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  1. Katee Dawntained Pk vid 6 - Frontline

    Hey man, i think u are the 'retard' here, 'now stop talking to me/pming me because i am muted' i think u are the one that started a hate comment on a cool/unique rsps yt vid. And its pretty hard to keep ur hp to 121 and also be able to ko your oppenent. 'its called NH' = 'no honor'. Just my own opinion i think u are lacking in NH skills but atleast you have been blessed by god giving u 1 pair of chromosomes more then the normal human.
  2. Katee Dawntained Pk vid 6 - Frontline

    Good vid katee, Imagine getting hated on a rsps yt vid with some cool hits, risking 1m as a solo player. I call every solo player out to try your luck at revs with 1m risk dont lose it under 5 mins ;).
  3. Wow, must be a honor for you to pk with me XD. nicely done!
  4. Seems like u cant handle that she is better at the game then you. I can can already see your vein on your forehead pumping each time she kills you. It must be hard for you to express your hate irl so u just do it on the forums.
  5. Awesome vid. Second last clip with the gambino was very funny xD. Imagine hating her but still being the first watching her vids, reacted as first on the forums. I bet your saltiness percentage is higher then the one of the dead sea.
  6. Katee & Bean multi pk vid 1

    Seems like u are little bit upset. You probably saw 4 dragon heads each time u entered tds and got send back to edge. Since then u lost all sense of humor.
  7. Katee & Bean multi pk vid 1

    Nicely edited, your teammate is probably the best pker on DT XD.
  8. Katee Dawntained pk vid 4 - Bottom Feeder

    Beastly vid. @Believe l562o30l6596o230l69562l30 panic tabbed like a pig.
  9. After months of not pking on this account i just entered wild for 3 seconds (starting to pk again because some1 is going to beat my streak)
  10. Who is your favorite Dawntained Player?

    Katee, She changed my style of dhing from defensive style to aggressive style. She was also one of the first dhers I fought that knew all the tricks.
  11. As a solo player spec tab should be allowed at revs. There is no point to stay in a nh battle after u dumped your specs at revs. if u dont want to get abused by spec tabbers, u can nh at 44s.
  12. Katee Dawntained Pk Vid 3 - Crushed

    Epic Vid:p. After months of hitting keytracker I never got a kill on him, and u just CRUSHED him with a simple dds spec L O L.
  13. Epic specs:p, That guy saying 'time for slap' LMAO
  14. katee nh pk vid 1 - betrayal

    Epic vid, metal fits on this kinda pk video's. Is that keytracker tbing u for mystics and fail on a full? l5623o0.l32o65o3l0. Reduced to mystic tber.
  15. Verji Dominates Singles Ft Renagde & Others

    56l23o0.l66o2l30 keytracker u died to a 112hp stack only
  16. Mighty King Bean

    Wow ty for the kind words, you 'payed' for off
  17. Top Voter of the Week #2 Timebrawler!

    i am still able to vote before monday servertime so i would have end up with 64 votes, never missed a vote in 7 days.
  18. As long as there are no pid hits like you and i mentioned then it would be fine. Thanks for the explanation.
  19. As an experienced veng pker, PID is the most broken thing u can add to a server like this. Here are the reasons why. @MGT Madness@Owain@Connor@Ronald@Believe@I Solo understanding of PID: -If u have 2 opponents fighting each other, one person has PID other person has no PID. U are able to see it when u watch the hitsplat of each other. The person without PID: His hitsplat animation will appear when the weapon is at the end of his animation. The person with PID: His hitsplat animation will appear when the weapons is at the start of his animation. People that has no idea what it affects to pking, let me explain why Dawntained has no PID system atm that means that for both opponents the hits will appear at the end of the animation, look at picture number 1. this means that the fight is equal for both and is fair for both pkers. When u add PID the fight isnt fair anymore. If the person is a good pkers and he has PID it makes him unkillable. REASONS WHY: -We are at 2017 and most people are able to 1 tick weapons. This means if the person with PID 1tick his weapon, u are not able to react that means u cant veng his weapon to counter/eat. ( 'I ATE' is a good example for people that doesnt understand PID, u coudnt eat because the person had PID and u didnt). The person with PID is able to veng 1 ticks, to eat on a 1 tick and to counter on a 1 tick. He is able to counter his opponent. The only reason why you would add PID, is in the duel arena so u dont have double deaths. But this is a PK server not a staking server. In duel arena it is just about the hits u get not about to counter some1 and its based on luck. Dont add PID in the wildy. I would only spec when i would have PID this means my opponent cant counter in anyway means i am unkillable if u know what u are doing. I play this server because it has no PID, it makes veng/pking, balanced, no advantages who has PID, who hasnt. U are able to counter 1 ticks, to eat on his 1 tick/veng. PRE-EOC there was no PID hits wich makes pking balanced. This is a unqique pk server with no PID and in my opinion its better then real rs07. And as u can see this is probably the only server where edge is packed. IF u add PID, u remove the fun of pking. I quit rs07 because pkers became so good that it was based on who had PID to win the fight. Dont make it PID based but SKILL based. Not alot of people will understand what i just told above, but believe me, fair hits for both is better then having an insane advantage with PID.