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  2. #Team-BBE...Kings of multi.... The awaited return.... BBE, Formally known as the #1 most dominant multi clan on Soulsplit, Ikov, and Near-reality.. Winning multiple 1 Billion+ 07 Prize pool bloodlusts...RETURNS. After scouting out servers, contacting old members, and setting everything up ready to return, the time has finally come. Wednesday the 28th of November 2018, BBE will be coming to Dawntained. Yes, tomorrow. The day of domination and destruction. Due to unseen circumstances, our personal clan forums are OFFLINE. So applications will be on here until otherwise. When filling out your application, be advised.. We have a strong rank structure who have years of experience of knowing how things run, including knowing most clans and people on most servers. If you are found spying/leaking in our family, it won't end well. So don't bother trying. As stated above, we have been preparing for this day.. Our memberlist is already at a peak, with our top quality old school members. So from now until Wednesday the 5th of December, you have ONE WEEK to join us, before entry fee's and TOC's come in to prevent spys and leaks. Join us, or be ready for the storm. Application Form. In-game Name: Timezone: Do you have a mic?: Do you have Teamspeak 3&Discord?(MANDATORY): Bank value?(picture): Any vouchs from BBE members?: Before you are accepted you will have to provide your multi setup and undertake a tank test. We use Discord to highlight and @ people when needed for wars etc. And teamspeak is mandatory for everything. Once you have filled in the application form and posted. If i do not respond, PM me in-game - Toby X D
  3. hmm, in my eyes wasnt late. thanks.
  4. #TEAM-BBE, also known has Bashing Bitchs Everywhere, was the number one multi clan of NR, along as any other server we played. Since we came to NR many years ago. We won countless Bloodlusts, for Bills on 07. And claimed our #1 Against all multi/single teams. A few of the old ranks were informed that there is competition at dawntained. so have decided tp re-opened, So what would be better than the #1 KINGS OF MULTI to return to there throne? We Hope you are ready for us. A storm is coming. Thinking of joining the kings? APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN! Join our forums today,Register and apply! http://s15.zetaboards.com/BBE/index/ Our Previous domination of BBE. Including reactions of us winning season 1 BL for 1b 07. Enjoy. and it begins.