the #suggestions-or-bugs text channel. Forums: Create a thread here The updates were implemented by MGT Madness, Jonny, Optimum, Jason, & Owain. We hope you enjoy the updates while we work on more
  18. We are getting very close to releasing all the pent up massive updates that we have been working on for the last 30 days. It's going to be a big one boys. Ranged hitsplat delay is now more accurate to Osrs, i went on Osrs to gather data, taking pid into account. Knife & dart is now quicker Heavy ballista quicker. Magic shortbow special attack visuals. Ranged projectile speed is now mostly perfect to Osrs. Edgeville wilderness and City pvp protection have been fixed and made more accurate. This protects players from unwanted fights, however, they can start these unwanted fights if they want to and they will be warned. Such as: Player with tb vs player without tb Player with 20 defence vs 1 defence. Player with magic vs player without ranged & magic. Elysian spirit shield message spam while pvming. Vengeance overkill. Royal seed pod lure. Blood key announcing outside wilderness when using doubler. Blood key dissapearing too fast. Jonny Owain Owain & MGT New website It will be built from scratch. The art below is hand drawn for Dawntained by 3rd party artists. Yes, we have our very own original Dawntained art to use for the website background and client background. Vote for blood money every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players! The updates were implemented by MGT Madness, Jonny, Optimum, Jason, & Owain.
  19. Weekly Update, small changes 08-06-2019

    We have 5-10 unreleased big content which will be released by next week. They have been in the works for over a month
  20. Announcement We have a content update being released next week with 7 big features and tonnes of improvements. Bugs demolished Names above head y offset fixed when using skulls and overheads. Scythe of vitur graphics will no longer trigger when maging. Improvements Server lag reduced, more to come. Moderator unskillingban command now works properly, even for offline players. Added big red text at player support section that says you need to use the correct format before creating a thread. Changes Skeletons at Edgeville jail removed to prevent mistakes. You can no longer pay a fine 15m osrs for an unban. All bans are permanent. We have had 62 paid unbans in the last 6 months, these players have earned my trust by paying the fine, but most people look at it as me blackmailing players -.- Vote for blood money every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players! The updates were implemented by MGT Madness, Jonny, Optimum, Jason, & Owain.
  21. Bugs squashed Profile search bug, where it would copy the player you searched skilling stats. When adding items to Well of Goodwill, the price will be more accurate for certain incorrect items. You could use Augury or Rigour with another defence prayer. Players in Fight caves can no longer leave the area by other interferences. Potentially fixed a hard multilog issue where the game things you have another account in wilderness. Well of Goodwill drop party will no longer trigger multiple times. Changes Removed incorrect hellhound spawns around Magebank. Ancient statuette is no longer announced. Wilderness rules pop-up for new players removed because it is annoying. Elysian spirit shield effect will not trigger at 20 wilderness and above. This is to promote fairer pking in deep wilderness. This will increase clan activity in deep wilderness because it will be easier for them to get kills. Improvements Edge Pvp renamed to City pking and the teleport on the Teleports interface now works. Behind the scenes Jonny: Escape system where if the server detects you have dced in combat, it will attempt to save your character by using normal ways of escaping the wilderness. Zack: Highscores revamp, with clan highscores and weekly/daily rewards Collection log progress Jason: Beta server management tool for players to help find bugs and provide feedback. Deleting the current networking system and providing us with a 2019 networking system which will improve lag and speed up switching. Owain: King of the tile event Latest Osrs makeover clothes. Dawntained plan by MGT Madness Made a massive update plan that will be split into 10 stages, after these 10 stages are done, i am 120% confident we will have the #1 website, gameplay & event experience in the entire Rsps Osrs Pk scene. The update plan was made possibly by researching the Top PK servers, their gameplay, website & events. Along with researching the websites of popular games, such as Fortnite, Guild Wars 2, Hytale and many more. Each update stage will contain updates for: Website Donators New game content Improvements to existing features Client performance Server performance Automation to prevent manual Administrator work. Dawntained will of course go through a visual overhaul, such as new website theme, original website background art, original client background art, new logo, revamped log-in screen. Currently, the Logo and original website background art are in progress by two different professional artists that come from outside the Rsps scene. Vote for blood money every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players! The updates were implemented by MGT Madness, Jonny, Optimum, Jason, & Owain.
  22. Server stability The entire development team will now focus mostly on server lag that players keep on reporting. We have already made many improvements and will keep on checking the results with our in-depth analytics. Improvements Combat styles are now triggered instantly like Osrs. Using the combat interface to autocast is now instant. Close button on the item overlay interface now has a hover. Trading post no longer spams broadcast. Vengeance hitsplat is now only instant if the player who has vengeance has Pid advantage. (same as Osrs) Tournament group stage broadcast will no longer happen. Bug fixes Toggling zoom fixed when using mouse scroll with it. Blood key disappearing too quickly. Presets interface twitch. Freezing a player will no longer reset their attack. Equipment sound triggering on log-in with sounds on. Switching from Ghrazi Rapier Block style to Elder maul would show no selected combat style. A few server crashes fixed. Buying multiple items in buy-back shop would reduce more blood money than needed. Vengeance damage would trigger the enemy's vengeance. Tournament noting items cheating fixed. Please suggest ideas for us: Behind the scenes Jonny: Automatic Escape, where if a player disconnected in combat, the server will attempt to emulate a player escaping a combat situation as best as possible. Jason: Server stability lead developer. Vote for blood money every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players! The updates were implemented by MGT Madness, Jonny, Optimum, Jason, & Owain.
  23. Suggest to us ideas similair to Blood key & Skotizo

    Bump kee it coming
  24. Suggest to us ideas similair to Blood key & Skotizo

    Bump we need more ideas!
  25. Alternative events The issue: Blood key and Skotizo spawn a total of 12 times per day. Which is very repetitive and can get boring. The new idea: So what i am looking for is 10 different events that attract single and multi clans to venture into the wild and bump into each other. So instead of having 2 different clan events, we will have 12 different clan events. Be creative and think of the competitive aspect. Ideas that other servers already use are also welcomed. Give us your event idea below, such as: King of the hill: A random multi spot is chosen 10x10 tiles in the wild and it is surrounded by fog barriers. The clan chat that spends the most time inside it without any foreign player, wins 200k bm that is awarded to the owner of the clan chat. What is challenging about this is your clan has to kill every enemy that is inside the fog, so your clan can gain points to win!
  26. Fixes Pressing entering on log-in screen would not visually work. Kdr overlay fixed. Items kept on death interface, the highlighted items have been corrected for certain items. When blood money goes on 24 hour sale, it now shows the correct bm amount which is 10k. Tome of fire maxhit corrected, it now hits way higher. Splash freeze. Ahrims with damned amulet now has 25% chance to trigger instead of 100%. Improvements Guide interface information updated. Loyalty icon in the quest tab has been updated. Announcements are now spammed less. Outdated announcements removed. Moderators can no longer kick each other out of the game. Blood key can now be picked up after 120 seconds after it spawned instead of 50 seconds. This will give a chance to more players to arrive. Dragon claws can now be sold back to the shop. Vote dialogue can now bring you to the website instead of typing in ::vote and the outdated 150 donator tokens message removed. Item drag default is now set to 10 to make it easier for new players to switch without dragging. Everyone has been reset to 10. Rune pouch price changed to 15k blood money. It now drops 25% of its price to the enemy and can be purchased back from the buy-back shop for 75% of its price. Other Custom: Statius's warhammer, Gilded colour for Ameer69 Updates being worked on Jonny: Owain, Wilderness slayer. Jason: Content and money making/sink analytics so i can optimize updates and balance the game. Re-working the networking system to reduce lag and speed up switching. Zack, Reworked highscores so we can easily add more highscores, including weekly highscores where the #1 spot receives an in-game reward. Vote for blood money every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players! The updates were implemented by MGT Madness, Jonny, Optimum, Jason, & Owain.
  27. My goals for Dawntained

    47 pages of mostly hacked/lost password accounts.
  28. My goals for Dawntained

    Have the best gameplay out of any Pk Server Create a marketing monopoly to break Dawntained's maximum peak of 469 players online.
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