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  1. PvP Task Revamp / PK-PvP Store

  2. Why is switching so delayed?

    The server is hosted is france, which country are you in and what servers have faster switches for you?
  3. Hi everyone!

    Welcome to Dawntained
  4. help me

    Please follow the instructions here to solve your problem https://www.dawntained.com/forum/forum/40-submit-a-problem/
  5. Screen Fix?

    The only fix for it is here https://www.dawntained.com/forum/topic/189-troubleshooting-dawntained-client/
  6. My new video!

    Cool video
  7. Macbook Pro or Gaming Laptop?

    I use a laptop nearly the same specs as the gaming laptop specs you posted, it's great for gaming and also work. I use applications like Sony Vegas/Photoshop and other programming tools without an issue. I switched from a 15 inch to a 17 inch screen and it will be weird at first, but you will eventually get used to it. There is more space to multi-task on a 17 inch laptop. I never used a mac before, always been windows https://www.amazon.com/GL703VM-Gaming-Laptop-i7-7700HQ-Keyboard/dp/B076D95R1P Don't forget a big enough backpack to fit a 17 inch laptop lul, if you bring it to class, it will stand out as a big black gaming laptop, be proud
  8. Der Fuhrer Youtube rank request. 11-08-2018

  9. The video is decent, it could have been better by removing the clan wars clip, because its not exciting since its a safe pk zone
  10. Please follow the steps on here to fix your issue https://www.dawntained.com/forum/forum/48-donation-reward-not-received/
  11. Unban falsely accused friend!!!

    Unbanned, a bug caused it
  12. Welcome to Dawntained's October updates! It has been a long wait due to development complications and irl priorities that delayed it even more. We have more Pvp weapons released, Osrs gameframe updates, website updates, a new boss, a new pet and much more. The next update will be in November for sure! Halloween Event Start off the halloween quest by talking to the Shady figure east of Edgeville river. Rewards include a full clown set, Web cloak and a spider pet! And as a rare reward, a black h'ween mask worth 400k blood money! To celebrate Halloween, we are offering players 40% bonus donator tokens upon donating. https://www.dawntained.com/store/ This will only last for 7 days, the countdown timer is on the store page of the website. Vesta's longsword The powerful 1 handed special attack weapon has been added to the Mega Mystery Box . Due to it not degrading, its strength bonus has been reduced to 79 strength to prevent it from being used as an alternative to the Abyssal tentacle. The Vesta's longsword special attack damage has been increased to make sure its original max hit is not any different. Statius's warhammer This killer ancient weapon uses 35% of your special attack and can smack very high numbers. It has been added to the Mega Mystery Box to keep its rarity very high. Zulrah Zulrah has been implemented into the game, this is a massive update due to the mechanics and features of what Zulrah brings. Teleport there using the Safe Bosses teleport, you may earn 17k+ blood money per hour, depending on how efficient your trips are. There is a guaranteed drop of 400 blood money per kill and a chance for the rare Pet snakeling which can be transformed to a total of 3 different colours! The first player to receive the Pet snakeling will receive 150 Donator tokens , you must post a screenshot if you receiving it in this thread! The winner will be announced in this sentence later on. Jmich96 is the winner! Friends and Ignore tab The following changes have been made to replicate Osrs. The friends and ignore tab have been combined to free up a tab which will have useful buttons to donate, vote, open forums & much more in the future. Auto chat You can now use the Auto chat feature by right clicking the Public chat button in the chat box. Use this to help sell/buy items without the need of being a keyboard warrior! Lil'Zik Lil'Zik has been added to the Pet Mystery Box! Buy it at the donator shop using ::store Salve amulet (e) Use this amulet against undead npcs to boost your melee damage and accuracy by 20%. Buy it at the untradeable shop for 25k blood money. Vorkath & Vet'ion are also undead npcs! This item is kept on death. Wilderness rules interface Upon first trying to enter the wilderness, you will be prompted with an interface where you have to click the 'i have read and accept the rules' button and then click accept and you may now enter the wilderness. This is an effort to reduce the amount of raggers and spec and tab pkers. Breaking any of the wilderness rules will get you ip-banned from the wilderness for a period of time. Looting bag update The looting bag has received an amazing update where you can set the bag to 'opened' state, which will transfer all items you pick up, into the looting bag instead! Staff updates Bug fix regarding name changing not updating staff active hours. Staff activity tracker is a feature that helps the Head Mod monitor the active hours of a support/moderator. Reworked staff zone The staff zone has been expanded and made more homely for the staff team. Mass un-ip ban and un-ip mute Due to a recent bug, it caused many players to be falsely connecting to another account which is either ip-muted or ip-banned. Many new players could not even talk in-game or log-in due to being falsely connected to another punished account. So after solving this complicated bug in this update, i have decided to remove all ip-bans and ip-mutes. Bugs demolished ::resetkdr incorrect text Ghrazi rapier animation Scythe of vitur animation Ground item overlays bugs. Uncharged glory will no longer show the teleport options. Teleporting to dice zone by joining the dice cc would not show the dice rules interface. Skull trick bug fixed. Teleport & trade abuse fix, where you can scam players, its complicated, but now the scam is gone. Player direction facing fixed. Dragonfire shield special attack skull bug lure. Xp lamp bug fix where you do not receive xp in the skill you chose. Saradomin sword special attack fix. Dragon halberd hitting twice on players. Uncharged glory showing teleport options when right clicking it. Use lever while in combat to log out quickly. Veng and teleport bug fixed. Improvements Magic and ranged projectile visuals. Drops interface extended to handle up to 100 drops per npc. Special attack orb text colour will now change depending on special attack remaining. Zooming out has been extended alot. Special attack orb visuals improved. "Taste Vengeance!" and other spam messages will no longer show up to every player's chatbox. When you make progress towards your Pvp task, it will let you know in the chatbox what your last kill counted as. Such as it counted as a Berserker kill. Changing name now saves a screenshot to your pc. Ring of wealth (i) now automatically picks up blood money. Heavy ballista and Dark bow special attack accuracy buffed. Donator command xteleto and xteletome now have cooldowns to prevent annoying usage. Other Teleport to cosmic altar removed temporarily until the black map gets fixed. Air guitar enabled for all players to use until Music cape arrives. ::revcaves command added, it will teleport you to revenant caves, at the single area. You now have to pay 2,000 blood money to claim back your items from Vorkath. Customs completed In November's update, all custom items lost on death will cost 5-20k blood money to buy back. Elysian spirit shield, Gilded, for Wallah Bro Ghrazi's rapier, orange and white for Thuggahhh Heavy Ballista, Rainbow coloured for Kourtney Dragon claws, dark brown for Stand Firm Dragon claws, lime green and black for Jonzy Dragon claws, Black with gold trim for Ghettos Vesta's chainbody, black and yellow for Skill3d. Vesta's chainbody, Gilded, for Wallah Bro. Vesta's chainbody, Black with gold trim for Ghettos Vesta's chainbody, black orange white for Thuggahhh Vesta's plateskirt, Gilded, for Wallah Bro Vesta's plateskirt, Black with gold trim for Ghettos Vesta's plateskirt, black and yellow for skill3d. Vesta's longsword, Rainbow with white, for Knight BB Vesta's longsword, Gilded, for Wallah Bro. Vesta's longsword, Dark orange blade with black handle for Kourtney Vesta's longsword, lime blade with black handle for Ganjagains Vesta's longsword, black for JohnnyFpv Vesta's longsword, light blue blade and black handle for Nelusie Vesta's longsword, black for Nate dogg Pheonix pet from firemaking, purple, white and a bit of red, for Tony Post count ranks Where the more posts you make, the higher the armour set on your profile when posting will be. Check the list of ranks and their post counts required here, it includes armour sets such as Rune, Barrows, Armadyl & Vesta's. Recent topics improvements The recent topics feature located on the top right of the forum index has been improved in many ways, feel free to check it out! https://www.dawntained.com/forum/ Profile when posting improvements Rank name text removed and join date added, the information shown has also been re-ordered. This update makes it look much more neater and readable. Please Vote for blood money every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players! The updates have been worked on hard by Owain, MGT Madness & Jason. Edit 31-10-2018 5:24 AM: Eek(spider) pet is now as rare as black h'ween from the quest. Eek pet added to Pet Mystery Box. Purchase the unpowered orb from the skilling shop, along with regular battlestaffs and head to the level 5 edge wild air altar to create elemental battlstaves.
  13. Were on a roll

    Its good to see the amount of donations i'm putting to marketing is working well
  14. Post count ranks

  15. Post count ranks

  16. Donate?

    It appears randomly. mostly every week or so.
  17. Update voting rewards

  18. Welcome to the September update! With loads of exciting updates to spice up wilderness activity. New Pvp items released in a brand new Mystery box. Many QoL updates to ensure the smoothest of gameplay. Website related updates to spice up forum activity and many more. PvP Items The PvP items have been released, we have nearly released it in the past, but due to model bugs, we could not. But now that Osrs has released the working models, we are able to implement them. However, we have decided to use the Pre-Eoc inventory models because they look more detailed and cleaner than what Osrs has released. Remember this topic? https://www.dawntained.com/forum/topic/2219-content-poll-1/ Item details: The stats are identical to what they were in the Pre-Eoc days. The Zuriel's set has additional magic damage % and magic attack bonus. This is due to the Ancestral set being very powerful. The Zuriel's set is now the best Magic equipment to wear. The items do not degrade. It is extremely rare to obtain a PvP item from the Mega Mystery box. Droprate buffs Ice Strykewyrm now drops the Ancestral hat. Chaos Fanatic drop table edited to drop the Ancestral robe top Ancestral robe bottom has been added to the drop tables of Revenants at ::revs Changes Npc gambler now requires 300k bank value to use. Npc gambler now dances and shouts out the prize. Obsidian armour + Berserker necklace now stacks like Osrs. If the cache fails to download from the Dropbox url, it will download from the Dawntained website instead. Tournament prize changed to 3k blood money per participant instead of 2k. So if 20 players participate, the #1 prize becomes 60k blood money. Bug patches Item gambler reward goes missing (patched within first day of gambler release) Clan wars tournament objects not working Some announcements have been shortened to fit on the chatbox. Empty Guthix rest not disappearing with smash vials toggled on. Self duel ban not applying to Gambler. Fixed Npc gambler interface exploits Some spell projectiles visuals on Npcs have been corrected. Assembler max cape not performing skillcape emote. Two minor trading post visual bugs fixed. Bank visual bug fix. Presets interface text fix when hopping accounts. Adding friends from split private chat bug. Change password interface text visuals fixed. Pvp issue where your character turns to the player who just died, at edgeville. Website updates The play page now includes a much more clearer troubleshoot button and an additional client link. The troubleshoot thread has also been updated with the latest fixes to get the client up and running. https://www.dawntained.com/play/ Website upload speed is now 30x faster, which means that downloading the latest client or using the website will be much faster. Supreme rank image fixed. 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of the forums now redirects to the correct page. The forum chatbox has been removed because new players ask for help on it and no one replies because it is rarely used. This will hopefully bring these players to create a thread instead, to get their issue resolved. When signing up on the forums, a large notice will show informing new users that in-game accounts and forum accounts are not connected. The latest 20 different topics will now be displayed at the forum homepage. Previously it used to show the latest posts, which means you could see the same topic multiple times. https://www.dawntained.com/forum/ Forum Mobile Compatibility The forums are now completely mobile compatible, you do not need to zoom in, the size and scaling are all perfect for mobile use. Feel free to try it out! Forum emotes The react to a post feature has been improved. The emotes used on a post now stack horizontally and more emotes have been added to express your feelings about a post. Editing a Topic Editing a topic on a Desktop device will now show much more editing options to style your thread. Aiming for 400 players! For the past few weeks, the player base has decreased by 10-20%. So in order to find more players and to keep existing players from quitting, i will be improving the current marketing campaign for Dawntained and also putting a larger percentage of donations into many new forms of advertisements. But i cannot do this alone, so please help out as much as you can by voting twice a day and getting all your friends to join. Thank you. Future updates The development team is working very hard on extracting the latest Osrs updates perfectly, in order to bring them to Dawntained. So hopefully in the next few weeks, we will have all Raids 2 items working perfectly, along with the Rest of the PvP items, such as Vesta's longsword, Statius's warhammer, Morrigan's javelin and the rest. This will of course come with the latest Osrs content that we have not yet implemented. To view the full list of future updates, please check this topic https://www.dawntained.com/forum/topic/540-when-is-the-next-update-what-are-the-developers-working-on-on-going-thread/ Staff Members Dawntained is currently looking for new staff members, so if you feel that you play at least 20 hours a week, take a look at https://www.dawntained.com/forum/topic/7291-sign-up-to-join-the-staff-team/ Please Vote for blood money every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players! The updates have been worked on hard by Owain, MGT Madness & Jason.

    Welcome to Dawntained I mean the forums actually
  20. YT rank renewal | Quick Specs

    Given I suggest including shorter clips, 30 seconds long and not sped up. Will be more exciting. and kills instead of death kills.
  21. Test123

  22. Spamlul

  23. remove the gambler npc the game is dieing!

    I have just updated the server to only allow players with 100k bank or more to gamble. Can be edited in the future
  24. Youtube Rank.

    Use Hypercam 2 to record the game. If you do not have a video editor to stretch the video to hide the black borders, use Camtasia